We promote mats four toes x 8 feet x 2 in personal fitness & workout mat, light-weight and folds for sporting

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  • ensure this fits
  • through coming into your model wide variety.
  • folding exercising mat for padded safety: our health fitness center mat is to be had in 3 sizes with 2″ foam thickness for a cushioned, supportive floor that protects knees, wrists, elbows & backs for domestic workout routines & bodyweight sporting activities.
  • easy to carry and keep: light-weight, foldable layout makes it transportable and compact for storage, with wearing handles for handy on-the-cross-fitness for personal running shoes, athletes, exercise outside or indoor workout routines.
  • health club floor mat for personal fitness: ultra-long lasting and strong move-connected foam is designed to deal with non-public health and bodyweight physical games together with push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats, lunges and extra.
  • best for children & young gymnasts: long lasting and cushioned pads offer safety and reassurance on your younger gymnast or cheerleader as they practice tumbling, cartwheels and returned handsprings.
  • problem-unfastened easy-up: spread over any hardwood floor or flat indoor floor for added padding wanted whilst workout. Vinyl floor resists tearing and is straightforward to wipe easy with a simple cleaning soap and water answer.
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2 removable borders come pre-connected to every martial arts tile, making assembly rapid and hassle-loose. Exercising mats are foldable and clean to save. All our merchandise can deal with maximum minor messes and are easy to wipe easy after a exercise.

make everywhere your non-public schooling facility with an exercising mat that folds in half to house any storage space. Its specific design is ideal for at domestic or on- the-pass workouts thanks to its light-weight creation and handy journey manage.

our mats healthy seamlessly in home gyms, play rooms, and lecture rooms. Pick from hundreds of alternatives—from color and length right down to thickness.


Black, Black / Blue, Blue, Lime Green / Blue, Multicolor, Pink, Purple, Purple / Pink

8 reviews for We promote mats four toes x 8 feet x 2 in personal fitness & workout mat, light-weight and folds for sporting

  1. Ezinwanyi

    My daughter is a gymnast and my sons think they are super heroes in training. They practice backflips, fighting stances and general acrobatics. With this isolation/social distancing, I’ll take any fun imagination driven activity that takes time away from electronics. They have fun and it keeps them safe because it’s well padded, sturdy and easy to clean. We use it inside and outside on my grass. Mostly, we have it in the living room as it’s so hot outside. We love this mat.Read more

  2. Jeri

    Alpaca shearing. Thats right – Im using the 4×8 folding mat for alpaca shearing! You know of an alpaca toenail doesn’t harm the mat – durability has got to be good! The mat has plenty of give for both my knees and the alpaca’s comfort. The hinged panels all are holding up well, the vinyl covering is durable enough to withstand the alpaca toenails digging in while we are putting them down or when the alpaca goes to get its footing and stand back up. We have hosed the mat off a few times – seems to be pretty well resistant to water absorption (along with resistant to alpaca pee, squirts and spit/drool). I highly recommend these mats!Read more

  3. N. McKnight

    It was a gift for my son and of course he loves it! To me I thought it was a little too firm but he says it’s supposed to be and he’ll break it in. He’s constantly using it along with the neighborhood kids and so far it’s holding up with no holes or damage. Plan on getting another one for him in the near future.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I hope to never go back to a yoga matt again. This is very comfortable to excercise on. It’s light weight and easy to set up as well as fold up. If 4.5 stars were available, I would have chosen that. The 2 reason’s i didn’t give it 5 stars are #1 the edges have velcro to attach multitle mats together, get full of fuzzies, fur etc. because they have no cover. #2 There is nothing provided to keep the matt folded up, so if you want to have it upright and folded you have to prop it just rigt to keep it closed. A simple velcro stap would fix this. Adding these to features would have made it the perfect buy.Read more

  5. Michigan Mom

    My daughter loves her pink gym mat! She is a 7 year old competitive cheerleader and one mat is her perfect size! She can easily do cartwheel, round off, back walkover and other skills on one mat. If older girls (I’d say older than 10) are looking to use these for the skills I mentioned I would recommend getting two as they may not be long enough. It’s very easy to fold up, my 7 year old can fold it up and lay it out on her own. They have handles on one size to make for easy carrying as well. There is also Velcro on one size so be aware that it could stick to carpet and pill that or possibly clothes.Read more

  6. Roger B.

    This product is NOT as advertised. It is only 1 1/2″ in thickness, not the 2″ thick as specified. Do not purchase if you want a 2″ thick product.Read more

  7. SPeery

    I purchased this for my 6 year old for Christmas. She started gymnastics a couple of months ago and practices night and day. We have all hard floors in our home, tile and hardwood, and I was afraid she was going to end up hurting herself so we gave her this early. There hasn’t been a single day that she hasn’t used it. It has increased her confidence so much because it eliminated the fear of falling and I certainly feel better with her using it. It’s quite large at 4’x8′ but it folds up into 4 sections with carrying handles. I’ve also found it to be quite versatile. In class, they use it folded, and have them do their backbends with their feet on the folded mat and hats on the floor to allow them to practice the “walkover”. Once they get good at the highest level, they unfold one section and go again until they are able to walk over from a flat position. She has been able to practice that at home with this mat as well. It’s very sturdy and well made and I imagine it will continue to get a lot of use throughout the years.Read more

  8. Casey

    The reviews I saw were mixed as to whether this mat was too hard. Now that I own one, I am firmly (if you’ll pardon the expression) in the “too hard” camp. It is slightly better than my ceramic tile floor. But not significantly better than laying a thin yoga mat over it. Also, despite having a velcro strip on one edge, it does not fold up tight. Do not recommend.Read more

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