Trainingmask schooling mask 2. 0 fitness center exercising masks – for cardio stamina, walking, endurance and breathing overall performance [official training mask used by the pros]

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  • face of health: training masks is the pioneer and leader in fitness and sports performance
  • exercising in high tools: free up your proper capacity thru the strength of breathing muscle schooling
  • athletes of all degrees: education masks blessings all and sundry from the weekend warrior to pro athletes
  • remaining respiratory training: functions 6 air resistance valve caps, 3 air resistance valve bases
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education mask 2. Zero has been a piece in progress for over 2 years. Schooling masks 2. Zero gives the give up user a redesigned appearance and experience together with the resistance degrees that they choice. Elevation training masks mimics the consequences of high altitude training. When elite athletes need to improve their performance they go to high altitude ranges to teach. Whilst they come back to sea degree they carry out lots stronger, faster and have multiplied staying power. Education masks 2. 0 makes your work out extra efficient permitting you to take your training session from 60 minutes to twenty mins. From the average day by day walker to the marathon runner, schooling masks 2. 0 appeals to every athlete who desires to enhance their normal health and performance.




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8 reviews for Trainingmask schooling mask 2. 0 fitness center exercising masks – for cardio stamina, walking, endurance and breathing overall performance [official training mask used by the pros]

  1. Nathaniel Long

    Really makes you work to breathe in and out. Feels like my asthma isn’t as bad since I started to use this during my workouts. You have to work your way up though – start at five minutes then add time. Don’t try to use it for an entire workout to start, you’ll never make it. Read more

  2. Neale Chaudhury

    Are you kidding me !!! This was awesome – i usually run at 6.2 (incline 1) for 29 mins – 3 mi on treadmill – i tried the mask out today – set for elevation 3000 – ran my 3 mi but had to lower speed to 5 – first 5 mins was tough trying to get adjusted but rest was a breeze – literally – the mask forced me to ‘spread out’ my inhale and exhales and forced me to focus on my breathing. After i was done no panting / no irregular short choopy breaths – it was just perfect. One critique – well not a criticism really – is there a way yo clean the mask and get rid of the sweat ? Thank you – i love this product Read more

  3. Matthew Hansen

    I know some research says that it may not help at all. Well, I do feel it helps me. It is a challenge getting through my “normal” workout wearing it. And then when I do not use it, my normal workout is a snap. It is easy to use, and fits snugly. I will continue to use it. Read more

  4. Tiahna

    This product is really good. It really does help you work on your breathing! I’ve noticed after about two weeks using it, that when I take it off, my breathing is a lot more steady and comes easier. I think because when you where the mask you have to make deep breaths while doing cardio instead of doing short choppy breaths when you get tired because literally, you can’t. If you want to breath in the mask, you have to do steady deep in/outs. I consider that a GREAT training device. When you take it off, you keep that same steady deep breath pattern versus doing choppy short breaths. I noticed that even when I got tired while running without the mask, I was able to tell myself “deep breaths” and I picked back up a rhythm, before the mask, that was never a thing. My complaint, which is a big one, hence the 4 stars versus 5, is the fact that I am a female weighing 165. I bought a medium, because I’m 15 pounds over the small limit, and I find that the mask is pretty big on my face. It starts to slide pretty bad when I start getting sweaty. I don’t think it slides from me running, jumping, etc. Mostly just the sweat. It takes me a while to finally get into a comfortable position on my face and get a good seal at the beginning of my workout, then after I’m sweaty right around the seal it starts to slide. This is annoying and I would like there to be a better explanation for females on the sizing chart. A second thing, is that there is a lot of moisture buildup for me in this thing! To where in my workouts, if I look down sweat/saliva slides out the mask! So gross! All in all, I’ve already recommended this to A LOT of my coworkers because it does get the job done by helping you learn how to breath right when it comes to cardio. So, if you need help with your running because of bad breathing, this will help you improve. Read more

  5. Rafael

    Love the mask it. Could not believe how much I never paid attention to my breathing great helped me build better breathing habits Read more

  6. Sam Sharkey

    As a Track and XC athlete, I think this is a great mask for increasing your lung capacity, but PLEASE understand that this mask doesn’t really simulate training at altitude. It doesn’t change the partial pressure of oxygen that you would get at altitude, it only limits the overall amount of AIR that you take in (also limiting the amount of Oxygen), but still, does not actually simulate training at altitude. It does force you to focus on breathing, and does make me work much harder to maintain a pace (that I would usually find much easier to maintain without the mask). Would have been four stars, but some of the adjustment caps wouldn’t snap on to the mask. Read more

  7. Trevor Robson

    I really like this but, it does not help with hypoxia. Because of the physical properties of gas, a liter of air is a liter of air regardless of the weight, and the reduced pressure at altitude mean that there is less gas by weight in a given volume. It’s almost linear with the reduction in ambient pressure. So you are getting as much oxygen per lungful of air with the mask as without. The only two ways to train for altitude is spend time at altitude or to use a hypobaric tent, the later are available for purchase…but are crazy expensive. So four stars, a whole paragraph about how this is a borderline false claim, and I really like it? This mask is an amazing way to train your respiratory system and your diaphragm, muscles, that without this, never experience any resistance. This mask also forces you to take deep breathes. By strengthening those muscles and retraining your subconscious habits you will find that you can reach your training heart rate without getting winded or pull in far more air per breath, with less effort, at altitude. I use it 30 minutes per day, after the gym, and keep the difficulty high enough that I feel like I got a lung workout. It is an easy habit to fall out of, but this should be part of your routine if you are training for endurance sports. Read more

  8. happy reader

    In the beginning of a training, the mask works ok. Although on the exhale, the air is blown out not as much as through the valve, as under the mask around the nose and straight into the eyes, which is annoying. But the real problem starts when you start to sweat. Then – if you your body is moving, for example running – with each step the mask starts sliding down on your face until it simply squeezes your nose tight. At that point, it doesn’t really matter how much air the mask lets in with each inhale – your nose is squeezed anyway so you can barely inhale anything anyway. The same effect – but for much less money – could achieved by simply stuffing cotton balls in your nose. Tightening the mask even more does not help because the main strap starts sliding down the neck and the top strap is positioned too far back to prevent the mask from sliding down. All it does is preventing the main strap from sliding down the neck completely (which is still helpful). So the only way to use this mask when you run or jog is to reposition it constantly. Giving it 2 stars because it has not fallen apart yet. Read more

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