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  • ensure this suits by using entering your version range.
  • weighted bar with set of five resistance bands: the complete set includes 1 x five lbs weighted bar and 1 x set of five resistance bands (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs), appropriate for any ranges and people at every age from young to vintage people
  • 48-inch heavy-responsibility steel middle bar: yes4all weight bar is made from heavy gauge metal for superior electricity and sturdiness. Specifically, the bar includes attached metal earrings that can help up to one hundred fifty lbs so that you can do more resistance exercises
  • colour coded gentle foam: the weight bar is blanketed with shade coded foam to help you select the right weight quick. Additionally, gentle foam material prevents hand fatigue even in case you work out for an extended time period
  • natural latex resistance bands: constructed with high pleasant natural latex, yes4all resistance bands are well-designed to achieve their height performance, guard you from band snapping and help you to do numerous resistance sporting activities as well
  • versatile fitness system: this full set is ideal for higher frame, core and lower frame exercises. Clean to use and can be used for energy education sporting events, pilates and yoga
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  • so in case you buy the 30lb is it like 30lb each side or 30lb all collectively.
  • question: so in case you buy the 30lb is it like 30lb each facet or 30lb all collectively. Solution: it’s a solid bar, so the load is calmly unfold across the bar. It has a complete weight of 30lbs. By way of taylor… on april 28, 2021 didn’t get solutions. See extra solutions (2) disintegrate all answers

  • am i able to add, stretch band to increase the burden for squats?
  • query: can i add, stretch band to increase the load for squats? Solution: sure you may. Amazing bar! With the aid of dalee turner on june 2, 2019 crumble all solutions

  • what is a great weight initially for beginners?
  • i exploit those bars in weight magnificence all of the time – if a 5 lb dumbbell weight is secure with a view to use, then begin with a ten lb bar – you may be conserving it with each hands, so every hand would have five lbs of weight. I can also say, i by no means did any weight schooling before, and started out with the ten lb bar – or even use it these days (6 mo later), for warming up. I now use the 15-20 lb bar for critical paintings, like lunges and squats (with it over my shoulders). See less

  • hello, what’s the diameter length of every weight, are they all the identical? I need to purchase the 5, eight, 10, 12 and 15 but i have small palms and involved
  • hello christine, thanks in your hobby in our products and contacting us. Please kindly find the diameter for every weight bar size as below: weight bar 5 lbs, 8 lbs and 10 lbs: 1. 2″ weight bar 12 lbs: 1. 25″ weight bar 15 lbs: 1. 4″ weight bar 20 lbs: 1. 6″ weight bar 25 lbs and 30 lbs: 1. Seventy five” need to there be any further questions, please do no longer hesitate to contact us. High-quality regards, yes4all team see much less


    10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, L. NEW 5LBS + SET RESISTANCE BANDS, M. NEW 8LBS + SET RESISTANCE BANDS, Set 5lbs-8lbs-12lbs

    8 reviews for Yes4all overall frame exercising weighted bar/weighted exercising bar

    1. QDRO

      I now have the 15 and 25 lb. bar and will order the 10 lb. shortly. Perfect for small apartment use. Best to watch some You tubes first to set a basic routine. Look for one that is instructional not soft core p… Be careful not to start too heavy as I did. Once you see the you tube routines you will probably realize that for the required reps shown in the better you tubes starting lower is better. Also at 84 this is a great method for older people to do weight training in a private setting. Read more

    2. AP1980

      I’ve been meaning to shorter buy a bar for a while now, for dead lifts, squats, cleans, presses, etc. I wanted a shorter bar as the full-length bar and my family room light fixture had a misunderstanding. I bought two different sizes, 15 lbs. and 20 lbs. Having two bars makes it quick and easy to switch between exercises. I find the bar easier to use than free weights for many exercises. The grip is comfortable and the bar fits under my sofa when not in use. I roll it out, use it, and when done I roll it back under. Read more

    3. Rachel Casper Lamb

      So glad I found this. You want to practice balancing? I use this with most my exercises and it’s also toning my arms without even trying. I have gained so much more balance in the short time I have owned this. I would buy again and again… Read more

    4. Canducci

      The product it awesome! It’s great for a workout at home. I would give it five stars but it has a cut on it. It comes in a cylinder that opens from the top. So I don’t know How it would get a cut. I am curious if the cut in the bar will get worse when using it and therefore won’t last as long as it should. Read more

    5. G

      It arrived miraculously in excellent condition considering the fact that the cylinder made of corrugated box material was open on either end. There was no padding that would keep the weighted bard enclosed more securely so the ends would not get damaged. Luckily, I just had to wipe clean the ends and the entire length of the bar and it was like new condition. This bar will help my recovery from a stay in the hospital for 4 weeks with Diverticulitis. I need to slowly build my strength and overall body condition. I purchased 2 bars: 15 Ibs.,and 30 Ibs. My roommate is very knowledgeable in the fitness world and he is teaching me alongside to correctly perform squats, backwards pull-ups and other routines so I can eventually build stronger core muscles and restructure my overall fitness. Thanks for this great product!!! Read more

    6. John Gaspard

      This is the 2nd one I ordered bit not for me. I ordered this for my neighbor who looked at my arms and said. Wow! Yes, it helps gets rids of those flab under the arms if used consistently. It’s wonderful! Read more

    7. Lex O’Brien

      I purchased this one and the 20 lb bar. Both are just great. It’s nice to be able to perform different workouts while holding them. The 30 lb bar did arrive with the shipping tube all torn and a couple scratches on the bars foam but what do you expect? It’s heavy! So this wasn’t really an issue for me. I would definitely buy again! Read more

    8. Shadow

      Love it!!!!! Perfect for exercising on the patio in the morning with my coffee….. Great for stretching too. So far after showing it to two daughters and a granddaughter, I have had to order another for each of them. Everybody loves it. In this age of high tech gadgetry the simplicity of this is refreshing. Read more

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