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  • dimensions – the size are 26. 77” long x eleven. 02” extensive x 5. Ninety one” tall; this aerobic stepper is light-weight and clean to hold, weighing in at 5. 5 kilos
  • features – offers a comfortable, non-slip floor on your workout habitual and is adjustable for two top ranges of 4-inches or 6-inches; non-skid ft provide stability consists of exercise chart to offer additional practise & sporting activities
  • flexible – this bench comprises customers of all fitness levels to assist build endurance, power and improve typical health; features neon yellow and black colorings
  • useful – use this aerobic stepper as a device for increasing electricity and/or for performing a cardiovascular workout; raise the intensity of your exercises, burn greater energy, and lose weight via making use of this tool on your habitual
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please examine all commands prior to the use of the product and constantly consult your medical doctor earlier than starting any exercise software. This fashionable data isn’t always intended to diagnose any clinical condition or to replace your healthcare expert. Visit your healthcare expert to layout the ideal exercising prescription. If you revel in any ache or issue with these sports, forestall and seek advice from your healthcare issuer.

  • 27″ period
  • 11″ width
  • 4-6″ peak
  • tone health cardio stepper

    enhance cardiovascular fitness, increase staying power, and tone muscular tissues with the aid of the usage of the tone fitness aerobic stepper. This step is ready with a non-slip floor and adjustable peak inserts. Step up your aerobic exercising recreation and burn more calories with the covered exercise chart loaded with extra commands and step sporting events. Whether or not you are just beginning your health adventure or are a fitness enthusiast, this aerobic step will accommodate users of all health stages.

    tone health cardio step blessings

    using an aerobic step can help enhance cardiovascular health and gives many fitness benefits, even as concurrently growing muscle power inside the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, and buttocks.

    this cardio stepper offers a cozy, non-slip surface to your exercise routine. The more inserts may be positioned under the center of the step to provide brought aid or they may be stacked on top of the alternative inserts to increase the step peak.

    the tone health cardio step is adjustable, imparting distinctive height stages to your workout workouts. With top inserts for four-inches and 6-inches, you may modify the height to house your exercise goals.

    to be had in distinctive colours

    the tone fitness cardio stepper is available in a black colour with magenta and grey height changes and accents.

    to be had in exceptional colorations

    the tone health cardio stepper is available in a blue colour with blue and grey height changes.

    available in exceptional colorations

    the tone fitness aerobic stepper is to be had in a black shade with blue and yellow top adjustments and accents.





    Black/Gray, Blue, Magenta, Yellow

    8 reviews for Tone fitness aerobic exercise full and compact sizes

    1. Tammy

      This step is great for Transform:20Read more

    2. Kindle Customer

      My neighbor and I started a no-carb, exercise-every-day routine and we got these (at a GREAT price) and we have more energy and we go to Prime for free step aerobics (Jenny Ford and she is awesome!) and you wonder, “How do you up the step?” Well, it’s right underneath. It’s a sturdy step, (I’m 200, my neighbor is 220…) and we just finished the basic and are now on to intermediate and the riser is just underneath the step so you just pull it out of underneath and clip it to the sides and be on your way to feeling and looking better and more comfortable!! I can’t wait for the summer! I definitely recommend this product as opposed to high-dollar steps you see in the gyms. For home use, GET THIS ONE. 🙂 and Jenny Ford!I’ve lost ten pounds and she’s lost 17 in a month! If you want to step in your home and lose weight without going to those judgmental gyms, GET THIS ONE!!Read more

    3. Jennifer Pelton

      I have had this for about a week. It’s very sturdy.You can definitely use it for a workout. It’s smaller then some of the steppers at the gym but it’s perfect for doing basic stepper workouts. I am 5′ 11″ and I wear a women’s size 11 running shoe. I can use it for planks, heel and calf stretches. I had no problems with stepping off or my feet not fitting as some reviews have stated. The extensions are a little hard to get into place but I just used my weight to slide them in place. It creaks a little at first until they are firmly in place. So far I like it. I am on the heavy side and find this product to be made well and very sturdy. I am using it for the times when its too cold to go walk or run. Its a great cardio workout. I do it while listening to my ipod, watching Netflix or listening to audio books. I slide it right under the bed when I am not using it. I really worked up a swear in 20 minutes. I have three or 4 basic moves that I use.Read more

    4. Andrelis

      This step is not sturdy!! The step should sit on the risers without a gap. You can’t stop in the step without it move due to the base not snapping into the risers and the lack of anti slip on the bottom. Very disappointed in this.Read more

    5. Queenyo

      It works as it should, but I did not know that there were two different sized steppers, circuit and health club sized. Had I known I would not have purchased this one. The measurements are 27x11x 4 circuit and 27x14x4 health club and I fear I will slide off or over step the narrow platform of the circuit. The 3 inches given on the health club size make a major difference in confidence when you are just going and not looking at the floor.Read more

    6. angelcourtney9

      Highly recommended. LOVE my new stepper. Been doing the T20 Beachbody workouts now for 3 weeks and love this step. It’s flat for when you sit on it or put your hands on it for push ups/planks, etc. It’s sturdy too and easy to move. I absolutely love this stepper and highly recommend it for exercisers. I bought a different stepper on Amazon at the same time (for our beach house) and it’s not flat so the rivets hurt my hands, this one is not like that. And I never slipped on it. My young kids even like to play with it.Read more

    7. Rachel

      It’s a plastic step. What else do you want from it? It works exactly as intended. There’s nothing special about it. I like it, I use it daily, and it works exactly for what I want it for, so I’m totally happy.Putting that extra height part on it, though, was a workout by itself, though. That was hard! I’d say that was a bad thing, except that I’m glad it took so much effort to click that thing into place because I kind of don’t want that to come off while I’m working out on it, you know?Read more

    8. Christie

      I actually got this stepper for my two big Labrador dogs. They use it for a step to go out their doggy door. It works great!!Read more

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