Yes4all hexagon neoprene covered dumbbell (pair) – multiple weight options

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  • assist tone and sculpt your fingers, shoulders and again
  • imported
  • cast iron hand weights neoprene dumbbells: yes4all excessive best neoprene dumbbell will not destroy or bend after repeated use. Neoprene is likewise more durable & less vulnerable to splitting than vinyl, making it a more suitable preference for long time use
  • non slip unfastened weights neoprene: thick durable neoprene coating presents a comfy grip on hands and doesn’t require gloves. The neoprene coating paperwork a protective barrier that prevents the dumbbells from chipping and protects the ground from harm
  • colour coded neoprene dumbbell with anti rolling head: colour coded unfastened weights neoprene dumbbell with published weight wide variety at the end caps for clean identification. Hexagonal head prevents rolling away from the storage region or at some point of your workout
  • great for overall body workout: yes4all neoprene dumbbells are ideal to sculpt your palms, shoulders & lower back, construct stamina & speed up metabolic price. Ideal for average fitness, balance, weight control, aerobics, aerobic, yoga, and electricity building
  • flexible & multipurpose: clean to store and perfect for tour. Use in your indoor or out of doors exercise regimes. Extraordinary for arm rows, squats, chest presses, bicep curls, taking walks, strolling, & yoga
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nicely made production to maximize your exercises yes4all neoprene dumbbells are fabricated from forged iron and wrapped in a thick coat of long lasting neoprene for a cozy, non-slip grip that is mild on arms and doesn’t require gloves. The unique-fashioned hexagonal head design facilitates guard you and the floor in case of drops and prevent it from rolling on the floor when placed away. Stylishly colourful, colour-coded weights and clear numbers lbs on make it smooth and quick to choose up the right dumbbells for daily routine workout routines. Super for indoor and out of doors use. Pick the ideal weights yes4all neoprene dumbbells are available in distinct weights variety from 2 lbs to 20 lbs on the way to range your daily habitual workout. Heavy dumbbells are ideal for building huge muscle in palms and shoulders, stability and core electricity. Lighter dumbbells are first-class additions to feature resistance to squats, lunges, aerobic exercises and lots of greater. Advantages of full frame exercises increase in muscle size burn fat and tone abs goal your quads, glutes and hamstrings toughen your shoulders and palms product specifications to be had: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, eleven, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 20 lbs bought in pair or set solid iron middle with neoprene finish will no longer crack, rust or fade special-shaped layout prevents rolling colour-coded dumbbells for clean identity


3 lbs (Pair)


A1-Light Green-3 lbs (pair)

8 reviews for Yes4all hexagon neoprene covered dumbbell (pair) – multiple weight options

  1. Barbara

    I am not a fan of these dumbbells at all. I could live with the fact that they are shorter than my other ones (and therefore do not fit properly on a standard weight rack) but the circumference of the grips is much bigger than my other weights, too; my hand (which is a woman’s large) barely fits around it. If you’re a man with a big hand and don’t care to keep them on your weight rack, get them, but otherwise I recommend passing. I’ve included a photo to show the difference between one of these dumbbells and a standard metal one. On the bright side, the seller has been good about taking them back (less shipping costs). Read more

  2. Marissa Hyatt

    Hate these dumbbells. Bought these in a pinch bc my normal brand was out of 12s. These were awful and very hard to grip. I have small hands and I felt like I was trying to grip a soda can. Read more

  3. My Opinion

    I was very excited about these weights as I wanted something to help transition from 15lb to 20lb for certain exercises – instead of a 5lb jump. However, the grip (area in which you wrap your hand around) is incredibly wide. Due to this I am not able to use them as intended. My grip is not safe and had a weight fall out of grip. Wearing my training gloves is even worse as it creates even more barrier from proper grip. I can only recommend if you have large hands to safely grip the weight when performing exercises. Read more

  4. Kraston S

    I bought these two dumbbells in Oct 2019 as seen in my first attached photo. Initially I was very happy with both of them, comfortable and easy to handle. Some four month later (now Feb 2020) I noticed that both of these dumbbells were oozing some sort of toxic slimy substance that has damaged a varnished coffee table in our living room as seen in the attached photo. I am no longer using these dumbbells and have them outside in our garage for now. Plan on looking at reviews in order to purchase a different brand. Read more

  5. J. Summers

    I usually only buy CAPS neoprene hex dumbbells because they’re kind of perfect and don’t prioritize their logo over their product, but it’s really hard to find a fun color for 10 lb. hand weights. Overall, I’d say these are great for what they are—solid hex shape for safe placement, balanced weight, gorgeous color, and impressively low price. -1 star for two reasons: (1) if you’re working out hard (I do HIIT), the vinyl on these gets a bit slippery, which should never happen with good quality weights, and (2) the logo is prominently displayed such that it garners more attention than the actual weight amount, which just tells me they don’t really care about their product quality—for quick-grabbing of hand weights during HIIT, sometimes that number is important. Their logo NEVER is. Overall, I recommend these if you don’t do the kinds of workouts that make your hands sweat. Sweat + these weights = slippery = dangerous. Also, I can’t recommend these for kettle bell moves (some of which can be done with hand weights), because the slipperiness becomes a bigger risk if you’re doing sharp movements. Read more

  6. Andrea

    Ordered this particular set (12lbs) because it was the cheapest option. They are grippy and work for what I need them for. However, the grip is huge for my small hands. Picture shows the green 12 lb dumbell next to a typical dumbbell. Just be aware. It wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t have practically child-sized hands. Unfortunately, it costs nearly the purchase amount to return them so they will be sticking around. Read more

  7. Rachel

    These are nice weights and it’s hard to find odd sizes. They are great quality. My only complaint is that the handles are to big for my small hands that I couldn’t use the safely. They have great customer service and let me return them easily. Read more

  8. Larry45

    This is an amazing price for neoprene-coated dumbbells. I went to my local Dick’s Sporting Goods to look at weights, and they wanted $18 for ONE 3-lb weight. That seemed high to me, so I came home, checked out Amazon and came across these for nearly 1/3 the price with free Prime delivery via UPS. You can’t beat the price, for sure. As for the weights themselves, they are a little too short and the bar is a little too big around, but certainly not enough to be a deal-breaker for the casual user. I’m 72 and just wanted something for a light arm workout, and these are perfect for that purpose. The design could be a tad bit better, but for the price I’m not complaining. My 5-star rating is not for the weights themselves, but for the value you get for your money. Definitely worth the price, and I would buy them again in a heartbeat. Read more

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