Venum “kontact” gel glove wraps, black

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  • make certain this fits
  • by getting into your version wide variety.
  • 70% neoprene, 15% polyester, 10% gel rubber, 5% artificial leather
  • specific gel surprise for the closing protection
  • hook-and-loop tabs for firm wrist help
  • elastic and neoprene construction
  • rubber palm for a robust grip
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product description

certainly one of our exceptional-selling gadgets, the venum gel kontact gloves wraps are a big success amongst boxers of every age and ranges. Put on below bag gloves and schooling gloves as a handy and greater shielding alternative to handwraps, or wear alone for mild bag paintings, mitts, speed bag, grappling and more. Gel shock protector supplies state of the art cushioning and aid over knuckles, hands and wrist.


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8 reviews for Venum “kontact” gel glove wraps, black

  1. Frank V

    I started taking a HIIT (high intensity interval training) boxing class twice a week. This involves bag work but no sparring. I was using the provided gloves and wraps but decided it was more hygienic to get my own so I was looking for inexpensive but quality gloves and warps. Several boxing blogs recommended Venum. I’ve now been using these wraps for two weeks in conjunction with the Venum Challenger 2.0 GlovesVenum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Glove 14 oz, black/black , and they’re great.I was a little nervous when I first tried them on and before my first class with them. they seemed very tight and my hands are what I would consider medium. Turns out this was just new product stiffness and they totally softened up during that first class. Subsequent classes have proven they are quite comfortable.The gel protection on the knuckles is great and there is plenty of wrap to wrap your wrists up nice and snug. They are easy to put on.As for care, I wipe off the neoprene glove part with anti-bacterial wipes after every class then lay them out in the sun with the wraps completely unfurled until they dry. I do the same with the boxing gloves I wear. It says they are machine washable in cold water but do not put them in a dryer. I haven’t washed them yet but probably will in another couple of weeks.Read more

  2. mvd

    these are really nifty. i am a long time karate practitioner and instructor. mostly, when i am hitting focus mitts or heavy pads, i do not wear anything on my hands. i come from an old school karate background, and believe that it is important to be able to hit with bare fists properly, and to condition one’s hands over time to be able to do so. but when i hit our dojo’s heavy bag, which is quite hard, for long period, i think it best, especially as i am now in my fifties, to use some hand protection. i was using bag gloves, but i hit rather hard, and after an hour of bag training, my hands would ache in not a good way. so i started using boxing wraps under the bag gloves. that is fine, but it takes a long time to put them on. as i still prefer to do other parts of class with no gloves, it was inconvenient to have to stop and wrap my hands when it came time to hit the bag. also, the wraps are really bulky if you do them right — they are not meant to go under brag gloves.these things are great, though. they go on very quickly, because the majority of the knuckle protection is in the glove part of the wraps, so one need not spend time doing all the wrapping between the fingers. you just put them on, and then the wraps are mostly for the hand and wrist. i have only been using them for a little while, but the gel component of the gloves seems to me to give really good protection. and they are not too bulky — they fit nicely under my (slightly too large) bag if you are not accustomed to hitting without gloves, or if, like me, you are getting old and want to give your hands a break, these are a really good choice. i am not sure how they would be for actual boxing, as that is not my martial art.Read more

  3. rafael silva

    Very good knuckle protection and design for wrist support. The stitching is terrible though and the foam has been pouring out of the pinky finger part of the handwrap every time i take off my boxing gloves. Bought less than two weeks agoRead more

  4. Adam Angeloff

    These work great for mitt drills and the reflex bag but if you think you can work the heavy bag or a B.O.B with them your going to learn a painful lesson LOL! Overall, I like them and they are great to wear under boxing or MMA gloves (I’ve worn them under both) but you definitely need another glove. The could have brought the gel down the fingers a little further and they’d be perfect.Read more

  5. Shannon

    These have saved me a ton of time from wrapping my hands with traditional Mexican style boxing wraps, without giving up a great deal of wrist support. I was a bit concerned that I would have a hard time fitting my boxing gloves over these wraps but I was worrying about nothing. Would certainly purchase again. I begin my wrapping by putting 2-3 wraps around the knuckle area then wrap the rest around my wrist and I’ve found that to be the best technique with these for me. One small complaint is that when they arrived there were two small holes in the wrap straps themselves, so far they have not torn any further or created any issues, but for a new item I was a bit disappointed to see them there.I still use my Mexican wraps, primarily as a change of pace/feel, but no where near as frequently.Read more

  6. Steven J. Hernandez

    Great gel wraps! Easy to apply and gives you awesome wrist support if you want to go H.A.M on the heavy bag! I use them 3 times a week on the heavy bag and unlike traditional hands wraps provide much more protections for your knuckles. Before my knuckles would be bruised, red and sometimes have abrasions from tape and wraps but I have not had that issues with these gel wraps. My wife throws them in the washer and they come out smelling new!Read more

  7. Zachrey

    Honestly this much support and longevity was not expected without longer wraps, I use these inside my Venum elite boxing gloves for matches, on their own for street fight style sparring, and also inside my Everlast MMA striking gloves for sparring. They are also used with my bag gloves at the gym, after all of this use they are still like new, with 200+lbs (depending on season or round weight regs) of fighter behind them, I was expecting much less but I should have known better coming from another Venum product!Read more

  8. D

    I didn’t even put any pressure on the strap, just unwound it from the cuff and the stitching gently gave way. Probably just a fluke but given these are not high quality to begin with it seems like a bit of a gamble with how long they’ll last and how often these flukes will pop up.Read more

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