Trx training kettlebell, gravity forged with a comfortable ergo cope with

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  • flexible for a couple of workouts: combine power and aerobic schooling at the same time as engaging multiple muscle companies in exercises with trx gravity cast kettlebells.
  • long lasting gravity cast moulding: trx kettlebells had been positioned via a top class gravity forged moulding process, resulting in ultra-long lasting kettlebells with a flat backside that provides increased stability.
  • cozy, smooth grip: trx kettlebells feature an excellent, easy end and a comfy take care of that lets in for easy gripping and transitions.
  • multiple weight options: trx kettlebells are bought in my view and are to be had in 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40 kg weights, allowing you to pick the right length in your workout or fitness level.
  • the trx manifesto: as the leaders in functional education, our assignment is to empower you on your pursuit of higher. We have advanced the world’s quality training device, exercising programs, and education courses to help you push, pull, squat and lunge your manner to a higher model of your self.
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  • is that this a set of 7?
  • query: is this a hard and fast of 7? Solution: no, just one. By means of alycyas on may additionally 7, 2017 disintegrate all answers

  • are those cast iron?
  • we use a gravity casting technique so every bell can reach the very best great and have the cleanest end viable. This also allows us to have a clean, secure deal with. We began with the highest quality first run iron ore available, now not scrap. The unit is cast in a single solid piece, creating a more potent, more dependable manage and a void loose floor. See less

  • is it powder lined like the kettlebell king
  • query: is it powder coated just like the kettlebell king solution: it does not look powder lined to me. However it’s far a very nice stupid finish. I dont think i ought to of offered a better kettlebell. Exceptional grip too. My preferred a part of them. By means of dexomatic on january 1, 2018 did not get solutions. See greater solutions (1) fall apart all answers

  • while will these be available?
  • query: while will these be to be had? Answer: just preserve checking returned to look which weights are/may be to be had. By using momo on august 24, 2020 collapse all solutions


    20kg, 6kg, 16kg, 28kg, 8kg

    8 reviews for Trx training kettlebell, gravity forged with a comfortable ergo cope with

    1. Dennis Daly

      I’ve been training with these kettlebells for three months along with the RKS workout program and have never done such a satisfying and complete workout in such a short period of time. I have lost 20 lbs. These bells are awsome and reasonibally priced and well made as well as have comfortable textured handles as would be expected from TRX. I am 6’4″ and they fit my grip comfortably. Wish I had discovered kettlebells years ago. Would recommend these for anybody. I’m 71 years old an athlete all my life and as fit as when I was 20, seriously. Read more

    2. Ste

      The kettlebell is good for the price of $42 however it seems to have some quality control issues. I ordered two and one of them had a handful of white streaks all over it. The other had a horizontal line running through it for at least 3 inches along with other tiny scuff marks here and there. The TRX logo had some brown spots on it I assume due to the paint chipping off. I am not sure if these issues were why the price was marked down from $75. I also noticed that there was not a single review in the year of 2019 so perhaps this was a return or old inventory being cleared out? I think it’s also important to note that it took almost a month to be delivered which I was fine with considering the drop in price. The product appears to be working as it should. It’s smooth on the bottom which is the most important part. The handle space appears to be normal. I would say if you have small hands it will be difficult to hold like most rough kettlebells due to the grip strength required to work with them. If you have large hands you may have a problem using this two handed. Overall I’m happy with the product due to the price that I paid. Read more

    3. R. Josephson

      Using a kettlebell was new to me. I am a 5’4 average female and decided on starting with 26 pounds, which was hard but not too difficult…I lift 3 sets of 5 on two kinds of drop-lifts and do15 swings. This item has a smooth handle so swings and drop-lifts flow easily. Love the results I am getting with this. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Excellent kettlebell. I have an Onnit 12 kg and a Titan 35 lb from Amazon kettlebell. Comparing this TRX compared to the others is hard because all are really good. I do notice that the texture of the TRX lets me grip more later in the kettlebell session when I am sweating like an animal. All are reasonably priced as well. Read more

    5. Momo

      I read plenty of articles to see which kettlebells were best. It all pointed to the TRX kettlebells. The kettlebells have a handle that is comfortable to hold. I’m glad I purchased these for my home workouts. There’s one more set that I’ll purchase when they’re in stock again. Read more

    6. Sacha

      Wrong item sent. Note that refund to original mode of payment is slated for 14 days after Amazon receives the returned item. Received a 10lb slamball instead of the 12kg kettlebell I’d ordered; love using slamballs, but can’t use those in an apartment with neighbors above, below, and on either side, haha. Did a rating for the 8kg TRX kettlebell I got a week ago – they make quality stuff! Really love the kettlebell, and it’s helping me round out my workouts while in quarantine. Good stuff. Read more

    7. Mel

      There is no coating just a smooth iron finish. The colored stripes are painted on. The bottom is flattened just enough to provide a lot of stability when using as a raised plank position. So far i have the 8kg and 6kg. Working up to getting the full set. Would definitely recommend these. Read more

    8. zoni

      TRX needs to step up Quality Control regarding the handle, bottom of handle the finish is Rough appears to be caused when coating & drying. But with FREE shipping… Read more

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