Venum “kontact” shin and instep guards

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the kontact shin guards are an vital tool for combined martial arts or kickboxing. Hanging along with your shins throughout sparring can be risky for you and/or your associate in case you don’t use defensive shin guards. Use your complete putting arsenal with peace of mind with these venum shin guards.


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8 reviews for Venum “kontact” shin and instep guards

  1. Casey Pletcher

    I have been training Muay Thai for around 4 years, and I love these shin guards. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:- I am a male- I am 6’2″- I am 265 poundsWith all of that said, they offer what I am looking for.Some things to note:- The velcro will eventually wear off- They start to smell, can can be cold water washed and hung dry- They are thinner than other shin guarssI love that they are thinner. I want to condition my shins, and not only do these cause me a little extra discomfort, but they also allow me to give my partners a little extra discomfort. This allows for a more realistic training experience without actually causing any real injuries. If this is what you are looking for–at this price–they should be perfect for you.Read more

  2. moka1327

    I ordered these shin guards for my husband. He primarily does BJJ, but on occasion he’ll join a muay thai class. I wanted to get him some shin guards, but nothing too expensive since he doesn’t do MT all the time. These fit the bill in terms of price. Be aware that these shin guards definitely look they are only for light sparring.If you want heavier duty shin guards I would go with Hayabusa. That’s the brand I use and they’ve held up very well, but they are a lot more pricey.In my photos I am wearing these shin guards — they are a little large for me but again I bought these for the hubby so should fit him. For reference I am only 5 feet tall, but I have really thick calves.Read more

  3. Niaz

    I previously used Top King shin guards to train with, and they’re of a far higher quality than these. However, the problem I had was that they were TOO protective – i.e. I couldn’t condition my shins or move as swiftly while wearing the heavier shin guards (they also took a lot more time to put on because of the velcro straps).These Venum shin guards are budget-friendly, and let you feel a good amount of the impact when kicking, but still provide some level of protection so it’s not shin on shin clashing. It’s definitely helped me up my MMA and kickboxing game. It’s a good thing to have in your toolbox. Great for the price.Cons: my only issue with the product design itself, is the strap at the top. It doesn’t really do a good job at securing the shin guard.Read more

  4. Krynn

    I wear these for kickboxing and MMA practice. They fit well (5’4) and have a decent amount of padding, but you’ll still feel the impact on your leg if you deliver or receive a kick with full force. They don’t slide around and the padding took a couple weeks to form to my legs. My only issue with these pads is that there is an exposed area right around the top of the foot, near the ankle. Landing a kick in that specific area can really hurt when you’re expecting the shin guard to soften the blow.Overall, I think these are a good, affordable option for people starting in martial arts or who prefer to go light during practice. If you’re looking for shin guards with more protection or something to wear during heavy sparring, I would recommend buying something else.Read more

  5. Manuel

    Great buy at a good price I go train Muay Thai and these are very good pads the padding is thick about 3/4 of an inch and the Velcro strap helps secure for the back of the calve the picture I took is about after a month of using them 4 times a week they do slip a little but only from foot pad and I’ve used these in a spar you can’t go wrong with these the design is nice and the quality is much greater than the priceRead more

  6. supernova

    These are nice pads for sparring and bag work. One size fits all but tag says L. Wished that they were slightly smaller, but that’s because I’m pretty short (5′ 4″).Pads aren’t pre-formed so I placed rubber bands around them to get them to bend around my shin and instep. There’s also a lot of spacing between the shin guard and instep guard. Leaves portion of foot open for direct contact. Maybe I’ll stitch that part together.Overall, a good buy. If you’re short like me and wondering if these will fit, they will. May seem a bit loose, but they stay in place. I haven’t had to adjust them at all during sparring.Read more

  7. Falicia

    It is a one size fits all, it does come pretty flat so you have to bend it for while to fit the way you need it. I taped it around some PVC pipe for a few hours to get it to the shape I needed to fit better. I wish I would have gotten these sooner for kickboxing, they really help when kicking the bag.Read more

  8. danilo micale

    I want to first premise that these are definitely a solid bang for your buck. With that being said you definitely get what you pay for. I would recommend these to someone who does light sparring if any sparring at all. If you’re training multiple times throwing/checking hard kicks, these will not properly protect your shins. After a few months of using these, doing Muay Thai 2-3 times a week, I’m upgrading to the Venum Predators as my shins easily bruise up with these. I bought these for $18 and at that value, are a steal. I would say these are a great starter set and stepping stone but if you have sensitive shins, these probably aren’t for you.Read more

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