Theraband resistance tubes, professional latex elastic tubing with soft handles for exercising, physical therapy, decrease pilates, at-domestic workout routines, and rehab, forty eight inch, inexperienced, heavy, intermediate level 1

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  • through getting into your version number.
  • exercise & enhance muscle mass within the higher & decrease frame to build strength, increase movement and improve conditioning
  • big soft grip handles are smooth to slip over toes & ankles to deliver an powerful decrease body exercising ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscle mass
  • shade-coded innovative resistance device allows users to recognize development as it occurs, as you grow more potent you can circulate as much as the following colour
  • rehabilitate muscle tissue via easy yet effective workouts to growth energy & improve movement
  • heavy green tubes are the fourth of eight ranges of resistance and extremely good for rehabilitation and light to mild resistance exercising, they provide 4. 6 lbs. Resistance and 25% boom from preceding coloration at one hundred% elongation, and 6. 7 lbs. At two hundred%
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theraband tubing with handles are made from excessive great herbal rubber latex perfect for upper & decrease frame sports, conditioning & rehabilitation and are a high-quality alternative to loose weights & dumbbells. The protected handles or cuffs make it easy to apply for a ramification of higher & lower frame workout routines. Theraband professional latex resistance tubing is available in 7 shade-coded degrees of resistance. Unique resistance degrees are decided by thickness of the tubing. Proper use of these structures for resistive workout affords both fantastic and poor pressure at the muscle tissues, improving electricity, range of motion and cooperation of muscle agencies. Coloration-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-look documentation of progress from one degree to the subsequent.


Black – Special Heavy, Blue – Extra Heavy, Green – Heavy, Red – Medium, Yellow – Thin

8 reviews for Theraband resistance tubes, professional latex elastic tubing with soft handles for exercising, physical therapy, decrease pilates, at-domestic workout routines, and rehab, forty eight inch, inexperienced, heavy, intermediate level 1

  1. Randyinnewyork

    While the product itself may be of good quality, the band failed one day after the return cutoff date. The cause of the failure is the way it was “folded” to fit into the packaging. When removing the Theraband from the package, there were discolorations and permanent creases in the band at each point where it had been folded. I did my best to “work the kinks out,” but the integrity of the band was compromised at each fold point. I have attached a couple of pics that highlight the creases as well as the failure point. If you should purchase this product be sure to inspect it as soon as you remove it from the package.Read more

  2. Sporte1111

    It is made well and works great, the only downside is it did not come with any e book exercise instructions on how to use it. So far I figured out standing on it and doing forward and reverse curls, and clean and jerks pulling it hard up over my head. Also I wrap it around my french curl door handles and pull it towards me facing the door, then I turn around with my back to the door and pull forward with a punching forward motion. To get a pull done motion I found a large bicycle hook, screwed it into a stud in the ceiling and and use that to pull down forward and reverse curls with. The more I use it the more exercises I figure out.Read more

  3. Iridis

    After reading reviews about how weak the resistance is in the green level 1, I ordered the blue level 2 for my home PT. Turns out the blue was too tense, causing my shoulder to make a snapping sound when doing some exercises. My therapist suggested I get the next lower level, and I ordered the green and I am much happier with it. It does the job without the damage. If you are recuperating from surgery, you need therapy. You’re not at a gym trying to prove something.Read more

  4. Paul Baxter

    The write up for the band does not say how long it is. It’s 48inches, which seems a little short for me. However, I will give it a try to see if I can work with that length. The picture on the front of the box makes it look like it’s 10 feet long, unless the model is really short. Since I just got it, it’s a little too soon to tell if it will help me exercise my leg muscles without putting weight on my knees.Read more

  5. Robert F. Valente

    This is a great product – heavy duty and identical to the ones found in gyms and physical therapy establishments. My only complaint is that the description says this is a black model and I was sent a silver model. The difference is not just aesthetic – black Therabands have 7.3 pounds of resistance and silver ones have 10.2 pounds and are classified as “advanced”.Read more

  6. CS

    I purchased the green one–“heavy”, which should mean it provides “heavy” resistance. It does not–it is much too flimsy and stretchy. It is a standard length, meaning a tall person could hold it at each end and stretch it across but it is so flimsy it would provide no resistance. I thought of trying one of the sizes offering more resistance but why throw good money after bad? I dropped it in my Goodwill bag. BTW I am a 65-year old average-framed woman, hardly a body builder!Read more

  7. kt

    I have been using theraband (bands) ever since I tore my shoulder rotator cuffs, the problem with the bands is that it tends to squeeze onto my skin whenever I releases them from their resistance. Hence this tube with a really solid yet soft hand works very well for me. The “green” resistance of this tube felt lighter than the green resistance of its band counterparts but it really does its job well.I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because I am just not too sure of its durability, it felt somewhat flimsy to me.Read more

  8. PattiAnn48

    I have been using TheraBands without handles and it is very hard on my hands. These handles make all the difference. The tubing is strong and (I hope) will be less vulnerable to damage than the bands. BTW didn’t rate ‘sheerness’ because I don’t have a clue what it means!Read more

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