Under armour men’s heatgear tactical compression short sleeve t-blouse

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  • 84% polyester, 16% elastane
  • imported
  • machine wash
  • extremely-smooth material for the excellent in next-to-pores and skin comfort with this compression blouse
  • four-way stretch creation moves higher in each course
  • material wicks sweat & dries virtually speedy
  • anti-smell technology is a superlative innovation which helps prevents scent
  • under armour
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  • i have ordered this blouse for my pal. But, i’m wondering why the shirt does not have the brand of underneath armour at the left side of the chest ?
  • question: i’ve ordered this shirt for my pal. But, i wonder why the shirt does no longer have the logo of underneath armour on the left side of the chest ? Solution: i can’t solution why the shirt does no longer have the emblem. Once i ordered the blouse for my husband i did no longer need to have a logo visible thru his work blouse. The simplest element it has is a small tag on the lowest of the shirt that can be tucked in. I trust it says below armour in the again of the neck at the internal by way of ms. Shy on november 14, 2014 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (four) disintegrate all answers

  • dose this shirt has a length chart?
  • not that i am privy to a size chart however they run the same sizes as regular shirts i were a small in shirt and a small match me best don’t forget those shirts are met to in shape very tight i really like that you could not. But they keep you cool that’s for positive i have long past on some 10 and 20 mile hikes in 90+ temps and was now not sweating so i might say they paintings properly!! They arise to loads of abuse to i’ve use it as a work shirt some time as properly they keep up. See much less

  • why does the white choice convey up a photo of a tan blouse?
  • query: why does the white preference deliver up a photograph of a tan blouse? Solution: due to the fact they screwed up the list via d. Woods on august 6, 2019 disintegrate all answers

  • washing instructions
  • due to the fact i’m too lazy to appearance up the instructions or do even the maximum primary cloth care (i once washed a group of costly silk ties in the wash in place of hand washing, kinda regret that choice; however they’re very well and i will never repeat that stunt again… Lol), i without difficulty were given via tossing them in warm on an extended heavy cycle with my different stuff like socks and uniforms and they usually got here out searching better than some other article of garb i personal and likely why i speak so highly of this product in fashionable because they tolerate my laziness inside the laundry room (sure, they also get thrown in the dryer with my different apparel gadgets and not anything bad or major has come from this exercise)… Afterwards i roll em’ as much as preserve area and that they possibly take anywhere among 1/sixth to at least one/8th the room of a everyday shirt if i rolled up any regular shirt the equal manner that i do with shirts with no emblem or high quality message to spread to my surroundings… Very long lasting, forgiving, and realistic if you work in hot situations… I will see wherein human beings could have a trouble with how uncomfortable they may be (i felt the same way); but i appreciate the advantages of this object extra than i do at how uncomfortable they are if i used to be lounging watching tv or playing video games… See much less


    Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large


    Black (001)/Clear, Federal Tan (499), White (100)/White

    5 reviews for Under armour men’s heatgear tactical compression short sleeve t-blouse

    1. Amazon Customer

      I’ve had the cold gear before and it worked great. Awesome in the winter months, and works so much better than long underwear style clothes when it gets windy. This…absolutely not. I get very sweaty when outside in the Texas summer. Got 2 of these to help with calming it down so I am not just a sweaty mess when dealing with people inside. I am sitting in this shirt for the first time at work and I am more hot than I have ever been this summer. It’s 90 degrees and the past week it’s been well over 100. I was outside sweating and cooking more like it was over 120 with a normal cotton undershirt. This is some straight bull that this is helpful in keeping you cool, it’s cooking me and holding in all the heat. Read more

    2. Tim Kirkpatrick

      This shirt fits exactly as expected. It is a “Compression” fit, so it is supposed to fit skin tight. So others reviewers saying it is too small or too tight simply didn’t know what they were buying, and should have purchased a “fitted” shirt. It is the best undershirt I have ever worn, and I will be buying more of them to replace all of my old cotton undershirts. There is four distinct advantages these Under Armour shirts have over cotton: 1: They are cooler. I sweat less, and that is always good. 2: If I do sweat, they wick the sweat away quickly and dry incredibly fast. (unlike cotton that stays damp for hours) 3: They have some sort of antimicrobial tech that actually keeps the shirt from getting stinky. (I have worn the same undershirt multiple days in a row with no adverse odors) 4: The compression fit of the shirt actually has a slimming effect. Number 4 was actually the reason I decided to buy this shirt. I’m nearing middle age, and I’m not in as great of shape as I’d like to be. Ever since puberty I have had “man boobs” Even when I was in good shape, and had very little body fat they were there.. Now that I have some extra weight, they are even more pronounced and noticeable, causing me to be self conscience and uncomfortable almost all the time. This shirt doesn’t make me look like I’m in shape, but it does flatten the flabby parts of my body just enough to make me feel quite a bit more comfortable. There is no logo on the left breast as in the pictures. It is located on the bottom right of the shirt and is hidden when tucked into pants. I am happy they chose to relocate the logo on the newer shirts. Even though I use it as an undershirt, I don’t buy clothes that make me a walking billboard for a brand. Under Armor is not paying me to advertise, so I’d rather have nondescript clothes. These shirts are in fact genuine Under Armour. Read more

    3. Bros

      I still own this shirt 8 years later. This Under Armour compression shirt fits like a glove. I wear it to the gym often. I ordered the small and it fit my frame so perfect. The material always feels good and breaths. The shirt washes well over and over again. This is a really quality manufactured shirt. Worth every penny. 5 stars. Read more

    4. AC

      I’ve tried S, M, LG, and X-LG in an attempt to make this shirt work for me, without success. It might, however work for you. I’m a fairly exothermic guy and always prefer these sorts of shirts to baggier t-shirts, buttons downs, pull-overs and the like. I always go for heat gear because unless I am going to be standing around in sub-15F temperatures, anything heavier just makes me too hot. I also wear these shirts everywhere – to work, to bed, around the house, out hiking, out to restaurants, everywhere, so I can’t have anything that is too formfitting. I’m in very good shape, but if feels obnoxious wandering around in something that fits like a second skin. That and it is just uncomfortable for me. What I wanted was something like I currently have – a lightweight, fitted synthetic shirt that is well-made with no or minimally visible logos. Nothing baggy. Nothing skin-tight. These seemed like a perfect match – UA is a good brand, these have no logos at all, and while they are compression shirts I figured I would just buy up one size. Turns out this doesn’t really work. These shirts are intended to be compression shirts, which means they only really work (move with the body and offload heat) when they are compressing the skin. The material is actually fairly thick before it is stretched out. Buying up a size resulted in a shirt that just ill-fitting, having extra material all over the place and still being too hot, since now the air couldn’t circulate properly through the material. That said, this issue aside the material is quite comfortable against the skin and seems to be high quality. Fit-wise: I am a 5’10” male with an athletic build, ~185 with a <10% BMI. So very fit, but not "swole" in any way. I tried the small, medium, large, and extra large. S was way too tight - getting it off was tougher than getting it on and getting it on wasn't exactly a picnic. M was pretty good, but since I didn't want something form-fitting, I tried L and XL. The L had the general look I wanted, whereas the XL, while still being surprisingly tight, had way too much extra material. However, even the L was too hot during normal day-to-day activities, let alone while running or working outside. The M, L, and XL were all heavier by about 20% than my current shirts (black Reebocks, which I would buy again but the model is discontinued). So if you want compression and something skin-tight, my recommendation for someone my size is M or, if you have more muscle mass up top, maybe a LG. If you don't want compression, try a different shirt instead. EDIT: Worth noting that after a few washes, the shirts loosen up considerably. Enough that the XL is now a little baggy around the waist for me (for a compression shirt, anyway). As such, the L is probably the better way to go, once it is broken it, it should fit nicely. Read more

    5. Carne aTodda

      I wear these under my polo work shirts. The materials in clothing now-a-days is either getting thinner or my body just keeps getting worse. These compression shirts firm me up a little so I don’t look like a bowl of jello when I’m walking around. I bought them at a $15 price point, which is nice for an Under Armour product. I’m very happy with them. I’m 5’9″, 200 lbs and I wear a large and it’s definitely snug, but that’s what I wanted. Read more

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