Wahoo kickr multi-purpose floor mat for indoor biking, go education

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your version variety.
  • water resistant – impervious to sweat and spilled water bottles.
  • anti-slip texture – gripping texture continues you and your working gadget in vicinity.
  • noise insulating – fabric helps to take in sound, making your indoor trianing revel in even quieter.
  • savety bevel edge – beveled aspect keeps the mat consistent with the floor.

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the wahoo kickr floor mat is the correct accomplice on your indoor motorbike instructor. It’s water resistant and anti-slip to keep you and your education device vicinity regardless of how lots you sweat! The thickness and cloth make it noise insulating, so your family will thank you all through the ones early morning workouts.

8 reviews for Wahoo kickr multi-purpose floor mat for indoor biking, go education

  1. Robert J Carrico

    This product was incredibly disappointing from a company that I have purchased many high quality products from. I am returning the item after one use and three days of trying to get it to lay flat. It still did not lay flat after three days. When I used it under my Kickr Core and Kickr Climb it did not stay still, and bunched up terribly between the Kickr Core and Kickr Climb to the point where I had to hop off the training during the ride frequently because my foot was hitting the mat on every pedal stroke. The last most bizarre failure was that my plastic Shimano SPD road cleat punctured a hole in this mat simply from standing on top of it. I find it hard to believe you’re supposed to try to not stand on this with your bike shoes on. I can only imagine was a metal cleat would do! Don’t buy it – a $10 Yoga Mat will do a better job. Read more

  2. M. Sanders

    I bought this in 2018 and have been using it under my trainers for over two years now. First a Wahoo Kickr and now a Tacx Neo. It does take a while to get it to lie flat but once it does it performs great. Easy to clean the sweat off, no discoloration and no rips. I’ve tried to not stand on it with road cleats too often but if I do there’s no issues. $70 might seem pricey for a piece of rubber but I’m going to order another for a xmas gift for a friend who just bought her first trainer, if that says anything. Read more

  3. Travis M

    I have a TACX Vortex and wanted a TACX mat to match but I have heard good things about this KICKR mat. I was not disappointed, Its a good size to fit my smart trainer, bike and to catch my sweat. Setup is easy, just unroll it and it will lay flat after a while. The first time I used books to flatten it out but I don’t think it was necessary. The mat has a good weight and feel to it. Sweat is easily wiped clean and not absorbed in to the mat. After removing my bike and trainer there are dents in the mat from the weight which I was worried about but went away almost completely, enough for my liking anyway. Very satisfied with my purchase and glad I decided to spend the extra money instead of getting a yoga mat. Read more

  4. M. Durand

    I’ve used this mat for several weeks now, and I am extremely satisfied with it. I was hesitant to buy a less-expensive mat due to durability and odor issues others have reported with them. The Wahoo mat, while not cheap, appears to be very durable and it was completely odor-free out of the packaging. I’ve experienced cheap yoga mats in the past that smell like a chemical factory. The Wahoo mat cleans up very easily with a rag and some all-purpose-cleaner. Yes, the mat came with some creases on the edge when new, but over time they have been settling out and now it is now almost completely flat. Read more

  5. wjc1200

    the mat is too thick and soft and the trainer will sink into making the bike uneven. It all protect floor from sweat thou Read more

  6. SK11

    It cracked after just 1 month of use. Very disappointing. Would’ve gone with a cheaper option had I known that it disintegrates so quickly. May have been a storage issue from seller, but shouldn’t be my problem. Read more

  7. Juan Menendez

    I was using a regular mat and the KICKR was wobbling a bit too much for my taste – with this Mat, it makes a world of difference, the reduction in Wobble is noticeable and it is very easy to clean and maintain. I only give it 4 starts because I think it is a bit on the expensive side of things. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    This mat has good grip, texture and thickness. I purchased it for my smart trainer with my main intention to absorb the noise level but it wouldn’t hurt to add an extra layer if you have a noise bike trainer. Read more

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