Theraband swim bar with padded grip for buoyancy-based totally swim training and swim training, aquatic health system, aqua training barbell, water aerobics gadget, swimming useful resource for youngsters to seniors

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  • the theraband swim bar is a very flexible swimming useful resource utilized by children, young people, seniors and handicapped through hydrotherapy and water therapy instructional programs
  • protects joints and decreases pressure for patients who need to exercise within the water and advances the performance of competitive and leisure swimmers
  • buoyancy based totally swim schooling aid is best for every age and is fun workout equipment for aqua zumba, water aerobics, or widespread pool exercise activities
  • used for stretching and strengthening the trunk and decrease again, growing flexibility within the decrease back, and strengthening the abdominals and obliques with water physical activities
  • comprised of modules of high density buoyant foam
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swim bar for pool workout

the theraband swim bar is designed to make water workout routines more difficult and effective. This flexible bar is exceptional for coaching kids how to swim and growing competencies throughout swim education.

two buoyant foam cylinders linked with a padded bar offer resistance to the top body all through pushing and pulling workouts. The swim bar also can function a flotation device to the decrease body to inspire the use the hands and shoulders for the duration of swim training.

uses for the theraband swim bar

aquatic training like aqua zumba, aquacise, and water aerobics are made more difficult and a laugh the use of foam weights and buoyant exercise equipment just like the swim bar.

boom your stroke fee through resting your ankles or hips at the bar to practice pulling and train the shoulder and arm muscle mass.

the buoyant swim bar is notable for coaching children and green swimmers how to swim independently. Even as this bar isn’t always a existence saving flotation tool, it will offer greater buoyancy to the upper and decrease body.

expert permitted

swim coaches, bodily therapists, and other health specialists use swim bars during hydrotherapy and aquatic training to increase top and lower body muscle groups. Theraband swim bars also are notable for rehabilitation of shoulder accidents and after shoulder surgeries.

full line of aquatic merchandise

theraband gives of a full line of swim education and strengthening merchandise that make pool workouts fun and difficult.

theraband swim bar

the theraband swim bar adds more resistance in the course of pushing and pulling physical games and can also function a mild flotation tool. Much like hand bars, this device is extremely good for including resistance while pushing and pulling within the water.

theraband pull buoys

pull buoys allow you to add buoyancy to your decrease body while schooling and growing muscle tissue on your upper body. The webbed straps let you modify the buoys between your legs for max comfort.

theraband hand bars

terrific for aqua zumba exercises and other pool sporting events, theraband aquatic dumbbells upload resistance to bolster your palms and shoulders.

theraband closed chain disc

this disc is designed to update kickboards and different water resistance products. Its straps are remarkable for connecting the disc to both palms or toes and are adjustable so the disc remains in region whilst you exercising in the pool.

product description

the theraband swim bar is a completely flexible swimming resource used below supervision by using youngsters, teenagers, seniors and handicapped through academic packages. It is comprised of modules of excessive-density foam. Use the theraband swim bar for trunk stabilization and strengthening, improving flexibility and balance and increasing range of movement in the higher extremities.


Swim Training, Swim Training – Disk With Foot Straps

8 reviews for Theraband swim bar with padded grip for buoyancy-based totally swim training and swim training, aquatic health system, aqua training barbell, water aerobics gadget, swimming useful resource for youngsters to seniors

  1. Blessedmomof3

    Excellent product! We just got a family pool and I chose not to enroll my kids in swim classes this summer. I purchased two of these swim bars and after a week or so my five year old daughter is able to swim (doggie paddle, swim under water, and swim from one side of the pool to the other) with such confidence and tenacity. She no longer wears a floatie in the water. My husband and I are always in the water with them and I can relax a bit now with her. My son is four and I plan on working with him next. I highly recommend this product! Read more

  2. Crystal E

    This bar looked a lot larger than any of the other bars I had looked at. I need a very heavy foam that is very wide, Preferably 8” x 8” Or even 10” so that I can have more resistance than the standard 6” x 6” swim barbells that are at the Community pool I use every day. They are not large enough for me, and I thought this one would be but it’s exactly the same size as every other bar.. It’s also simply a Cheap PVC pipe with two End caps that you can pick up at Lowe’s and make yourself. The padding isn’t very thick, and actually will not be very comfortable for my particular use which is holding it on my hips, under my belly fat with a bungee cord, while I run underwater. The non-padded ones at the pool I am at don’t let me run for very long because they are too hard on my hips. I am looking for more Wide resistance in my running then this barbell can offer. It’s just not large enough for me. The pipe cushion, If you want to call it that, would likely suck up water between it and the PVC pipe that it is slipped onto. It is simply a foam sleeve, so it is likely not to dry out very well inside. I am returning this. I will find something else, or make something to work for what I wish to do. Because I’m not able to find what I need to make my underwater running harder to do. The harder I can run, the more muscle I can build in my legs. Read more

  3. Amy

    I’m a swim teacher and this is a wonderful thing to have on hand! Great for when you are learning your strokes or just perfecting form. Built great Read more

  4. AusTexRed

    Having so much fun in the pool with this…I use this swim bar many ways…balance on it and do leg lifts…push it underwater for strengthening muscles in all the right places, and more. Very happy with purchase and I recommend it, however, if your kids are just going to be boinking each other on the head with it, go with dollar store noodles. Read more

  5. AY in NY

    I purchased this to do physical therapy in my pool. I use it for various kicking exercises, and tuck it under my body for buoyancy. My husband also uses it for upper body resistance in the pool and has said that it is good for strengthening. It has held up well after 6 months of use; there are no signs of wear. Read more

  6. Amazon Shopper

    Giving four stars for the quality of the product. I already learnt to swim, but bought this for my partner and also I was hoping to use it for hand exercise as indicated. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but i did not feel comfortable. I started to feel tension in my back muscles. Not sure if that is what you will feel when beginning to use such equipment. Stopped using it after a few uses. Read more

  7. Tara Weinmann

    I am not a 90 year old grandma, I’m 35, but this is a handy tool for the pool, doing multiple reps in the pool really works out your core – it is difficult to maintain your balance in the pool without moving your feet, so your core is engaged the entire time. Read more

  8. Jamique

    my nephew practices his kicks while holding this ahead of him. I enjoy doing two hand curls and presses underwater. Would love to see something with more resistance. I love swimmercising! Read more

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