Tone fitness yoga mat with floral pattern

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  • ensure this fits
  • via coming into your version variety.
  • dimensions: sixty eight x 24 x zero. 2 inches
  • shape, tone and stretch your body in comfort
  • non slip surface grips the floor to provide balance and save you accidents
  • improve your flexibility and middle strength with this trendy length fitness mat
  • ideal to be used in yoga, pilates, stretching, or every other sort of fitness
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tone health yoga mat with floral sample

the tone health yoga mat permits you to exercise your yoga poses anywhere, with it is non-slip surface and extra thick padding. The pinnacle capabilities a lovely floral design, which promotes a at ease surroundings. This yoga mat weighs just over two kilos and is five mm thick. With the greater thick padding, you may observe a distinction in consolation when practising your yoga poses, especially while as compared to traditional 3 mm mats. Enhance your balance and flexibility while growing your strength while the usage of this comfortable, beautiful yoga mat. To be had in teal and purple hues.

yoga sports and poses

the up dog yoga pose is a returned-bending posture that lengthens and strengthens the spine, torso, and palms. Improve posture and digestion with this movement.

the down dog pose helps relieve stress and energizes the body. Get a deep stretch inside the shoulder, hamstrings, calves, arches, and arms whilst holding this pose, even as strengthening the legs and arms.

this sitting pose enables to stretch and extend the backbone, expand collarbones and chest, open hips, and enhance body posture. Help calm your thoughts and dispose of your issues whilst focusing for your inhaling this yoga pose.

available in a couple of colours

the tone fitness yoga mat with floral patterns is to be had in a sassy purple with maroon floral styles.

to be had in more than one styles/colors

the tone fitness yoga mat with floral patterns is to be had in a vibrant teal with white floral styles.




Teal, Tone Fitness Resistance Training Band

6 reviews for Tone fitness yoga mat with floral pattern

  1. Rachel Epithet

    I have bad back problems, the result of scoliosis and osteoporosis. When I was pregnant, I went to physical therapy and was shown some basic stretches to help with the pain. After giving birth, my back and hip pain was still there, so I bought this to use at home, hoping to use it with those stretches, or to use doing sit-ups, etc. Basically, I just wanted something so I wasn’t laying on the bare floor… this works fine for that.I don’t go to yoga classes, hell… I barely leave the house for anything, so this stays in one spot. Haven’t had a need to carry it beyond where it is rolled up in one corner of the room to where a use it. Don’t need a handle or bag for that trip. I’ve probably used this for my baby’s tummy time just as much as I’ve used it to stretch, he is five months old now and he has no complaints with the product, either. He does have complaints about tummy time in general, but that’s not the mat’s fault.I’ve seen some reviews here that say it rips, or it smells strongly… again, I’m not dragging this thing around, and with my back, I can’t do much more than lay on it and try to do “clams”… so it hasn’t ripped for me. I have walked all over it with shoes on because I’ve been too lazy to put it away, still fine. Maybe my cat has stuck his claws in it a bit, but he has razor claws… you should see my couch (never mind, no one should see my couch…)! And I don’t think it smells bad. It smelled of foam or rubber maybe at first. But that’s what it is, right? Who cares.When I purchased this mat, it was sold at $5 as an add-on product… still think it was a pretty good deal. Cheap solution to my need to cover the carpet while I lay on the floor. If you’re serious enough about exercise or yoga or whatever, spend more money on something more heavy duty, otherwise this is fine.Read more

  2. Kristin M. Horst

    This mat smelled like burning tires as soon as my mother unrolled it as a Christmas present I’d just gifted her. I was so embarrassed to have given her something so unusable. Neither of us have sensitive noses; this mat is straight up made cheaply with chemicals. The maker is not even trying to hide it because the packaging includes a warning that it may cause cancer and birth defects. It also lists a website you can go to to read more about it, but it doesn’t tell you what category of death and illness causing chemical it is. Needless to say, it sucked to get my mom a dud for Christmas. I even put it in for a spin in the washing machine and the room I laid it out to dry in smells like the mat before I even enter the room. I feel as though it’s items like this that are senselessly made in a way that’s ruining the environment and I’m sorry that I supported a company that is doing just that. Yoga is a practice that’s supposed to support our physical/metal/spiritual health and I can’t imagine anyone who could get beyond this smell and glaring health hazard warning to tap into any of these benefits of yoga.This is probably my third review ever that I’ve written on amazon because it feels more of like a public health hazard that I need to get out before anyone else buys this death roll.Read more

  3. Adrianne M Fielding

    Don’t buy this unless you don’t mind poor quality. I got this for my daughter for Christmas, but it was just used for the first time today, when she let me borrow it for my regular yoga class. Standard poses made the surface pull up and rip off little divots in a couple places (see inside the flower graphics in the photo). This wasn’t due to unusual stress on the mat or anything – I’m a small person and have been doing yoga for 20+ years, and this was regular old yoga stuff. Unfortunately, because the mat wasn’t used until now, I’m beyond the time frame where I can return it. Hopefully this review can prevent some of you from wasting the same kind of money that I did on this.Read more

  4. sybb

    Really nice mat and arrived quickly. When it arrived I removed it from the box and left it roiled up in the sealed plastic. The next day there was a horrible very strong smell in the room. Once I realized it was the mat, I opened the plastic wrap and I am airing it out in a separate room. I left the shipping box in my bedroom and the smell was also on the box. I am thankful that I did not need to use this mat right away.Read more

  5. Amanda

    This yoga mat is ok. It’s thin, but adequately cushioned. My only issue with it is after one yoga session it already shows some wear. Some of the stretching poses caused it to stretch. I think it’s only going to last a couple uses.Also for those that are concerned with this: it does have a very strong smell. I put mine in my truck when I got it and it made my whole trunk smell. Also I could smell it while I was using it. I’m hoping the smells goes away after a while.Read more

  6. C. Morris

    Ok – adjusting the length of the jump rope. I had no idea how to do this. The box didn’t come with any instructions. The ends of the handles screw off, and you can pull the jump rope out of either handle. On one of the jump rope ends is a little plastic crimpy-thing that can be moved up and down on the jump rope to adjust the length. Once you have it the length you want, you can cut off the extra, because it’s really hard to fit the excess into the handle, especially if you want to put the weights and such into the handles. I swear there were 14 years of post-secondary education among the three of us that tried to figure this out. I handed it to another friend of mine and he figured it out in about 15 seconds. At any rate, I thought I’d try to spare others the embarrassment :)The jump rope part itself isn’t very heavy. It has a tendency to kind of crimp up and go wherever while you’re using it. I’ve been hanging the thing upside down to try to straighten it out, but the weight of the rope itself is so slight that any slight twist of the wrist or stiff breeze gets the thing out of where you want it and all around your ankles. If you have enough speed going you can minimize this somewhat – I’m ok at jump roping as I learned as a little kid so I only have occasional trouble, but my newbie husband needs a room to himself to trip and cuss when he’s using this thing.It’s not bad for what it is – a cheap jump rope – but I think that if I had it to do over again I would have gotten a heavier cloth-like one.Read more

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