Yes4all blend wall mount punching bag hanger and heavy bag swivel chain

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  • superb for all length boxing, kick boxing, mma and muay thai bag as much as one hundred fifty lbs
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  • constructed of fantastic metallic, our timber beam hanger can preserve up to a hundred and fifty pounds, even as the teeth coating prevents metallic oxidation and surface pitting. Wonderful for all length boxing, kick boxing, mma, and muay thai bag
  • double bearings for a smooth 360-diploma rotation: particularly designed with a double easy ball bearing swivel to boom bag pace and accuracy when schooling
  • rubber paddings to stabilize the placing chain: the rubber interior gives less room for the hanging chain, consequently preventing it from sliding and lowering vibration for a higher exercise performance
  • corrosion resistant robust chains: crafted from high best galvanized zinc preventing rust and corrosion, thick chain design guarantees sturdiness even when used with heavy weights
  • effective hooks: 4 snap hooks at each quit of the chain mount your boxing bag in vicinity at the same time as the stable steel hook can face up to heavy luggage as much as one hundred fifty lbs.
  • 360-degree swivel: 360-degree swivel is designed for hanging baggage, helping to reduce the pressure at the hanger and upload extra assist. The swivel chain can turn facet to facet with out getting tangled up
  • recreation kind: boxing, martial artwork, mma
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yes4all wood beam heavy bag hanger

  • swivel chain for heavy bag from yes4all functions stable metal swivel, and zinc galvanized
  • it can be affixed into wood beams or drill constant into other suitable locations
  • no-twist swivel is especially designed to reduce the stress on the ceiling and deliver tangle-loose use at some stage in the whole exercise
  • four durable snap hooks and top grade brief links to relaxed your heavy workout bags
  • built for domestic use, commercial gym, membership use
  • appropriately cozy your schooling bag with this heavy-responsibility timber beam hanger
  • extremely good for all size boxing kick boxing and muay thai bag
  • constructed of strong metal fabric and blanketed with enamel strength coating for more sturdiness and corrosion resistance- all climate use
  • may be used as a mount point for unmarried or double heavy baggage, can bolted to timber floors or ceilings
  • boxing chain: unfastened turning, stable metallic swivel, zinc galvanized
  • wooden beam hanger: mount factor for unmarried or double-cease heavy luggage
  • boxing chain: four snap hooks to comfy your bag
  • wooden beam hanger: consists of all of the nuts and bolts you may need for installation
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    A. black, C. Argent_Boxing Chain only

    8 reviews for Yes4all blend wall mount punching bag hanger and heavy bag swivel chain

    1. Jabroni

      I’ve now put these chains through the ringer. I’ve hit the bag everyday for weeks and I’ve encountered no problems. Feels sturdy and the swivel works perfectly. Never had any chains get bound together or crossed or any other problems. The only issue I ran into is the screws included to connect it to wood beam are very cheap. The first one snapped in half when I was drilling it in. I ran down the streeet to the hardware store and bought 2 quality all steel screws for $0.84 total. No problems since. Plan on buying two steel wood screws, but besides that everything else is fabulous and the price cannot remotely be beat. Overall, a great product.Read more

    2. Momof3

      This product came partially assembled including the bolt that connects the upper and lower half. While my 8 year old son was hitting a 70 pound heavy bag, the bolt came undone causing the bag and lower assembly crashing to the ground. Luckily no one was hurt but if this device can’t handle an 8 year old punching a 70 pound bag then it shouldn’t be sold on any site much less amazon.Read more

    3. Kevin L

      Put a 80 pound punching bag on it and it rotates itself unscrewing the bolt. Needs a lock washer or something. Punch 20 times and have to reinstall it. It seemed hefty enough until we used it. It needs a bit of redesign to prevent the nut from unscrewing so quickly from the bolt and dropping the bag on the floor.Read more

    4. M. Bailey

      I’m sure it would be able to hold the bag in place just fine, as long as your bag is just for display. I set it up, my wife and I went through four rounds each, and in the end half the carabiners were stretched out and useless. We were using a 60 pound bag, I’m 180 pounds and haven’t done any bag work in almost a decade, basically we weren’t being SUPER tough on it. Bummer, but oh well.Read more

    5. Robert Smith

      I needed a chain for a heavy bag that a friend gave me. This was a great value at the price so I purchased it immediately. However, after a couple of weeks of use the spring clips started to bend apart. I am sure that I haven’t exceeded the weight limit so I’m going to have to attribute the weight of the bag and the beatings the bag gets with causing them to fail. I simply replaced them with a more solid locking option (see photos). I didn’t think to get a picture of the bending clips before throwing them out. Overall the chain does what it needs to, just remember to mind the spring clips and avoid a potential accident.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      The chain and swivel are NOT heavy duty enough for a 100 lb. heavy bag. The “spring links” that are above and below the swivel are large enough to put at the end of decent-sized chains, but the rest of it is not suitable. The links in the chains themselves are only 1″ – 1 1/4″ long and very “thin”. The “spring links” that attach the bag to the chains are of similar size – unsuitably thin. The D-rings of the swivel are VERY small and the pin that holds them together appears only large enough to secure two ends of a Heavy Duty key chain.Read more

    7. Jake9217

      TLDR user error possibly and not enough anchor/ bolt points. SO i did a bit of research before installing this in a concrete beam and even asked around at the hardware store what id need and well when i finally got the thing up it worked great however after some time (months or years they all blend together now) i was wailing on the bag and the whole kit and caboodle just dropped from the ceiling so perhaps only two anchor points for a vertical hang isn’t quite enough. I need to figure out a way to add additional anchors for more even and reduced weight distribution. Perhaps a board or a sheet of steel…Read more

    8. Jon Peter

      At first I was concerned when I bought this because I realized my punching bag utilizes a different style of straps to hang it, but I was able to remove the chains from this setup and simple hang my bag from the swivel ceiling mount. Does exactly what I needed, now I don’t have to manually hang my bag on my weight cage every time I want to switch between boxing and weight-lifting.Read more

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