Theraband professional latex resistance bands, character 6 ft elastic band for top & decrease frame exercise, physical therapy, pilates, domestic exercises, 6 foot, blue, greater heavy, intermediate stage 2

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  • make certain this fits by way of entering your model variety.
  • a superior band product for resistance schooling and rehabilitation, affords both high-quality and poor pressure on muscle groups and joints, stretches tones and conditions all foremost muscle corporations
  • improves electricity, range of motion and versatility in a simple to use, transportable product that works within the clinic, the fitness center, at domestic or on the road
  • coloration-coded progressive resistance device lets in users to apprehend development as it occurs, as you grow more potent you can move as much as the subsequent color
  • maximum fine herbal rubber latex resistance bands are diagnosed because the unique gadget of innovative resistance for over 40 years
  • extra heavy blue bands are the 5th of eight ranges of resistance and superb for rehabilitation and mild to excessive resistance exercise, they offer five. 8 lbs. Resistance and 25% growth from previous shade at 100% elongation and eight. 6 lbs. At two hundred%, band measures 6 ft long x five” extensive
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  • how many portions in keeping with order ?
  • question: what number of portions consistent with order ? Solution: from the records from the link for your request to me, i would say it will likely be 1 piece most effective, and that i suppose this would be a inexperienced band. Through john frog on april 18, 2020 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (4) crumble all answers

  • the outline says “bands” main me to agree with there’s a couple of inside the package deal. What number of comes within the package deal?
  • query: the description says “bands” leading me to agree with there may be a couple of within the bundle. What number of comes in the package deal? Answer: best 1 band in the bundle. By si on june 1, 2016 did not get answers. See more solutions (1) crumble all solutions

  • what coloration has the least resistance?
  • yellow the way theraband works is yellow crimson inexperienced blue black silver gold i do no longer suggest yellow until it turned into encouraged to you as there is little or no resistance and in case you over stretch it it may snap see less

  • how wide are these in inches
  • question: how huge are these in inches answer: they may be 5 inches extensive. Very satisfied with thera-band merchandise. I attach one end of mine to a door and bought the special hanger to make this work better. Through ted h on june eight, 2016 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (6) crumble all answers


    Blue – extra Heavy, Green – heavy, Red – medium, Silver – super Heavy, Yellow – thin

    8 reviews for Theraband professional latex resistance bands, character 6 ft elastic band for top & decrease frame exercise, physical therapy, pilates, domestic exercises, 6 foot, blue, greater heavy, intermediate stage 2

    1. Kindle Customer

      I just got this band, and the red one I ordered, yesterday. They arrived in a clear plastic package and when I took them out the smell was so noxious, very chemical-like. I thought it was just because they’d been in the bag. So, I took them out to let them air out. But, today, the smell is so strong and foul that I find it unbearable and am afraid to use the bands. I decided to try and wash them, even doused them with a strong peppermint scent. It was no use. I’m not sitting here typing this with a blazing headache from this. There is NO way this smell is good for anyone’s health. I don’t want to smell this a minute longer and these bands are going into the trash. I’m very wary of these 3rd-party vendors Amazon uses here- so much so that even 1,000+ positive reviews cannot be believed. This is no exception. Amazon’s credibility and brand is really becoming an issue for me that I find myself going to other vendors I consider to have more integrity. I ordered a new pair of these bands elsewhere. Read more

    2. TigshadTabbyLove

      The scent in this band is absolutely horrible. I have let it soak in the sink with soapy water and scrubbed and the scent remains. I gave it to someone else as I couldn’t tolerate the smell. I have others I got in the past from physical therapy and they don’t have any odor. Sorry for review, but true. Read more

    3. Ms. Amazed

      I expected just one less heavier theraband from the strongest for my daily stretching. But this one that I received was weak. I guess you should opt for either the strongest one if you are expecting a band to not snap in the middle of using it. It is natural rubber latex so if you have any issues with latex be aware. Otherwise, I like this type of theraband and will buy the strongest one. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      This is a very inferior product. I bought a green theraband in early January and it broke about three weeks later. It was used for three stretching exercises ten times each exercise once a day. These exercises were performed by an elderly person and it was a continuation of the sameexercises done in therapy session. Either they were old and/or stored under conditions that might have caused deterioration. Theraband was the product used in therapy so I assumed that would be the superior product to buy so that is what I purchased. Something is not right. Read more

    5. Keith H.

      Just like I used in physical therapy. I use the silver for only two exercises and it’s doubled up while working out. I’ve learned from past experience to keep talcum powder on the bands to keep them lubricated. If not I will eventually get a point of failure where the band rubs on itself where its wrapped double around my smooth round bed frame. On the lighter color bands the talcum powder (or baby powder) also helps the bands not stick to my leg hair. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      I’ve had quite a few therabands in my life but never like this. Within the first week, there was a tear on the edge of the band and I’m only using it for about 5 minutes to stretch my posterior tibial tendon. Just now i was stretching and noticed there’s another hole in the theraband! This second tear is a hole in the middle of the band that’s clearly a manufacturers flaw. I have no choice but to look for other options. Read more

    7. Tall Bamboo

      This more or less does the job, but I am disappointed that it is not more sturdy. The edges bend in too easily so it is less resistant than the one I am used to from my Pilates studio. So I am disappointed. I thought these were all more or less alike, but they are not. Better if it were shorter and sturdier. I’d trade length for resistance. Read more

    8. GreatDanes4Life

      Broke in half with less than three weeks of use. I’ve used Therabands for years- use them responsibly and keep them powdered. I see another reviewer had the same issue with the green band- maybe a defective lot?? Read more

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