Venum contender boxing gloves – black/black – 12-ounce

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  • ensure this fits
  • by way of coming into your version variety.
  • a hundred% high first-class artificial leather for prolonged carrier existence
  • multi-density foam for higher absorption of shocks
  • complete attached thumb to lessen the hazard of twisting
  • massive velcro enclosure for a relaxed fit

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venum contender boxing gloves

engineered for education, sparring, bag or mitt work, the venum ‘contender’ boxing gloves are made from top rate artificial leather to increase their sturdiness.

designed with a curved anatomical shape, the venum ‘contender’ boxing gloves offer extremely good versatility and guarantees right striking method. The venum ‘contender’ boxing gloves will help you to development at your own pace and experience the first striking sensations.

this glove is ideal for boxing and fitness boxing practitioners.

  • this product is ideal for hanging training (bag work, mitt paintings, fitness boxing)
  • available in 2 colorings to healthy your fashion and desires.
  • perfect for newbie to advanced users.
  • product functions

    multi-density foam allows for extraordinary shock absorption. Defensive your palms and increasing your schooling time.

    the curved anatomical shape ensures right putting approach, growing your performance and lowering threat of harm.

    constituted of top rate synthetic leather, this glove is long lasting and low priced.

    the massive velcro enclosure provides a comfortable healthy and wrist assist for extreme schooling sessions.

    product description

    the venum contender boxing gloves are designed to resist any effective jab, pass, hook or uppercut. Made with one hundred% top class synthetic leather for longer durability. The curved anatomical form, gives top notch versatility and lasting consolation. The venum contender boxing gloves multi-density foam padding absorbs shock with each strike you are making. Massive velcro strap for enclosure guarantees a relaxed fit and gives protection to decrease the threat of injury at some stage in training. Whether you’re education, sparring, doing bag or mitt work, these venum gloves are certain to direct you toward fulfillment.

    8 reviews for Venum contender boxing gloves – black/black – 12-ounce

    1. babycakes

      Perfect for my boxing class. I have no complaints. And for the price I’m thankful.Read more

    2. Bobby

      I usually go through a pair about every 6 months. They’re good for the bag.Read more

    3. Maddie

      They take a minute to adjust to hands like most gloves do. Sleek look. I have used them in many boxing classes and workouts and still look wonderfulRead more

    4. Angie

      They look cool, comfortable to use, but within 2 weeks of usage the fabric inside on one of them became unloose, and they became super annoying.Read more

    5. Jacques Pierre

      Bought it for my girl because she needed new ones. And she loves everything about themRead more

    6. Farmall

      Put up your dukes.Read more

    7. Moto

      Bought these for my 10 year old and compared to my Hayabusa’s they are a fraction of the price and have the same feel and durability so far.Read more

    8. Charles M. Fraley

      Awesome gloves that can take a beating!Read more

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