Trademark improvements weighted workout toning ball – set of 2

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  • make sure this fits
  • by using getting into your version quantity.
  • used to construct power and balance
  • small and portable, they may be used in a spread of various settings
  • use for pilates, yoga and rehabilitation. Comes as a hard and fast of 2
  • outer coating is % and they’re full of iron sand
  • by using trademark improvements
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  • front arm lifts
  • facet arm lifts
  • crunches protecting balls at aspect of head
  • tricep extensions
  • bicep curls
  • arm circles
  • weighted workout firming ball – set of two

    these small, transportable toning balls come as a fixed of 2 and are the ideal addition to any exercise routine. Use them for yoga, pilates and rehabilitation. The smooth percent outside is straightforward to grip and the balls are full of iron sand. Upload resistance and builds energy. By trademark innovations.

  • used to construct energy and stability
  • small and transportable, they may be used in a variety of various settings
  • use for pilates, yoga and rehabilitation. Comes as a fixed of 2
  • outer coating is p. C and they are filled with iron sand
  • by trademark innovations
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    those small, transportable firming balls come as a hard and fast of 2 and are the suitable addition to any workout ordinary. Use them for yoga, pilates and rehabilitation. The soft % outdoors is straightforward to grip and the balls are filled with iron sand. Add resistance and builds electricity. By using trademark improvements.


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    8 reviews for Trademark improvements weighted workout toning ball – set of 2

    1. shopping fiend

      They were a little too big for me to grip and hold on to, but honestly when the world ran out of dumbbells it was a really good alternative.Read more

    2. JAiro Silva

      I got this for the purpose of being able to get in some random workouts throughout the day. The size fits well into my hand where I can full hand paw it ( about twice size of a baseball). It is good for just light exercise, to easily target muscles in the arms by using simple routines. Get it done while walking around the house, light enough to carry it while out for a walk and just tossing it to yourself.For me it is a little on the lite side of things, good if you just want to stretch out a little but I needed to order a 10lb for me to get some real burn from the workouts.Quality is good, it is not s solid round ball and has some play in it for absorbing some of the impact. I material is okay but wish it had some texture on it as it can be a little slippery if you do sweat on it or get it wet somehow.I am happy with this so far for breaktime workouts, but suggest a heavier one for trying to really work on those arms.Read more

    3. Suzie

      These are a great accessory to my daughters gymnastics regimen. She is 9 years old and was having difficulty with her upper body strength on the bars. We ordered some of these and she does her stretches, or sometimes throws them around, and within a week she was able to increase her skills. Highly recommend for a young gymnast.Read more

    4. AnnaInWonderland

      The 4lb balls are very large. About 5″ diameter. They are way too big for a woman’s hand. Even my trainer did not want them because they were too large. The shipping is so high for these balls that you don’t want to make a mistake. It makes no sense to return them if they are the wrong size. I’m just going to eat the cost and give them away.Read more

    5. Jose Hernandez

      Not sure what the bad reviews that say these fall apart, or are otherwise defective, are talking about. You certainly shouldn’t be throwing or bouncing them around, but otherwise they’re a good size to grip and exercise with. I use them during yoga to help stretch my back, shoulders, pecs, while lying lengthwise on a foam roller. I also use them for shoulder raise warmups. They are the 3 lb set, so I can’t use them for “real” strength exercises, but they serve well for stretching and light gripping exercises. Take care of them and they should serve you well.Read more

    6. Rae Tass

      they left a mark on my end table, and have a spot on them (varnish?) from where they sat. They were there only a few hours while I worked through my routine. I did not purchase the gold colored balls for that very reason, as one reviewer wrote. They’re okay otherwise, just beware how and where you store them. I keep them in a straw basket wrapped in cloth. Not as convenient as I prefer!Read more

    7. C. Figueroa

      I use to have these great balls that were softer and easier to use for pilates AND the same weight. These feel like bricks and impossible to use for exercise movements where you need to roll the ball. It’s also so hard that they are hard to hold. I definitely have to try to find the one I had years ago – this was an awful waste of money.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      I ordered these because I had googled what exercise I could do to get my underarms toned. I already use lights weights for my biceps ( I am 65 years old, and just need to keep my muscles toned and strong ) Anyhoo, these are perfect for the exercise that I had found on Google. Did not realize these lightweight little weights existed. They are great!Read more

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