Theraband mini ball, small exercising ball for yoga, pilates, stomach workouts, shoulder remedy, core strengthening, at-domestic gymnasium & bodily remedy device

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  • small therapy ball strengthens key muscle tissues in the abdomen, complements center health, and improves endurance, posture, and balance while utilized in rehabilitation, strengthening, and firming exercising applications
  • area small pilates ball under lower returned when performing crunches and other ab workouts to create a extra challenging and intense belly exercise habitual
  • role gentle ball between your body and the ground or wall to improve balance, stability, and muscle staying power, particularly when utilized in a shoulder strengthening or core strengthening program
  • anti-burst 9 inch diameter ball is designed to remain elastic and squishy when absolutely inflated and is slightly textured to stay in location whilst acting yoga, pilates, or bodily remedy sporting activities
  • pump now not required, may be effortlessly inflated with covered tube and breath, comes with practise e-book that consists of various abdominal, top frame, decrease frame, and shoulder rehabilitation physical activities
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theraband mini ball

whether you’re trying to beautify your center exercises, tone sure muscle groups, enhance your flexibility, stabilize your balance and posture, goal a particular muscle for injury rehabilitation, or obtain an effective full-frame workout, the theraband mini ball can help you accomplish your dreams. It’s perfect for appearing bodily therapy exercises in a scientific putting and a first-rate addition to any home exercise routine.

you could additionally contain the mini ball to increase the issue and effectiveness of yoga and pilates applications. The protected academic poster helps you create and analyze an exercising progression to fulfill your goals. The mini ball is a outstanding workout device for athletes, sufferers in physical remedy packages, and others who want to improve their stability, flexibility, electricity, and normal health.

  • tone muscle groups throughout your body
  • give a boost to your lower back and stomach muscle groups to improve normal middle fitness
  • squeeze in a short and handy at-home exercise
  • build energy, growth variety of movement, and get over damage
  • product info

  • mini ball
  • exercise poster
  • inflation tube
  • plug
  • use your breath and the included tube to without difficulty inflate the workout ball

    the mini ball has a 9″ diameter, which makes it versatile, easy to address, handy to transport and keep, and suitable for users of all ages.

    this workout ball is made from smooth, bendy percent that responds to the touch, even if completely inflated. The long lasting material is non-burst and non-slip when used on a difficult floor consisting of the floor or wall.

    toughen your core

    the mini ball supports a spread of various center-strengthening sporting events. The reverse curl-up, pictured above, objectives the decrease abdominals. To carry out this exercise, lay to your back, positioned the mini ball between your bent knees, and raise each knees upward in the direction of the ceiling. Elevate your buttocks while keeping your shoulders and palms flat at the floor, hold, and slowly go back to the beginning function.

    belly oblique curls target the oblique muscle tissues, which include two of the body’s 4 belly muscle companies. To carry out this exercise, lay in your returned and put the mini ball underneath your decrease returned. Together with your arms at the back of your head or crossed in your chest, slowly lean back over the ball and twist your trunk, agreement your abs, after which go back to the upright position. Repeat this movement on the opposite facet.

    one way to reinforce your lower lower back and gluteus muscle mass is to do susceptible hip extensions. For this workout, lie on your stomach and vicinity the mini ball between your ankles. Lift your legs upward, keep, and slowly go back to the beginning role. Be cautious now not to hyperextend your lower back while lifting your legs upward.

    full frame exercise

    the mini ball is unique in that it enables a huge range of physical games and may be used to reap a full body exercising. In addition to center strengthening sporting activities, you may also perform a myriad of upper and decrease frame physical games for muscle firming, strength constructing, improved stability and flexibility, and injury rehabilitation.

    shoulder isometrics

    because the shoulder is the most cellular joint inside the body, it is specifically susceptible to damage and pain. Easy isometric physical activities assist growth energy and prevent damage. To carry out shoulder isometrics, stand close to a wall and place the mini ball among your arm and the wall. Without shifting your shoulder or breaking contact with the wall, push your arm outward. Repeat in exceptional guidelines against the wall.

    deep neck flexors

    those with postural neck ache or a history of neck or upper again damage can advantage immensely from strengthening the deep neck flexor muscle groups, which play an critical function in stabilizing the neck. To workout those muscle mass, stand near a wall and region the mini ball among your forehead and the wall. Even as maintaining your neck and back instantly, slowly nod your head downward and roll the ball along with your brow.

    hamstring curl

    hamstring curls are a notable dynamic strengthening exercising for hamstring muscle tissue, which can be positioned inside the again of the thigh. Lie for your again, location the mini ball under your toes, bend your knees, and pull your heels toward your buttocks. Go back your feet to their beginning position, and repeat the motion.

    wall push ups

    from the small muscle mass and ligaments inside the palms and wrists up thru the joints of the elbows and shoulders, wall push-usaassist boom average top frame electricity and stability. To perform this exercising, region the mini ball against a wall and maintain it at shoulder stage with both hands. Bend your elbows and lean ahead, stabilizing your self at the ball. Keep your legs and trunk aligned at the same time as pushing up, and then slowly go back down again.

    shoulder isometrics

    deep neck flexors

    hamstring curl

    wall push ups


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    8 reviews for Theraband mini ball, small exercising ball for yoga, pilates, stomach workouts, shoulder remedy, core strengthening, at-domestic gymnasium & bodily remedy device

    1. JulieCski

      Replacement arrived quickly and with everything in the box. Thank you Amazon customer service! It is easy to blow up with the included tube. There are 2 plugs and a mini ball training poster included. I was looking for an adjustable inflation ball I could use like the one my Physical Therapist uses in my sessions. The ball can be super squishy or more inflated with still some give. I can now to my assigned more advanced PT excercises at home. Good non-slip material. I had hip arthroscopic surgery repair of the torn labrum and bursitis in my hip. *All the information about size is located in the description and features areas on the page under the picture and buy buttons on the page* Read more

    2. Zak

      I just started doing PT for my knees, which requires me to wedge an exercise ball between my knees as I do squats to keep my knees apart. I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t do much research when looking for an exercise ball. I think I searched “exercise ball” on amazon and picked the first one I saw. Under $10, why not?! Well here is why not: – Mine arrived with a hole in it right upon opening the package. I tried blowing it up only to find it would not hold the air. There was a tiny 1mm cut on it, thus making this ball pretty faulty from the start. And I know what you are thinking, well maybe you just got a low quality version and your unlucky, but all of the others are probably fine. Well keep thinking… – I can’t imagine it costs more than 50 cents to make this thing. It feels like the cheapest and thinnest rubber that could possibly be used. Even if mine didn’t already have a hole in it, there is no way that this thing can withstand any weight over 20lbs of pressure. – You don’t blow this up with an air pump, which you would probably expect. You know, that basketball pump you were expecting to dig out of the garage, yeah, don’t worry about getting that, it won’t actually work on this. This ball literally has a funky corrugated hole in it with a hard plastic plug that you stick in it. To blow it up, you have to remove the plug, stick A STRAW (yes, literally the exact same kind of cheap disposable plastic straws you drink with) in it, blow it up to capacity, then remove the straw (and yes, just let most of the air you just blew right back out) while rushing to plug the plastic cap back into the hole. Its super fun… You know those rubber $2 balls for kids that are sold in those big square cages the grocery store and walmart. Just buy one of those. It will be way cheaper and actually is thick rubber. This thing is garbage. Read more

    3. BAR112

      Update: Ball tends to lose air. Once that happens, forget it! I had to pry the stopper out and ended up scratching the surrounding area. Blew in air and it will not stay in! Did this several times and now the ball is half-flat all the time. Still usable though. Subtracting two stars. Is there any ball out there that does NOT lose air? Former review: Ball was very easy to inflate (blow through straw, then add stopper); although initially I was skeptical. I was able to perform most of the exercises illustrated on the helpful poster that was enclosed. Only negative is air seems to be escaping; may need to add more soon. I really like the soft, cushy, flexible feel to the ball. This simple item of fitness equipment gave me a good workout! Recommended. Read more

    4. Kathie Beardsley

      I only bought this ball for one specific PT exercise. It works great for that, but its pretty useless other wise. The ball is supposed to be very flat/squishy, but this makes it feel pretty weak. And I’m always wary not to put too much weight on it. The ball comes flat, and the package does NOT include a pump. Luckily I had a hand pump from a yoga ball that worked with some extra effort. When filling the ball I used a ruler to make sure I got it to the proper diameter. Read more

    5. Shelby

      I have a weak lower back that I get pain in easily during ab workouts. I avoid working my abs for that reason. Barre and this ball changed that. This ball inflates easily without a pump and stays soft for comfort. You don’t want a hard ball digging into your back/tailbone for core work. It has deflated a little over time but I’ve used it for 10+ workouts and haven’t felt the need to refill yet. I’ve even laid on my back and placed both feet on top, balancing on the ball, and it held without any deflation. It’s cheap, sturdy, and I really like the texture on the outside which helps keep it in place. I actually like it better than the one I was using at the gym! Read more

    6. Kiku Chrys

      I like the exercise options for this simple ball. It was probably me, but I had a little trouble putting the plug in the ball after I inflated it (all thumbs, LOL). Later, my husband was able to push in the plug properly. At any rate, I like this ball as a tool for me to do gentle exercises for my chronic shoulder problems. Years ago, a physical therapist had shown me some exercises to do with a TheraBand ball like this. Very effective. 😊 Read more

    7. Jeremy

      the headline says it all. it is cheap, easy to inflate and it holds its air pretty well. when inflating, it does lose a little bit of air, but still keeps the vast majority which is good enough for the physical therapy exercises i need. also, it has held its air pretty well and i havent had to inflate over a month in. i would recommend this one. fyi, i bought a different brand first which i let sit on a wood dresser and it took off the finish. this one is not sticky like the other one so that isnt a concern with this one Read more

    8. intanet

      I got this for rehabilitation to strengthen my leg and hip. I have one of the larger balls and it came with a pump so, I got nervous at first because there was no pump with this ball. But then I noticed a plastic bag inside the box with a “straw” and 2 plugs in it and realized that you have inflate THIS ball by blowing into the “straw” provided and quickly plugging the hole up with the plug provided. I have used it a few times and it is very soft and easy on the knees. It bounces nicely too. My cats love that part. heh. Read more

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