Venum massive 3. Zero boxing gloves

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  • 100% nappa leather-based
  • triple density foam for advanced surprise absorption
  • velcro closure system for a custom healthy and stabilization
  • long cuffs for greater wrist safety
  • hand-crafted in thailand
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venum is one of the international’s leading fashion designer, marketer and distributor of sports apparel, device, dietary supplements and accessories for a extensive form of fight sports and health activities. Venum has places of work in paris, los angeles and hong kong. The organisation sponsors top athletes in mma, brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, boxing, muay-thai and health.

venum massive three. 0 boxing gloves

at its most punching electricity, closing safety and comfort, the venum large 3. Zero boxing gloves will offer you with a really perfect sense during your keystrokes.

due to the fact you deserve the exceptional, the venum group carefully designed, assembled and constructed the massive three. Zero boxing gloves in thailand. Made with 100% nappa leather-based, these top rate gloves keep an excellent preserve, combat after fight.

the venum large three. 0 boxing gloves are padded by using a triple density foam, especially designed to enhance the protection of your metacarpals, phalanges, and our thumb without limiting the chance of damage.

venum ‘giant three. 0’ boxing glove capabilities:

embossed venum emblem (three-d touch) on every boxing cuff. Lengthy cuffs improving wrist protection.

100% nappa leather-based production. Triple density foam for a higher surprise control and a top hand safety. Handmade in thailand.

the smooth internal-lining to ensure fast drying and moisture wicking functions, for more advantageous consolation and scent prevention. Waterproof lining prevents moisture from entering the stuffing.

their anatomical shape perfectly hugs the shape of your fists and helps to disperse the surprise whilst proscribing the hazard of damage. The additional more padding on top of the glove, enhances surprise absorption, keeping your fist and wrist secure from repeated impact.

the easy internal-lining of the venum large three. 0 boxing gloves guarantees fast drying and moisture wicking features, for greater consolation and odor prevention. Subsequently, the wide velcro closure gadget offers you a secure keep to stabilize the articulation of your wrist/hand.

the venum giant three. Zero boxing gloves brings you their signature ambitious pleasant. You’ll make certain to strike a long-lasting influence.

product description

due to the fact you deserve the first-class, the venum team cautiously designed, assembled, and constructed the large three. 0 boxing gloves in thailand. Made with a hundred% nappa leather, those top rate gloves hold a great maintain, combat after combat. The venum massive 3. 0 boxing gloves are padded through a triple density foam. Their anatomical form flawlessly hugs the shape of your fists and facilitates to disperse the shock. The addition extra padding on pinnacle of the glove, complements surprise absorption. The clean inner-lining of the venum giant 3. Zero boxing gloves make sure fast drying and moisture wicking functions, for improved comfort and smell protection. Eventually, the extensive velcro closure device gives you a comfortable preserve to stabilize the articulation of your wrist/hand. The venum massive three. Zero boxing gloves carry you their signature formidable great. You’ll be positive to strike a long-lasting influence.


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8 reviews for Venum massive 3. Zero boxing gloves

  1. Monica

    Average gloves. Bought these gloves last October for my husband as anniversary gift. Good looking but average fitting and poor quality. We’re very disappointed. $100 down the drain. Mostly used on bag work not much sparring. He had Boon before these and lasted five years. Boon are very well constructed and durable sparring gloves. I have mid price range fairtex and they lasted me 2.5yrs so far. Not happy about these Venum! Read more

  2. J Mar

    DID NOT EXPECT THE AMAZING QUALITY OF VENUM!! i love these gloves and I haven’t been able to find a pair of gloves that once I put on, ITS ON! The fit it superb. The quality of leather blows my mind every time I put them on. If your looking for gloves, it doesn’t hurt to try. I’ve trained in boxing for 20 years, MUAY thai and MMA for 5. These are my babies until further notice Read more

  3. Jb

    The knuckle padding and wrist support on this 12oz (actual weight 11.4oz) is excellent. Actually more comfortable on knuckle and wrist with the 120lb banana bag than my 10 oz winning lace ups and 12 oz Top Kings. I’m sure 80-100lb would be a dream. 14 oz would be preferred for the 120 lb banana bag but I actually bought these strictly for drills in Muay Thai due to the abundant amount of padding on the palm and wrist areas to block kicks and to use a mitts. They are also pretty soft for your partner even though they are only 12oz gloves. Drills are not like sparring we are only catching punches and kicks with our gloves so no need for anything heavier. The only slightly uncomfortable thing is that the wrist area is tight making it slightly hard to get your hand in with wraps , kinda like using lace ups and the extra padding on the palm makes it feel like your wraps are bunched up in that area. But its the trade of I’m willing to put up with due to the excellent support and cushioning. Read more

  4. Olimpia Newlove

    I love these gloves! They add a little weight to my workout but do not hold me down – I am a slim female going from 12 oz to 14 oz. They are well padded and do not wear on my knuckles as many lower quality gloves do. Absolutely worth the investment! Read more

  5. Tyson

    I bought these right before Covid hit and only got to use them a couple times before all the gyms closed. My boxing gym opened roughly sometime around June. I used them pretty regularly… but sometimes took extended breaks like when I was sick with covid. But about 6 weeks or so ago, maybe longer, the padding inside started breaking down and leaking out from the inside of the glove. I’ve been screwing up my hand until I put my hand in and poked straight through to the thin outer layer of leather.. realizing there was absolutely no padding left on my knuckles. I bought these expecting them to at least last me a year.. if not longer. I really can’t afford new gloves right now since business still isn’t the same due to covid. So I can’t even train now… when I thought I had invested in a decent pair of gloves that would last me awhile. I knew they weren’t the best, but I thought they’d be at least mid-grade. Long story short: the padding they use is very low quality. The leather is still holding up but it’s only really seen about 4~ months of use. Also, the left glove never really fit right on my hand.. like the thumb part was stitched way too low. I kept hoping it would break in… but now I have to throw them out and it still never felt right. The right glove felt fine, but the left never did. Not a lot of care went into making them. All my gear is Venum.. my previous gloves before this were Venum, my shoes, my headgear, my wraps, my mouthpiece. But… I think they just lost me. This was really disappointing. Read more

  6. jts

    I bought these because I broke a bone in my hand hitting the bag with basic Everlasts. These fit fantastically and are super comfortable; the padding is better and they’re less bulky. My fav feature is that I get good wrist support even when they’re not cinched as tight as they can be; which is important for me when sparring turns into bjj- they’re not too difficult to quickly shake off. Ventilation is adequate- I use charcoal paks to dry them out after use. I’m learning with boxing/mma gear that the old adage is true: when you pay for quality, you only cry once. Read more

  7. Spectre

    I have been using these gloves 3-4 days a week. I don;t have big hands and I am about 165 lbs, so I purchased the 12 oz gloves for training (heavy bag, mitt work, etc). The gloves are comfortable and provide good support for the my knuckles and wrists. The leather has held up nicely. So far there are no signs of wear n tear. I am impressed with the Venum quality. Read more

  8. Wahb Mabkhout

    I can’t say enough good stuff about these gloves. The quality is top notch, the leather, the finishes, and overall the awesome look and fit. They are worth the price and well, you know the brand is one of the top brands out there. I have 2 RDX 12 and 16 ounces gloves that I love, but these ones take the cake for overall quality and look!! Read more

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