Yes4all kettlebell grip – kettle grip new version – kettle grip take care of to transform dumbbells into kettlebells for exercises

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  • make certain this fits by using getting into your version range.
  • [ the only kettlebell grip for dumbbell neoprene] : it is suitable on your dumbbell neoprene at home, turning them into kettlebells, so that you can use the gadget for doing kettlebell sporting events which assist to shape a lean, toned, and company physique
  • [ unique design with utility pantent] : yes4all venus kettle grips are the only and best specialized weight grips on the market designed for dumbbell neoprene. Holes on the grip aid up to two dumbbell neoprene with 1. 7”-2” handle diameter at a time
  • [ fast-easy-to-use lock kettlebell grip] : manage is constructed with secure lock on your secure revel in. You could effects put together the device in only one 2d via commencing the grip, installing dumbbell neoprene, locking it up, then begin your session
  • [ economic benefits from a smart design] : no need to shop for a extensive range of kettlebells to do workout anymore. The product permits practicing with kettlebells of different stages via combining up to two neoprene dumbbells to make the weight you desire
  • [ perfect workout accessory for travelling light] : take it with you to anywhere for schooling. This kettle grip for dumbbells neoprene is compact and light-weight but still can preserve up to ten lbs in line with spot, that’s first-rate for outside health activities
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from the manufacturer

our adjustable kettlebell take care of, which capabilities spots for dumbbell neoprene, assists you to teach at diverse levels

in shape flawlessly with dumbbell neoprene that has 1. 7”-2” take care of diameter, convert it into kettlebell for fats burning and overall frame exercise

easy and sturdy handles ensure customers have safe and company grips in the course of intense bodily training classes

those easy-to-use kettle grip handles don’t require lots time and effort putting in place. In truth, it simply costs you one 2nd assembling and also you’re top to go

the tool just weighs 1. Three lbs, but has the capability of up to 20 lbs. Brilliant for tucking it into your fitness center bag to practice everywhere


A. Venus- Living coral color, B. Fire red / Jet Black, C. Kinetic Green / Psychic Purple

8 reviews for Yes4all kettlebell grip – kettle grip new version – kettle grip take care of to transform dumbbells into kettlebells for exercises

  1. T. Moffitt

    Tried this item on 3 different dumbells…would not fit properly or latch securely on ANY of them. Read more

  2. BB in California

    The grip is sticky which is uncomfortable and for many kettle-bell exercises, you want it to be able to slide a bit like a real kettle-bell. Also the foam insert does not seem like good quality and fell right out when I opened it. Generally poor construction, don’t bother. Read more

  3. TheBeeHive

    I LOVE this product! It is built well and the handle feels like a true kettlebell. I had a little confusion figuring out how to get the clamp to work properly, but that was probably just me. My dumbbell grips are narrow toward the weight and then wider in the middle, making the widest part of my dumbbell handle (the middle) wider than traditional dumbbells with grips that are the same width all the way across. For a minute I thought that the clamp on this Kettle Grip would not lock properly because of the shape of my dumbbell grip. But turns out that I just had to figure out how to position the Kettle Grip properly to get it to clamp. Works great! Outstanding! I only wish I had known about this sooner. I am very happy with it. Money well spent! Read more

  4. Monte

    Don’t buy…..there crap. Read more

  5. Wendy K.

    This product really does make your dumbbell into a kettlebell. It makes some exercises much easier because it’s easier to hold on to a kettlebell than a dumbbell. I have a little “gym” in my living room so I have a limited amount of space. Not only does this make double use of my adjustable (with plates) dumbbells, but it lets me increase the weight I’m lifting without having to buy a bunch of kettlebells. Read more

  6. DMart

    The latching mechanism doesn’t seem very strong. S Read more

  7. Roger James

    It works on some of my hex dumbells and my gyms smaller urethane dumbbells, but that’s about it. The shape of the handle keeps it from being able to get deep enough to latch on many dumbbells. My advice would be to hold of for now. If the company adds about an inch to the body to fix these issues and a couple interchangeable padding thicknesses to accommodate thicker dumbbell handles this would be a great product, but R&D whiffed on some minor changes that would have made major improvement. Read more

  8. Mark Ashton

    I hate continuing to add more and more equipment to my home gym, but workouts change and so s do the needs… this simple tool converts my dumb-bell collection to the vast and varied kettlebell capability. fast to move from one weight to the next, often ever while during the gap of exercises, in keeping with HITT this is the perfect system to switch and select the perfect weight and move on with the workout applying a gap or rest… Read more

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