Venum elite headgear

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  • make certain this suits by getting into your version number.
  • one hundred% skintex leather-based creation for remarkable sturdiness
  • ultra light-weight to allow faster head movement
  • triple density contoured foam for ultimate shock absorption
  • open-top layout with mesh for a higher evacuation of perspiration and moisture
  • hand-crafted in thailand
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  • is this chalenger 2. Zero or elite collection
  • question: is this chalenger 2. 0 or elite collection solution: elite collection, and it’s the pleasant by shaun m. On february 12, 2018 collapse all answers

  • i have an oval shaped face with a long chin. How will this headgear adjust to fit that?
  • question: i’ve an oval shaped face with an extended chin. How will this headgear modify to suit that? Solution: the chinstrap portion is adjustable as properly you may also lighten up from the top to cozy your chin by amazon client on august 21, 2020 disintegrate all solutions

  • precise day all i do krav maga just wanted to recognise how plenty nostril safety you have got
  • well, when you have a bigger than average nose like me then it may no longer protect it so nicely, hahahahaha stick and circulate. Accurate head equipment although, i like sparring at my krava maga periods with this head tools, absorbs punches as a substitute nicely. Get the gloves and chin equipment to in shape as well as venom knee pads to defend your knees, i learned that the hard manner, knee protection is good to. See less

  • does the product ove round when hit?
  • question: does the product ove round while hit? Answer: no, they may be quite comfortable, but secure. I have two pair. Through talent813 on february 17, 2019 crumble all solutions


    One Size


    Black/Gold, Black/White, Grey/Grey, Khaki/Black, Navy Blue/White, White/Black, White/Gold, White/White

    8 reviews for Venum elite headgear

    1. JD-BuyItRight

      The best headgear will depend on your sport and the size of your head. The Venum Elite – provided equal comfort and protection from hits as Fairtex Muay Thai headgear, but the Venum Elite provided slightly superior visibility to see the opponent’s feet and legs, which is very important in Muay Thai. The Venum Elite provided superior nose, cheek and chin protection than Ringside boxing approved headgear. I now use Venum Elite headgear for sparring in both Muay Thai and boxing. All three of these brands/models tested are excellent. My head circumference is 57mm and all three brands were quite comfortable for my size head. I did side by side comparisons and found the Venum Elite to be a step above the other headgear compared. Also compared that did not make the final top three were: Venum Challenger 2.0, Sanabul Battle forged, Venum Elite Iron and Hayabusa T3. All good headgear, but not in the same league as the top three. Read more

    2. Aristotle

      One size does not fit all… maybe if this was a chin-strap instead OSFA would be true. In the case of this, for both myself and boyfriend, the helmet is too long. It fits snug around the sides of the face/ears and doesn’t move; however, if wearing this plush to your chin, the top exposes the whole forehead… if you pull it down so that the helmet is covering the forehead, the chin has at least an inch of space between chin and gear. I suppose if you have a bigger head this is ok… It serves the purpose but the closed chin makes it hard to spar with your chin down.. Wish I returned this and put my money towards another style. Read more

    3. Zell

      -tighter than my other Title headgear. Rough on my chin since it’s so tight. -ear alignment is too low. If I catch a hook, half my ear will get smashed. +visibility is much better compared to my other headgear. +despite the bad ear fit, my ears are protected very well. Unfortunately I don’t think I can return it because I needed to remove the tag in order to see how the gear fits Read more

    4. BigWu

      Fits much more comfortably that the RDX MMA Boxing headgear we have. Paid for itself the first time my teenager accidentally clocked me, without it I’m fairly certain my skull would’ve cracked right open on the basement floor. Oops, first rule of Fight Club! Read more

    5. T-Rozz

      This is a great head gear. The quality of mfg is top grade. This model is not leather. But it is very good and nice. The opening for eyes is very big and you have excellent field and vision.. it fits very good and is very comfortable. It even fit my 12 y/o son. We use it for Boxing and MMA and full contact sparring. Only thing you can get them cheaper at other web shopping sites. . Read more

    6. M. Goerg

      After some initial tightness, these are working great for me. I have a huge noggin, so I was a tad concerned, but it all worked out. Great for martial arts. I do Krav Maga, and now I can see kicks coming. Vision is not obstructed. Read more

    7. Boris Koblents

      Getting hit in the head has never felt so right. Read more

    8. J

      A nice fit…not super tight…probably better for “lighter” sparring Read more

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