Truely match board exercise mat official as visible on tv , black

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  • make certain this suits via coming into your model number.
  • health with amusing! Custom mat designed for use with the in reality fit board workout board. Get suit in minutes an afternoon!
  • precise! Custom sized 25. 5” x 18” thick top class rubber mat that offers best floor even as the usage of your really match board. With excessive density rubber fabric, the thick premium mat conveniently cushions your board.
  • shield! The exercise mat is first-rate for retaining your really healthy board scratch and harm unfastened thanks to it is thick rubber padding. Moisture resistant generation makes the mat to be effortlessly washed with cleaning soap and water.
  • best pair! First-rate resilience allows you to hold your stability during any exercise style! The simply match board exercising mat is the perfect addition to any virtually fit workout.
  • use on nearly any surface! The absolutely in shape board exercising mat can be used on hardwood, tiled, carpeted floors or maybe out of doors!

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the definitely fit board is an as visible on tv object that lori greiner discovered that has taken the sector by way of hurricane! Now you could get the truly suit board workout mat for an appropriate addition to any honestly fit exercise. This tradition sized 25. 5” x 18” thick rubber mat affords an excellent floor for all definitely suit exercises. The in reality in shape board exercising mat will defend your genuinely suit board from scratches and damages whilst additionally shielding your hardwood flooring and presenting a solid floor. Get your’s these days!

8 reviews for Truely match board exercise mat official as visible on tv , black

  1. Indy Pete

    I absolutely LOVE the Simply Fit board, but this mat missed the mark. I have had it two weeks. It has been used daily for about an hour a day. As of today, it is wearing out. The emblem is worn and the top layer of the mat is gone. It has a worn spot down to the foam. I admit, twisting an hour a day is a lot, but this mat should have lasted better. I moved around on it so that the board was not locked down to one spot continuously. I just really feel the quality is not there. I have replaced this mat with a larger indoor/outdoor mat which I purchased for $15, and I like it much better. Sorry, the Simply Fit Mat did not hold up to my tough twisting test. Read more

  2. HL

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY…PLEASE. I just got the Simply Fit Board and thought this would be a good addition. It is horrible, I do not recommend it. I tried placing it on concrete floor and also on my carpet. It made the whole Simply Fit experience horrible. I am sending back promptly. Me personally, I prefer to do the Simply Fit directly on a hard floor surface. Although they do not recommend it. I feel safe enough on it that this is how I will do it. I would say though be careful, you must have good balance and really should follow the directions by Simply Fit. Read more

  3. KB

    It looked like it would be a nice mat to use with the board, however, the rubber/chemical smell was so bad and strong that after a few days of trying to air it out, I couldn’t stand the smell that permeated my entire apartment anymore so I threw it away. Complete waste of money. I ended up getting a $4.00 thin bath mat that works perfectly, and no smell. Read more

  4. kp

    I wish I could give this negative stars. This item smelled so bad I had to throw it away- too toxic smelling to be in my car with it on a ride to the post office to return it. Greasy toxic rubber substance that left an oily film on everything it touched. SAVE YOURSELVES! Read more

  5. c cook

    I’m nit happy with this purchase. I understand that the mat is made of rubber and will give off an odor however i didn’t expect the odor to last quite so long or be as strong as it is. I can not even put this in my bedroom it smells so bad Read more

  6. Todd

    I was very disappointed in my package arrived! I bought this product as new. When it Arrived, it came in a box laid out flat and not wrapped in plastic. The sticker on the front of the mat says “ workout mat gives off a natural rubber odor when removed from its packing. To air your new Matt we recommend removing it from its original packing and lay The workout mat flat outdoors overnight to air out.” There were three large scratches on it And human hair stuck to it. Read more

  7. Louise Harkinson

    This pad is a disappointment. The width of the pad is the same size as the board. I found it impossible to stay center on the pad. The pad is not worth the money and do not recommend this product. Read more

  8. Zerauskire

    As many others have stated. The smell is horrible. I read the reviews and thought “It can’t really be that bad”. It is. It absolutely is. It’s like having a freshly made tire sitting in your house. It’s so strong that I had to put it outside for now. Hoping that the smell with subside. It’s so bad that I smelled it before even opening the box. I thought it was some smell from the box being in the back of the truck that delivered it. When it was in the house you would come back home and the entire house would smell like it. Maybe some people have ones that smell less strong but mine is ridiculous. Read more

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