Trx education slam ball, easy- grip tread & long lasting rubber shell

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  • by using entering your version wide variety.
  • unleash your strength: trx slam balls will help you unharness your electricity! Have interaction your whole body in a excessive-depth trx slam ball exercise that builds electricity, cardio and explosive strength.
  • clean-grip textured floor: the trx slam ball features a rugged, textured floor that gives smooth gripping and helps you preserve a certain deal with on the ball during your workout.
  • long lasting rubber shell: designed to live on your toughest exercises, the trx slam ball capabilities a thick, ultra-durable rubber shell that absorbs effect from each center-strengthening dead jump.
  • multiple weight alternatives: trx slam balls are sold individually and are available in 6, eight, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, forty and 50 lb weights, permitting you to pick out the right length for your exercising or health degree.
  • the trx manifesto: because the leaders in useful education, our project is to empower you for your pursuit of better. We’ve got evolved the arena’s exceptional training equipment, workout programs, and schooling guides to help you push, pull, squat and lunge your way to a higher version of yourself.
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trx training – trx slam ball

trx slam balls will help you unharness your energy! Have interaction your whole frame in a high-intensity trx slam ball exercising that builds electricity, cardio and explosive power. The trx slam ball features a rugged, textured surface that provides smooth gripping and helps you preserve a certain take care of at the ball. Designed to live on your toughest workouts, the trx slam ball capabilities a thick, extremely-long lasting rubber shell that absorbs effect from every center-strengthening dead bounce.

  • 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 pound
  • textured floor for easy gripping and throwing
  • long lasting rubber shell withstands heavy use and gets rid of soar
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    6.0 Pounds, 8.0 Pounds, 10.0 Pounds, 15.0 Pounds, 20.0 Pounds, 30.0 Pounds, 40.0 Pounds

    8 reviews for Trx education slam ball, easy- grip tread & long lasting rubber shell

    1. Gabrielle

      Do not purchase this product!!! I have had this ball for less than 6 months and after 4 months of use (which was only a couple of times a week) I noticed that there was sand on the ground every time I used it. I searched the ball for holes, but couldn’t find any, however sand comes out of the ball every time we slam it. I tried to call Amazon to see if they could replace the ball and they said since it was pass the 30 return day window, we would have to contact TRX directly. Amazon customer service gave me the TRX number to call. When I called them they said they wouldn’t help me with replacing the product since I bought it through Amazon instead of buying it directly through them. UGH!!! So I am stuck with a slam ball I can’t use because it leaks sand all over the place. Don’t waste your time purchasing this product. It worked fine during the 30 day window, but obviously didn’t last past a few months.Read more

    2. Manuel Santiago

      Enjoyed this while it lasted, but it’s wasnt even a whole year later and it popped while being used for its exact purpose. Disappointed it didn’t last longer cause I initially rated it a 5 for its great grip but guess it’s a ZERO for durability.Read more

    3. E. Brito

      Useless garbage. I ordered one and when I tried to put a pin to fill it with air, the valve went inside the ball. I thought it was just bad luck with one ball, so I returned and got another. THE SAME THING HAPPENED. I was really, really careful trying to put the pin on the second one, to no avail. Don’t waste your money and time with this garbage.Read more

    4. John C. I. Rocke

      You have to get used to a sand ball; little bounce. However, if you’re looking for a tough, durable medicine ball, that is versatile and designed for human hands–you will find in this TRX Slam ball. It has a tire tread outside, and is tough to beat. You can grip it, unlike a smooth ball. At first, I thought I wasted money on a ball that barely bounces. Oh, no. You will come to love the ease of use, the gripping power and the control you have over the ball. From dismay, to great enthusiasm: that’s how I felt. It has turned out to be a powerful and integral piece of equipment during my workouts. Russian twists, ball slams, and you name it–this TRX ball is the ultimate buy.Read more

    5. Cath

      Now THIS is a slam ball! I have had many: some bounce back too much, some had covers that weren’t grippy, some had covers that burst, and some just didn’t have a “weighty” feeling. This TRX slam ball has NONE of those issues. It’s beautiful! The cover is super durable, with a nice, textured gripping surface. It sinks like a stone when slammed, no bounce-back. And it just feels gooood….weighty, not slippery, solid, but with a bit of give. I love it! As an intermediate to advanced-intermediate female exerciser, I ordered the 15lb ball. Best slam ball I’ve ever owned.Read more

    6. Virgil H.

      These will take a beating and keep taking a beating. The grip surface is phenomenal and makes for some creative movement possibilities as well as the general benefits of a good non-slip handhold. I have multiple sizes and prefer the 15lb and up, so far. Side Note: if you intend to do “other” (non-slam-style) moves with these as you would with a wall-ball for example, you will want to realize the the core of these is not fixed; it moves. The result is that the core will cause “imbalance” when you toss/throw the ball because the core moves within the sphere. This is not so noticeable in the larger sized because the core has increased in size; however, in the 10lb and smaller, you will notice the core’s motion inside the ball. In pure slam-style moves this is no consequence at all. I note this because my wife and daughter thought they would sub this item as a smaller wall-ball (note why I purchased it). These are designed for slam abuse and they will take everything you care to give them–other creative uses exist and I have tried them but they are only bonuses and not intended by manufacturer. All the TRX equipment I own, like these, is first rate construction.Read more

    7. Ken Patel

      I own/love the 15lb version so I went for the 25lb when I got strong enough. This unit was oddly shaped but Amazon replaced it right away without any problems.Different slam balls have different textures. This 25lb ball was way harder to keep from slipping out of my hands than my 15lb ball. But after a few weeks I developed the strength and coordination in my hands/forearms necessary to use it (I wasn’t particularly strong to start with) and now I’m very happy to own it. Perhaps another brand will offer a stickier grip surface but that might take away from some of the muscle learning that I’d honestly rather have as an added bonus.The feel of the ball when it slams is better than the ones at my PT office. It’s dead on impact, as it should be. However if you slam it so hard its soul tries to escape, as you should, you’ll get just the right amount of bounce to get it back into your hands for a quick start to the next rep. But your arms have to already be in the correct position to reach it. So this is good for learning form!10/10 would recommend to a friend (unless they wanted a different grip surface).Read more

    8. Adam Machanic

      I had never done a ball slam before I bought this, so take my review with a few grains of salt. I can’t compare this brand of ball to any other brand. I own a few other weighted balls of different kinds, so I think I have some form of reference there.In any case: This seems like a rugged and extremely well-designed product. Thick rubber, grippy texture, just the right amount of bounce (i.e. almost none at all). I have no reason to believe that this ball won’t last a very long time.As I said, I’d never done a ball slam — and since buying this I’ve been doing a ton of them. Where have you been all my life, ball slams? Not only are they a lot of fun, they’re also a great way to warm up for a variety of other exercises. I’m already thinking about buying a heavier version of this same ball.Read more

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