Theraband resistance bands, five foot, 30 remember expert latex elastic bands for higher & decrease frame exercise, physical remedy, lower pilates, at-domestic exercises, & rehab, medium purple, amateur degree 3

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  • a advanced band product for resistance education and rehabilitation, presents both high-quality and negative pressure on muscle groups and joints, stretches tones and conditions all fundamental muscle corporations
  • improves electricity, range of motion and versatility in a easy to use, portable product that works inside the hospital, the gymnasium, at domestic or on the street
  • colour-coded modern resistance gadget allows customers to apprehend improvement because it happens, as you grow more potent you could pass up to the following color
  • maximum first-rate herbal rubber latex resistance bands are identified as the original gadget of innovative resistance for over forty years
  • medium pink bands are the third of eight levels of resistance and amazing for rehabilitation and light resistance workout, they offer three. 7 lbs. Resistance and 25% boom from preceding color at 100% elongation, and five. 5 lbs. At two hundred% every band measures 5 toes long x five” huge
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theraband professional latex resistance bands are to be had in eight colour-coded degrees of innovative resistance. Proper use of those structures for resistive workout offers both nice and poor force at the muscle groups, enhancing power, variety of movement and flexibility. Colour-coded innovative resistance offers at-a-glance documentation of development from one degree to the next and permits the user to development as they get stronger.


Black – Special Heavy, Blue – Extra Heavy, Red – Medium

8 reviews for Theraband resistance bands, five foot, 30 remember expert latex elastic bands for higher & decrease frame exercise, physical remedy, lower pilates, at-domestic exercises, & rehab, medium purple, amateur degree 3

  1. J. Ash

    Some of the reviewers indicate that they did not receive the product pictured or that it was substandard quality. With inexpensive products that Amazon doesn’t sell, it is important to note what company you bought from. A search on Amazon might bring up a different vendor each time.I bought a red and a green band from Isokinetics Inc. Each band was obviously new and in a closed cellophane wrapper. The paper insert is from Thera-Band and the brand name Thera-Band is printed diagonally on each band at regular intervals. I have no doubt that Isokinetics sent me genuine Thera-Bands.Rubber and latex objects such as these begin to lose their elasticity over time. My old Thera-bands are at least 10 years old and one of them broke when I put a lot of pressure on it. I needed them for some new exercises my trainer gave me for my damaged rotator cuff. These seem structurally sound and, therefore, reasonably new. I’ve only had a chance to use them a couple of times so it is too soon to know if the exercises will help my shoulder.Read more

  2. Gian D.

    The product listed states that they come in a pack of 30. BE AWARE THAT THE PRICE IS ONLY FOR ONE BAND, FROM THE PACK. While the $5 price may be a clue that it’s only one band included, the listing states that 30 would be included. Don’t think you’re getting an awesome deal here… Buyer be aware.Read more

  3. Countryside

    These bands in their various stretchiness are great for use with the EA Sports Active exercise Wii programEA Sports ActiveEA Sports Active: More Workouts . With the handle loops that you also purchase you have a much better resistance program and far cheaper than the band that comes with the EA Sports Active equipment (Theirs is one band that has very low resistance. You get no benefit from theirs.) They are also great to take with you when you travel. If you are allergic to latex you can get a latex-free product for a little more.Hygenic Thera-Band Latex-Free Exercise Band Pack – 1 Heavy/1 X-Heavy – 4″ x 6 feet eachRead more

  4. Rachel Hawkins

    The bands look like they are old when I received them. The first one I used, the lady did one pull and it snapped. The band broke in 4 places with each pull! I need a new batch because they are going to used with the elderly and this could be dangerous for their range of motion exercises.Read more

  5. Dena Cuellar

    needed physical therapy for my knee, and the office carried these bands, but the therapist said you can get them cheaper online, and i did! nice that you can get just the one you want, without paying for a whole set you wont use.Read more

  6. Mrs.Walker

    Great product!Read more

  7. Batman

    Great quality and a great product. Highly recommended for anyone who can’t do vigorous exercises and/or anyone in physical therapy.Read more

  8. gsingh

    I feel this should be listed as a light resistance band.That said, it is pretty good in terms of length and width for upper body seated exercises.Read more

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