Venum contender boxing gloves

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  • 100% high exceptional synthetic leather-based for extended service lifestyles
  • multi-density foam for higher absorption of shocks
  • complete connected thumb to reduce the danger of twisting
  • huge velcro enclosure for a at ease in shape
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venum contender boxing gloves

engineered for education, sparring, bag or mitt paintings, the venum ‘contender’ boxing gloves are crafted from premium artificial leather-based to increase their sturdiness.

designed with a curved anatomical form, the venum ‘contender’ boxing gloves provide remarkable versatility and ensures right putting approach. The venum ‘contender’ boxing gloves will assist you to progress at your personal tempo and experience the primary striking sensations.

this glove is good for boxing and fitness boxing practitioners.

  • this product is good for placing schooling (bag work, mitt work, fitness boxing)
  • to be had in 2 hues to suit your style and needs.
  • best for novice to advanced customers.
  • product functions

    multi-density foam lets in for remarkable shock absorption. Protecting your hands and lengthening your education time.

    the curved anatomical shape ensures right placing method, increasing your performance and reducing chance of damage.

    constituted of premium synthetic leather, this glove is long lasting and inexpensive.

    the big velcro enclosure presents a cozy suit and wrist aid for excessive schooling sessions.

    product description

    the venum contender boxing gloves are designed to withstand any powerful jab, go, hook or uppercut. Made with a hundred% top rate artificial leather for longer sturdiness. The curved anatomical shape, offers great versatility and lasting comfort. The venum contender boxing gloves multi-density foam padding absorbs surprise with every strike you make. Big velcro strap for enclosure ensures a relaxed suit and offers safety to reduce the chance of damage for the duration of education. Whether or not you’re education, sparring, doing bag or mitt work, these venum gloves are certain to direct you towards success.


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    Black/Black, Black/Cyan, Black/Gold, Black/Grey, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/White, Blue, Grey, Mexico/White, Pink, Silver/Silver, White

    8 reviews for Venum contender boxing gloves

    1. Timothy L.

      I bought these gloves for combatives sparring and working a heavy bag. The price was good, the brand is well known, and they look pretty cool too. They arrived, and I strapped them on and beat on my heavy bag for a while. I’m very happy with the padding and the fit. The only gripe? The VENUM patch on the strap was installed upside down on one of the gloves. Took me a while to notice it, so it’s not a glaring issue. But for the price I paid, it doesn’t bother me. And if my opponent notices, it just means I’m not hitting him hard enough 🙂 Read more

    2. Six Legged Freak

      I waited about six months before reviewing these, which I feel is the responsible thing to do as an informative reviewer. At first, I would have given these five stars, but they begin to fall apart (only on the inside though). regardless, I’m still using them. I punch very hard, and these guys offer enough protection. The fit is snug, and the overall design is perfect – there are no strange spaces inside the glove so your hand fits in very well. Unfortunately, Venum should invest in some slightly better lining for the inside. Otherwise, this would have been a five-star review. Read more

    3. Rosomax

      These are entry-level gloves from a major brand. They look very cool, but they lack padding and any meaningful ventilation. My knuckles were taking quite a beating from even not that intense work. I had to return them and get the Elite version. The Elites turned out to be twice as expensive, but also twice better with respect to padding, wrist support, and ventilation. Read more


      Gloves are in general made from a very good quality and didn’t brake at the usual places like my first Title gloves did (between a thumb and an index finger; at the end of your fingers on the outside). Good for sparring too! Thanks to extra padding at the knucles area, it’s kinda comfortable 16oz. BUT! After daily use for mostly pad/bag work (also want to add that I cut my nails very often) for not even 2 months, the inside material around your ends of your fingers broke, there’s a hole now. Nothing to be worried about tho, they still work perfectly. But it’s not comfortable to have around your fingers those “white things” that are in extra padding area. Will use for light fitness kick/boxing now only, probably will buy the elite ones for sparring. Read more

    5. Puggers27

      I love these boxing gloves. I am a 5’3″ 125lb woman who hits the bag really hard so these are great as far as padding and support for my wrist. I do end up looking a little like wreck it Ralph bc they are wider than my other gloves, but my other gloves aren’t nearly as comfy as these so it doesn’t bother me. I get compliments all the time on them and will definitely buy another when the time comes. Read more

    6. Alex Billos

      I just recently got into Muay Thai. I wanted to save money on gear so I went with venum over other brands. These gloves are okay. Other reviews say the stitching rips fast. Mine hasn’t yet but I’m sure it will soon. They feel cheap. I’ll probably just spend the extra $20-40 next time and go with a more expensive glove from a better brand. If you are just starting and wanna save go with these over Walmart gloves Read more

    7. Gen Nevada

      .. an actual review since I have to see how it holds up. The padding is really good and seems balanced in density so I have confidence that you won’t hurt your sparring partner with no gear. Also not so soft that you can use the heavy bag. Definitely the strongest Velcro (pretty much have to yank) I touched on boxing gloves. What I do like about these (compared to other two gloves that I own around the same price range) is that it when you rock it back and forth, it doesn’t want to bend and give at the wrist line. Perhaps overtime it will be different. Finally I put my wraps on to see how they will feel and the fits so much more better than my other two 16oz gloves that tend to be tighter. I don’t feel tight and uncomfortable so at least I know my hands wont suffocate during workouts. I don’t even wrap my hands tight. Yes they seem bigger than average gloves but I prefer more room than being crammed up and have my hands fatigue. With wraps, they are in place and have no movement. I will update if there’s anything that needs to be added. Read more

    8. Atticus

      If you’re taking a boxing class and doing nothing but heavy bag work, these gloves are probably fine to start out with. After using them for nearly a year, i tried a different set of (same weight) gloves and realized how terrible the fit on these is. The finger / knuckle area is HUGE and causes my hands to slide around, inside the glove, on impact. After getting into sparring I started to get blisters on my thumb / index / middle finger knuckles on both hands. I’d box every day and the blisters never had the opportunity to heal up. Additionally, the padding on the knuckles has started to crack and peel. I recently purchased a pair of T3’s and give these out as loaners to friends of mine who come to class. That’s about all the Venum Contender gloves are good for, to tell you the truth. If you’re going to be serious about boxing I’d suggest you spend a little extra coin and bypass these gloves. In fact, just bypass Venum boxing / mma gloves altogether…… Read more

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