Yes4all bow transportable resistance training kit – four resistance degrees (10, 20, 30, 40lbs) & carry bag protected

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of getting into your version wide variety.
  • ✅ the package includes: 1 bow with padded foam (3 portions, complete duration 51 inches), four resistance bands forty three inches (yellow – 10lbs, pink – 20lbs, blue – 30lbs, black – 40lbs), 1 band 31. Five inches (black – 40lbs) & a sporting bag for convenient delivery
  • ✅ premium quality latex: constructed of non-stop layers of tough latex for brought resistance and sturdiness that received’t spoil on immoderate pressure. Additionally, the nylon sleeve protects the band and your skin from being damaged
  • ✅ superb for multi-level education: our resistance bands include 4 adjustable levels (10, 20, 30, 40lbs), that’s suitable for all novices & expert athletes. Choose as much as four bands at a time & integrate resistance to get the exceptional result
  • ✅ lightweight & transportable: the bow is straightforward to set up in a flash and supports resistance as much as 250 lbs. Our bundle includes a carry bag for handy garage & transport – you can teach anywhere & anytime whether you’re at domestic or in tour
  • ✅ complete frame exercise: the bow resistance band is designed for stretching, pilates & yoga. Incorporate them into squats, curls & rowing to tone your fingers, abs, legs & glutes. The quick band (31. 5in) is extremely good for leg education & bench press sporting activities
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  • 1 x bow (51 inch)
  • 1 x convey bag
  • 4 x 43-inch resistance bands 10, 20, 30, 40 lbs
  • 1 x 31. 5-inch resistance band forty lbs
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    8 reviews for Yes4all bow transportable resistance training kit – four resistance degrees (10, 20, 30, 40lbs) & carry bag protected

    1. Leif

      Bought this as an alternative to other ones on the market which are twice or three times the cost. I got a good sale on it and though this is not going to turn you into a pro bodybuilder, you can get some good training in with it. I typically use it as an alternative to traditional cardio since I’m watching my young daughter and can’t exactly leave her at home when I go run a mile or two. It’s good for interval type circuits for sure, although it’s not exactly easy to set up for squats. Works great for most upper body movements for sure though, and I typically use the resistance bands themselves for other movements like rows and glute pull throughs. seems to be fairly sturdy as far as the construction haven’t had any problems with the bow or the bands yet. if I had paid the similar amount of money for some similar products that are on the market I wouldn’t have rated as high but for the price it’s definitely worth it if you want to be able to get some circuit type workouts in as an alternative to free weights a couple days a week or if you don’t have any current exercise equipment and are tired of strictly bodyweight movements Read more

    2. Tracy

      My initial reaction to the Yes4All bow resistance training system is better than expected. I am new to the idea of bow fitness and wanted a simple system where I could increase resistance without having to purchase a bulky, cumbersome weight set. After much debate in comparing this system to other, higher priced bow versions, I decided on this system as it seemed to have a few advantages, mainly the fully padded bow and covered bands. I also liked that this bow can be taken apart for travel, even if it’s just the local park. The included canvas bag is handy. Putting the bow together was a snap, even for a woman with longer fingernails. If feels solid enough. Looking at the photos online I noticed there are two sections on the bow (where they fit together) where there is no padding. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this, but I’ve decided it’s an advantage as it helps with hand placement on the bow. I also like the integrated padding as opposed to other systems where you need to buy a padded piece as a separate component for moves like squats. Next, onto the bands. The quality of the outer covering is better than I expected and as an added bonus, each band has a sewn-in fabric label that displays the weight resistance of each band! I didn’t notice this in the product images. Of course, you can place one, two, three or all four bands onto the bow at the same time (something to work for). Attaching the bands is easier than I thought and as another bonus the end metal rings swivel to allow the bands to automatically adjust to your movements. There’s no noise while in use. Another thing that sold me on this system is the included shorter band; in other systems you needed to upgrade to get the shorter band. One thing I did discover in trying some simple moves is that there is a limitation on the length of the bands. I’m 5’ 7” and using the lightest (10 lb. yellow) band I attempted a shoulder overhead press, standing on the band, to see how much extension I could get. The band stopped at about my nose. Not a dealbreaker as the overhead press could easily be done from a sitting position. I’m not sure if the band limit is the case with other competitors’ systems, but I just wanted to point that out. Seems they would all need to have a limit at some point. Now onto the fun part of figuring out all the movements for this system. It seems like a different approach to boring old free weights, and for the price it’s a great starter kit to try out something new. I can confirm it came with no literature as other reviewers have pointed out, but I searched “bow resistance” and found a plethora of available videos online. Read more

    3. MO

      Great buy! Bar/bow plus bands should come with a diagram possible exercises but it’s still good. Great grip for hands so no need for gloves. I can’t see myself needing to disassemble for storage unless for moving because it’s long yet compact. My bar has a slight wiggle not too bad but noticable. Wish for bands to be sold individually or set without bar for added resistance later. I highly recommend Read more

    4. Rocco

      This thing is awesome and half the price of the named brand one. You do need longer cords for a true leg work out. But great buy. Read more

    5. RONI

      I purchased because I was supposed to be able to connect through a door for lat pulls with a 🚪 Door Anchor. Well anchor is missing. Will return or request replacement. Received replacement; not as advertised. I will request refund. Nice storage bag. Update bands don’t provide uniform resistance. Good concept but would not recommend Read more

    6. Jesus Martinez

      This product is garbage. The nylon bands seem like a great idea but they are the absolute sole reason this product is terrible. The sleeve gets jammed and it prevents the bands from stretching. My suggestion is to stay away and get one that isn’t covered with a sleeve. Returning this and getting something better. Read more

    7. michael jameson mcewan

      I travel a lot so this is nice and easy to put in my bag and assemble when I’m in my hotel. Most places I stay at don’t have a decent gym so this is nice to have in my hotel room Read more

    8. law

      Had to return , 1 side the eye fastener was not locked in, snapped out of the housing , could of killed somebody if they were behind me ! Dangerous Read more

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