Valeo exercise body ball – expert grade anti-burst fitness, balance ball for pilates, yoga, stability exercising & education physical remedy

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  • low impact & powerful: a body ball offers a low-effect and rather powerful technique for strengthening your stomach and lower returned muscular tissues
  • thick % burst resistant: specially formulated to deflate slowly if punctured
  • size options for comfort: designed for people between 5’0” and 5’four” tall
  • workout chart: includes step-by means of-step exercising software wall chart
  • inflates quick and without problems: consists of a excessive-quantity, twin-movement air pump for quick, easy inflation
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  • how a lot weight it withstand?
  • query: how a lot weight it withstand? Solution: relying on inflation, it ought to be desirable for someone as much as 250 lbs. Through reader4031 supplier on can also 23, 2017 did not get solutions. See extra answers (1) disintegrate all solutions

  • how lots weight it resist?
  • question: how a whole lot weight it resist? Solution: plenty for someone. By using dans overview on might also 23, 2017 fall apart all answers

  • what’s the us of a of beginning?
  • question: what is the usa of foundation? Solution: us via honest client on august 1, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

  • i see a remark from 2009 announcing “the pump isn’t any accurate”, and more recent remarks announcing “it does no longer include a pump”, so which is it now?
  • query: i see a comment from 2009 pronouncing “the pump is no true”, and more moderen remarks saying “it does now not come with a pump”, so that’s it now? Answer: the 2009 comment was correct. The pump isn’t always accurate. You would be higher off the use of a compressor very carefully. My husband attempted the pump and couldn’t get the ball fully inflated. Via tammy l. Bartlett on september 23, 2014 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (4) crumble all answers


    55CM/22IN, 65CM/26IN, 75CM/30IN



    6 reviews for Valeo exercise body ball – expert grade anti-burst fitness, balance ball for pilates, yoga, stability exercising & education physical remedy

    1. In-the-anomaly

      Hmmm, I don’t know what I like more-the fact that the ball is a ugly yellow cream color instead of being the pearlescent white I ordered, or whether the big purple and orange stains on the yellow cream ball are the best bit. It’s a toss up. If you are looking for a white ball to go with your decor and that will look nice sitting in your workout space, this isn’t it. The one saving grace is that this thing is dead easy to blow up. You just wrap both ends of the measuring tape and overlap them at the point where you insert the pump and you will have this ball blown up perfectly in 4 minutes flat, even if you have weak arms. It’s a cinch to blow up, so perhaps if you get this in a different color you will be pleased. Avoid the “white” ball at all costs if you want a actual white, clean ball. Read more

    2. Jon Inge

      Sorry to have to write a negative review as my wife has had the 55cm version of this ball for several years and it’s been very satisfactory. I bought the 65cm version to use as an office chair. I can’t help wondering if I received a previously-returned item as there was Scotch tape across the carton opening tab, there was no plug removal tool and no inflation instruction sheet, but maybe they’ve discontinued these items since we bought the white 55cm ball. At first I also thought the unmarked white circumference measuring tape included was the wrong one as the instructions with the earlier ball said that the tape should be the same color as the ball (which is blue in the 65cm size), but I measured it and it was actually the right length. However, after inflating the ball to full pressure as measured by the tape it was still far too soft and giving to be useful; I ended up sitting as low on it as on the 55cm model. Although it was the expected color (blue) for a 65cm model it felt as soft as a 75cm unit that hadn’t been inflated to full pressure. I returned it and bought the equivalent item from GoFIt, which is proving completely satisfactory in every way. Again, I may have received a faulty (or perhaps mislabeled) unit, but the overall impression was the Valeo’s quality has taken a dive since we bought the earlier model. Read more

    3. Drug Waitress, RN

      The good thing is this ball comes with a foot pump and not a hand pump because you will be pumping away. The tubing also came undone a few times while pumping, but easily fixed. As we began to blow this thing up, we noticed these wrinkles and fissures from where the ball had been folded in the packaging. The integrity of the plastic in these fissures looked compromised. As the ball inflated, the cracks appeared whitish in color, could still be felt, and appeared to stretch. This is my first purchase of an exercise ball, so I’m not sure if those findings are considered par for the course or not. Anyway, I’m 5’4″ and 140 lbs (and gaining) and purchased this as a birthing ball. When fully inflated, it was too tall and firm for me so we let some air out and sized it nicely so my knees were almost 90 degrees. Thus far, the ball has not popped or lost any air. It is the perfect size for pelvic exercises and or just using it as an ergonomic chair. It forces you to sit properly upright. If you are planning to use this as a chair for extended periods, I wouldn’t recommend it as my butt bones are sore after awhile. This could also be from it being too firm with inflation. Read more

    4. Kumbi

      Got the ball inflated it to specifications and it was great for a month. But now the ball no longer remains inflated. I inflate it and over the course of a couple hours it gets own to about 70% full. It was a couple days past the 30-day return window through Amazon, so I reached out to the Valeo customer support, who kept telling me that I have to go through Amazon. Which I can’t. Very annoying experience. I loved the product when it worked, but the support has been very unsatisfactory. Read more

    5. Max Power

      GoFit (not jetfit) balls are thicker, hold more weight (up to 2000lbs, yes 2,000) and are even better, for the same price, see my reviews if you’re curious, but this is still a good ball so I gave it 5 stars. These balls are stinky as heck to start out, but that’s only because they are solid rubber, not the rubber plastic composite of the Gold’s Gym balls at walmart. The last two Gold’s Gym ones I got at walmart deflated within a month of me having them. These Valeo ones are much better, I’m 200lbs, they support me easily sitting on it for 4 hours a day. I am happy enough to get a second one for my workplace, but I think I’ll air it out (so it doesn’t stink so bad) before I bring it in. These are great for your posture to sit on because you have to constantly adjust your position to react with the ball moving from side to side naturally as your body shifts weight. What this does is engage your core muscles, your abdominal, and engages you, so you are aware and conscious of posture. After an hour, if you are not used to sitting this way, you will start feeling it, because you will be working out muscles you don’t normally use when sitting in a traditional chair that encourages you to slouch and hunch. A 75cm ball is for people 6 ft tall and over. The 75cm ball I got is red, like in the picture. Which on second thought may be too conspicuous of a thing to have hanging out in the middle of my office. I’ll have to find a black or grey one of this same quality somewhere. Read more

    6. Amy

      I was on the border between 55cm and 65cm and I wholly regret choosing the 5’4″ to accommodate for my short legs. Sitting on the ball, my thighs aren’t parallel to the ground at all because the ball can’t be inflated to be more stiff. It’s not a terrible ball but I can’t imagine this size being suitable for anyone above 5’2″ so select the next size up if you have the chance! Also, this ball is supposed to come with a tape that tells you how big it should be inflated to. I wrapped the tape around the circumference of the ball and inflated my ball–my ball didn’t even come close to the tape’s indicated size! I don’t know if it means the ball is defectively small or the tape was the wrong size but it didn’t make me feel great about my purchase. Read more

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