Ultimate frame press ceiling hooked up pull up bar with patented reversible risers for sixteen and 24 inch joists

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  • make certain this fits by way of getting into your version wide variety.
  • higher placement: ceiling mount in your pull up bar gets your pull up workouts away from the wall to present you total range of motion. Ceiling mount frees up wall area to your large equipment and places your exercises in which you’ve got open ground area
  • patented risers: the ceiling mount pull up bar’s patented dual function risers turn to mount underneath sixteen inch ground joists or underneath 24 inch ceiling joists for general placement flexibility now and within the destiny
  • four grip positions: finely tuned angled grips at the ergonomic bar offer a natural hand position and reduce pressure for extra intensity and awareness. 4 grip positions in top rate excessive density foam can help you goal greater muscular tissues with greater variation
  • easy installation: the ceiling mount pull up bar is precision engineered for smooth home set up and consists of assembly instructions, mounting template on heavy inventory, whole hardware, and usa tech guide
  • best anchor: anchor elective body weight resistance running shoes to turn your pull up bar into a full body weight fitness center. Whole complete units of pull usaand other difficult sports right from day one with assisted exercising variations. [sold separately]
  • designed within the u. S. A.: final frame press is a north carolina enterprise devoted to handing over higher workouts each day. Includes high eligible shipping and united states customer support
  • keep with confidence: the ceiling mount pull up bar is sponsored through final body press towards producer’s defects for 10 years

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from the manufacturer

4 ergonomic grip positions consisting of 20″ impartial grip spacing help better workout routines each day.

the ceiling mount pull up bar capabilities a state of the art aggregate of grip angles previously available simplest on industrial gym device.

via imparting a extra natural hand position throughout chin ups, parallel grip and wide grip pullups, the finely tuned angled grips assist you avoid over articulation of the shoulders and decrease stress for your wrists and elbows.

  • four padded grip positions
  • best 20″ neutral grip spacing
  • ultra solid rigid mount
  • complete variety of motion for each workout
  • the ceiling mount pull up bar

    the ceiling mount pull up bar with reversible risers by way of ultimate body press fits 16″ and 24″ ceiling joists and is ergonomically designed to reduce strain and increase profits at some stage in your pullup exercises.

    providing ideal 20″ spacing at the parallel grips and angled bars for a greater herbal grip role, the ceiling mount pull up bar objectives unique muscle agencies for the outcomes you need in less time. Entire hardware, mounting template and commands are protected for easy set up.

  • hardware, template and instructions for clean mounting
  • order with confidence and get better workout routines every day
  • patented dual function risers

    the ceiling mount pull up bar capabilities our patented innovation – reversible dual function risers. Whether or not you’re putting in underneath floor joists spaced sixteen” on-center or ceiling joists with 24″ on-center spacing, the reversible dual position risers allow mounting wherein you want it to first-rate keep treasured floor space for improved sporting activities with bar add-ons.

    easily spaced at 20″, the parallel grips are a incredible fit for just about every build and are ideally spaced for chin ups. The bar drops 14″ out of your ceiling supplying masses of head room and a complete range of motion for all of your favored pull up versions.

    role i

    fits under general sixteen inch on-center ground joist.

    us patent: 9. 427,611 b11 – 8/2016.

    position ii

    fits under wellknown 24 inch on-middle ceiling joists.

    perfect grip spacing

    both riser positions function 20 inch spacing on the impartial grips for an ideal fit for just about each construct. 14 inch riser peak offers full range of motion for each pull up version.

    hold valuable ground space

    suits sixteen” on-center joists

    fits 24″ on-middle joists

    best 20″ impartial grip spacing

    approximately ultimate body press

    our passion is supplying health system that helps you to get the most from your workouts every day. By means of producing high best low-priced merchandise that look splendid and characteristic past expectation we are able to create a rewarding area on your lifestyles for exercising and help you attain new tiers of fitness, nicely being and private performance.

    we value your fitness and are proud to serve your gymnasium wishes. Remaining frame press health tools is sponsored with united states of america tech guide.

    product description

    the ceiling mount pull up bar


  • popular in shape for 16 inch or 24 inch joists measured ‘on-center’
  • consists of hardware, template and instructions
  • patented 14 inch reversible risers set perfect 20″ neutral grip spacing and pull up bar peak
  • purchase includes america tech support and a hundred% pride assure
  • patented reversible risers

    ergonomic layout

    construct a complete body gym

    save with confidence

    7 reviews for Ultimate frame press ceiling hooked up pull up bar with patented reversible risers for sixteen and 24 inch joists

    1. Amazon Customer

      We ordered this product in mid august 2016. On 9/10/16, the right side of the pull up bar stripped out of the support. Purchase at your own risk. Read more

    2. J. omalley

      Not kidding look at the pics. Can not believe what morons sent this product. First of all talk about overpriced! This should be priced at $30 tops. And it was clearly packaged by meathead weightlifters. The metal pieces were all thrown loosely into a big box (hence all the scratches on the one piece and the broken end of the other). Also the weld beads on the bars look like my first couple attempts in JR high shop class! AND LOOK AT WHAT INSTRUCTIONS THEY SENT ME TO INSTALL MY PULL UP BAR!!! “Universal golf cart bag holder” instructions. 😂😩😢😂 Sending this PO S back. Read more

    3. Ashlar Stone

      It’s expensive for what it is. I appreciate that it works with 16″ and 25″ I’m a big guy (188cm and 110kg/6’2″ 235lb) keeps solid. Although the bolts that hold the horz bar to the rafter brackets are much smaller than the rafter bolts. I think I trust those. Now for why I knocked a star off: (pet peeve warning) They give you a template to use, cool. But, they don’t tell you the bolt head (hex nut) size. They took the time to do part of this, but didn’t complete the job. They tell you the drill bit size (5/16″) For those that want to know, it is 11/16″ The steel bolts use a hex that they provide. I appreciate that, but I prefer to use power tools for everything. I did not get a measurement for the hex key. Read more

    4. Freitag

      Solid metal body (so far). However, as soon as I installed it, I tried to do some pull-ups, and the cheap foam grips rotated in my hands. If I hadn’t just crawled around the attic, reinforcing my trusses to take the load (probably not necessary, but good insurance), I’d have taken it down and patched the holes in the ceiling. Since I had done all this extra work, instead of trashing the bar, I replaced the foam grips with two packages of thick bicycle handlebar tape, which cost almost as much as this bar. Oh, also, the template they provide for drilling the ceiling holes is way too floppy. I suggest gluing it to a strip of cardboard, before taping it to your ceiling. Otherwise, your hole spacing will be too small (as the template sags). Alternatively, drill one hole on a stud, and mount the bar, then use the other holes for your template (you’ll need to hold the loose end up, until that lag bolt is also installed). Read more

    5. Alex T

      The best place in my exercise room for a pull up bar was the ceiling, and this bar is absolutely perfect. The room has a 7 ft ceiling and I mounted it on two ceiling joists that were 24 inches apart. The installation template that came with the bar to show where to drill the holes worked perfect. My joists were about 1.5 inches wide and I mounted it 8 inches from the start of an angled wall (would not have worked on the angle wall, had to be the ceiling). I’m 5 ft 10 and was a little worried about my head hitting the ceiling when I did a pull up, but the distance from the ceiling to the bar is perfect (its exactly 16.25 inches from the ceiling to the lowest point on the center of the bar). I thought about mounting a 2X6 board between the two risers and the ceiling like others have done, but it just wasn’t needed in my setup (and with only a 7 foot ceiling I didn’t want the bar any closer to the floor than it had to be) I was also a bit worried about how sturdy it would be but it turned out solid. I’m 180 pounds and there’s no movement or sway at all when I use it. Its anchored into the ceiling tight. I also hung suspension bands from the bar and did a workout just to test the weight limit, and it worked fine … no movement in the bar at all. The multiple different hand positions / grips make this a lot better than the straight pull up bar I grew up with (and the grips on this are very well padded). Installation took a little over an hour because I carefully measured and used a stud finder to ensure I drilled into the middle of the joists. The following tips that others put in their reviews helped a ton: > When you drill the pilot hole with the 5/16 drill bit, make sure the depth of the hole is 3 inches (measured AFTER the bit is installed in the drill) > Don’t tighten the allen wrench bolts all the way until the very last step (it’s easy to finish that last step and attach the bar to the risers, after the risers are mounted to the ceiling) > Use a 17mm (or 11/16) ratchet to attach the risers to the ceiling (I used a 17mm drill attachment) It turned out perfect and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a ceiling pull up bar. Read more

    6. Amazon Pen Name

      Very easy to install with concise directions and a mounting template. I mounted mine in my garage and the ceiling joists are neither 16″ nor 24″ apart so I had to improvise. I did not trust putting the lag bolts into just plywood so I bought some threaded rod and a 2 x 8 installed them using the joists as support. Very easy to do, but measure twice. I personally presume this to be a stronger mount as well. DISCLAIMER: As this is not factory recommended installation – use the grey matter in-between your ears and do so at your own peril. Read more

    7. Jason

      I got this mounted over the weekend in my house with 24″ spaced ceiling joists. The hardest part of the entire install is finding the joists and drilling the holes as close to the center as possible. I would recommend mounting close to a wall as that transfers the load down the wall rather than flexing the joist and possibly causing drywall cracks over time. I put it one foot from the wall to the rear bolt. If you can access the space above it, it wouldn’t hurt to go up there after mounting and feel either side of the joist for bulges to make sure you didn’t just crack the edge. This project was an excuse to buy a Franklin 710 stud finder which worked very well for getting the center of those ceiling joists. Otherwise, as others have mentioned, don’t tighten those hex bolts before mounting. The important part is getting the vertical pieces mounted to the ceiling joists correctly. There’s a lot of flexibility in the horizontal bar and the hex bolts so lock those down last. Read more

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