Venum boxing hand wraps

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  • elastic cotton for comfort and energy
  • velcro closure: speedy and personalised tightening
  • sold in pairs
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  • do they come as a couple?
  • question: do they come as a couple? Answer: yes it is available in a couple. 2 wraps, one for every hand. They may be very long lasting the only factor is the velcro component is poorly put on. I placed a bit loopy glue on mine and it turned into properly. Respectable product. Through brandon m on might also 29, 2015 did not get solutions. See greater solutions (5) collapse all answers

  • how do you determine the right period on your fingers?
  • question: how do you determine the right period for your hands? Answer: i’ve found it depends on what you need to apply them for. So if you want just wrist and hand aid get the shorter ones. But if you need to interlace thru your arms get the long ones. By using ryan shelor on july 18, 2015 did not get answers. See extra solutions (1) collapse all answers

  • is this a couple? Or just a one?
  • question: is that this a couple? Or only a one? Answer: it’s a couple of wraps if that is what you suggest. One for every hand. I’ve never offered wraps from anywhere that could most effective sell you one wrap. Hope that clears things up. By means of david puffer on october 17, 2014 didn’t get solutions. See extra answers (five) disintegrate all answers

  • i’m purchasing those as a gift. If i want to change or go back is there loose transport to be had?
  • question: i am purchasing those as a present. If i need to exchange or go back is there free transport available? Answer: by no means had an problem with returns, generally amazon emails you a go back slip and you could take it to u. S. A. Keep. Kohls if you have one near you also does returns for amazon. Refunds normally take more than one days to be credited again to you. By means of will s. On november 7, 2019 crumble all solutions


    2.5-Meter, 4-Meter


    Black, Black/Red, Blue, Forest Camo, Neo Pink, Neo Yellow, Red, White

    8 reviews for Venum boxing hand wraps

    1. Anon

      I liked the way these looked but then when I read the reviews it seemed that they were shorter and thinner which is exactly what a smaller woman like me with tiny dainty hands needed. They were perfect I couldn’t believe how soft and they were good for a fat burning work out. I wouldn’t buy these if you were a man with huge gritty hands looking to bust your knuckles up but for the average mom just trying to hit the bag for 20 minutes at the gym they are pretty perfect. I got the shorter size and I was surprised because I probably could’ve got the longer ones for extra knuckle and wrist support because the material is so thin so my advice would be to get the longer variation. For $6 these will last me a few years. Read more

    2. Will S.

      I happened upon these scouring the internet for a pair of camouflage wraps that were not the digital pattern that was prevalent a couple of years ago in U.S. military uniforms, initially I ordered the wrong size so I actually bought two pairs. Observations: I practice/train Muay Thai and Boxing at a local gym six days a week plus on my own bag at home as time allows so the wraps have taken plenty of abuse from punching with gloves, no gloves and from being washed daily over the last two months; other than some minor color fade they have held up very well. The material is really the selling point for me since Venum used a thicker webbing type cloth, it allows for a nice tight wrap which does not easily come loose if you are striking a punching bag without gloves; the Velcro is also pretty sturdy and has stood up the repeated washing. If anything it would be nice if they were a bit longer but overall I have been happy with them and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good sturdy pair of hand wraps. Read more

    3. John Diaz

      I love the brand but don’t like the fact that they’re too short to wrap your hands good and prevent damage to your knuckles and hands. If this product were to be longer then I would definitely give this 5 stars. I wouldn’t recommend this because it lacks length which could potentially cause injury. Read more

    4. Jerica E

      These are the perfect length, I was having trouble getting the Everlast 108″ wraps all the way around the secure both my wrists and knuckles, so I decided to try a different brand/length. These fit so much better! I even have small hands, I work in health care, so I wear gloves all day everyday, and I always wear smalls, I thought the 108″ wraps would be enough, but I could never get them to wrap right. The 4 meter wraps fit perfect, enough wrap to cover everything and there isn’t a bunch left over so I’m not wrapping all the way up my arm. Only reason it’s not getting 5 starts- The fabric is breathable, but not really strong. I wore them under boxing gloves so I can’t say they weren’t protective, but it feels like it could tear very easily if used alone on a heavy bag. Also, the stitching is a little loose around the Venum emblem, as well as the Velcro strap. They don’t seem like they will hold up too long, but then again, they were cheaper. I like the length, but I think next time I need wraps, I’ll spring for more expensive ones. ***Will update if any problems occur*** Read more

    5. Rick

      So I have been boxing(on and off) for a few years now. I use the 12oz Everlast gloves that are like $30-$40 along with the Everlast hand wraps(sold at Walmart). I have never had any other wraps except EVERLAST!!! This was a GIGANTIC mistake!!!! I felt like I could never get these hand wraps to fit properly, they were either too tight or too loose causing my hands to hurt and becoming susceptible to injury. I put the blame on the gloves……I was WRONG! I bought the Venum Elite gloves and a new pair of Venum hand wraps. I received the hand wraps first and OMFG!!!!!! These Wraps have made my Everlast $h%t gloves feel like pillows. The wraps are made from a very soft yet durable material, They stretch into a perfect fit, so wrapping your hands too tight is almost impossible. After an hour of hitting the bag with heavy blows, they did not become loose and my hands felt completely fine with no scarring or abuse to my knuckles; they offered great protection. So before you buy new gloves, as I did, invest in these hand wraps first. You won’t regret this buy like many others you have done on Amazon. Damn I waste too much money on this site…smh Read more

    6. jellbell

      I was excited to find some hand wraps in this color, until I actually used them. They are so thin and stretchy, they feel like nylon and served absolutely no purpose. Not to mention they are pretty much a one time use because after you wash them they shrivel up and are almost impossible to wrap back up again. I’m pretty sure they are generic or some type of knock off. Do not recommend! Read more

    7. AGV

      Usually when you overpay for brand products you get quality. It is not the case with these handwraps. They are cheaply made. The texture of the wraps feels like plastic. They are thin, and don’t strech much. The loop for the thumb is small, and they are shorter than other brands on 120inch. The worst part is the velcro, it is narrow wich puts al the tension on a small area of the wrap. I expect it to tear off each time i used this wraps. You can get a much better product from a 2nd brand at a cheaper price. Read more

    8. Robert B

      These are pretty average. The length is fine, but the material feels a little cheap, and its not as wide as other better wraps ive used in the past. In other words, it’ll get the job done but it’s like using one-ply airport bathroom toilet paper as opposed to nice good stuff that you would find at a rich person’s house Read more

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