Venum muay thai/kick boxing ankle aid guard

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  • make sure this suits
  • via coming into your version wide variety.
  • excessive first-rate cotton
  • custom designed fit conforms to ankle form
  • provides most useful ankle balance and protection
  • ships as a couple
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the kontact ankle help are an crucial tool for combined martial arts, kickboxing, muay thai and lots of combat game? Ankles are susceptible to accidents if now not protected correctl? Hold them secure for you to educate constantly!


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Ankle Support

8 reviews for Venum muay thai/kick boxing ankle aid guard

  1. Nathan H

    Didn’t even fit around my ankle. Size 13 feet, tried wearing once and threw them off at the gym because they felt horrible. Disappointed in my purchase wouldn’t recommend for feel either, not a great material. Would have returned but washed and lost packaging, ending up loosing them after about 3 days because i kept just setting them aside out of my gym bag.Read more

  2. kelleyloredo

    This does not fit. The edge at the top is super tight, but body of the ankle support is super loose. It says fits most and they only come in one size. There is not a way to select another size. The Venom size guide suggests that I would wear a size M in any of their other ankle braces. The tags in these say size L. Too big therefore does not support at all. I imagine that if this fit you in the body of the brace, the top edge would feel uncomfortably tight… Great value – if it actually fits you. I am 5’2″ 115 lbs and wear a women’s shoe size 7.Read more

  3. SA7

    The good:The price is reasonable for a pair of simple ankle supports. The stitching feels pretty solid, and, as usual, Venum’s products look the coolest. It’s comfortable, too.The bad:It is a little loose for a support, so if you suffer from foot or ankle problems, you might want something tighter. The decal was already coming off when it arrived (see picture), though that’s a cosmetic issue, so I’m not terribly bothered by that. The biggest issue was that I only received one, even though they’re meant to ship as a pair. Thankfully I only have one problem ankle, though, and Amazon support was excellent, as usual, and sent me the missing sleeve.Overall:Not bad, not great. This is definitely not the last ankle support I’ll buy.Read more

  4. ryp44

    I recently started Muay Thai training. I broke the skin open on my insteps from kicking the heavy bag. I know, I know…should be hitting with shins, not instep. I needed something to cover my insteps, so I could continue classes without leaving a trail of DNA everywhere. I ordered these on a Wednesday night and they arrived the next afternoon….thanks Amazon Prime. Wore them to a 90 minute training session, and they are perfect for my needs. The compression on my ankles feels good too. I wear a size 10-10.5 shoe and the L/XL fits great. I didn’t have the issue others have had wear the logo peels off. Even if they did, I wouldn’t care…function over form for me. Photos were taken after first 90 minute training. There is some wear, but it’s to be expected. These may be a bit overpriced. They’re more of a $10 product. But all things considered, including the fast shipping, I call it a deal.Read more

  5. Ataxium

    I’ve bought two of these, and both have functioned fairly, but I don’t feel they’ll last very long.This Black/red trim pair didn’t even make it through a single wash, without the logo and lettering falling apart and peeling off.I have two sets, and the Black/white trim ones have held up fine so far, even after mistakenly going through the dryer.I’m more than a little pissed that the red ones, which cost $5 extra, fell apart so quickly.I also have a size 13 foot, so these are pretty tight on me, but not super constricting. They do what they need to do, support my ankles. I use them in kickboxing/mma 6 days a week.I just don’t expect them to last.Read more

  6. Vince

    The stitching ends on the bottom of your foot so after so long the spot that’s thicker starts to bug my foot so not very comfortable after so long.Good product otherwise, don’t expect the logo to stick it’s a product made by another company and they just put some plastic press on logo on it or something to rebrand it as theirs.. -_-Read more

  7. Bill

    I have ordered several pieces of Venum gear lately and they must have switched manufacturing processes or something. I no longer see the quality in their gear. Lots of defects and fit issues that did not used to be there. I will not be using Venum for my MMA needs any longer. Switched to Hayabusa and Title.Read more

  8. Joker757

    Good support. My two issues are:1. After only being worn about 8 times a run has developed in one of them.2. The decals started to peel off after only 4 washings by hand and air drying. Not a big deal but I’d rather no decal at all instead of something so cheap that it peels off so quickly.Support is good not too tight or too loose. I don’t have wide feet. If I had wide feet these would probably be too tight.. I will try another brand for next purchase.Read more

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