Yes4all sandbags – heavy obligation sandbags for health, conditioning, crossfit – multiple colorings & sizes

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  • ensure this fits with the aid of coming into your model wide variety.
  • gain a multitude of body strengthening advantages: through having to govern the changing middle of mass continuously, schooling with sandbags helps circumstance & construct balance, power, and performance in other sports
  • multi-feature training gear: rent the sandbags to engage your middle and target more than one muscle groups in severa exercises: lunges, deadlift, squat, burpee, clutch, spider, overhead press, hammer curl and plenty of more
  • just the right sandbag: yes4all sandbags are available in an expansion of colours and capacities so that you can pick out the exact bag for your degree of fitness and training desires: s (five-25 lbs), m (25-75 lbs), l (50-125 lbs) & xl (a hundred twenty five-two hundred lbs)
  • considerate & stronger layout: product of a thousand denier (1000d) covered cordura nylon fabric, robust stitching and zipper closure to make sure sturdiness and overall performance. Strategically located handles offer possibilities for numerous workout moves
  • complete product set includes: s – 1 small internal bag (five-25 lbs), m – 1 small & 1 huge inner bag (25-75 lbs), l – three huge inner baggage (50-one hundred twenty five lbs) & xl – four big inner bags (one hundred twenty five-2 hundred lbs)
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sandbags with their ever-transferring sand inner may be your subsequent high-quality trick! Via fighting and stabilizing the transferring sand at some point of various movements, referred to as dynamic resistance, you could count on to get a plethora of fitness blessings. Schooling with sandbags can also assist boom the utilization of core muscular tissues, give a boost to torso and hips, which continually assist in each your every day lifestyles and athletic performance. The use of sandbags allow you to discover ways to brace and stabilize while lifting and transferring ordinary items, in order to transfer into day by day existence wherein most matters lifted are not tremendous to lifting like in health club environments. With yes4all sandbags, choosing the best bag for your health degree and training desires has never been simpler. Made from a thousand denier (1000d) covered cordura nylon material, sturdy sewing specifically x-formed stitches at middle points and zipper closure to ensure sturdiness and performance. Further prepared with strategically located comfortable handles, our sandbags offer extra possibilities for even greater diverse workout actions be it lunges, deadlift, squat, burpee, take hold of, spider, overhead press, hammer curl, crossfit and many greater.

  • material: 1000 denier (1000d) lined cordura nylon cloth
  • colorations: black, inexperienced, camo
  • weight alternatives: s – five-25 lbs, m –25-75 lbs, l –50-a hundred twenty five lbs & xl –a hundred twenty five-two hundred lbs
  • sandbags internal for smooth customization of weight: s – 1 small inner bag, m – 1 small & 1 huge internal bag, l – three massive internal baggage & xl – 4 huge internal luggage (sand not blanketed)
  • color_name

    A. Army Green – S, B. Army Green – M, C. Army Green – L, D. Army Green – XL, E. Black – S, F. Black – M, G. Black – L, H. Black – XL, I. Camouflage – S, K. Camouflage – M, L. Camouflage – L, M. Camouflage – XL, N. Red – S, O. Red – M, P. Red – L, Q. Red – XL

    5 reviews for Yes4all sandbags – heavy obligation sandbags for health, conditioning, crossfit – multiple colorings & sizes

    1. EranOlivas

      Okay, my rating is a bit misleading… These sandbags are incredibly durable and will not rip, made of real quality material, no joke! Why I gave it 3-star is the exercises it shows are impossible using a sandbag without drastically lowering the weight. That’s something I found out after several hours of trying to lift this sandbag like a traditional barbell… can’t be done! Only after did I find out it’s apparently common knowledge that to use sandbags, you must drop your max weight by 25-33% to do your regular reps. So then you may ask yourself, how can I build muscle the same as with standard weights then using a sandbag? And that’s essentially where I am now, watching videos realizing everyone is working out with 25-lb bags and getting tone, but not strength training. But don’t get me wrong, I also watched some beasts press 300-lb sandbags, so I suppose anything is possible with enough training, but just don’t expect to grab ahold of your sandbag and use it like traditional weight, because they’re not! You will literally have to adapt your workout to an entirely different routine to build muscle the way you want to. And that’s where I am now, not sure if it was worth the investment, or if I should just return them and wait for traditional weights to appear back on Amazon once the COVID scare is over. Peace. Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      Pros: – Price: one of the better price points out there for what you get. I did a lot of research and all of the ones I wanted to get were $85 + but this one, for being at something like $65, is pretty good. The quality is adequate also. Also faster order-to-delivery date was available due to Amazon prime. – Quality: Acceptable so far. The bag itself is pretty sturdy and the filler bags have to areas where there are Velcro strips and those come together really tightly also. Kind of hard to open! TBD on durability and longevity. Cons: – Leaks sand almost immediately and not just a little but a substantial amount. Luckily I wrapped the filler bag with a trash bag and taped it up after filling with sand. – Handles: my biggest issue with this bag is the handles. The handles are pretty big/loose so for someone that isn’t big and tall, it can be pretty limiting on the moves you want to do. Some of the movements won’t feel as effective and other explosive moves will be challenging to do properly, if not just simply impossible to do. I would have preferred the option of shorter/tighter handles but may eventually have to find a different line of sandbags for that very reason. – Chaffing/abrasive: this doesn’t bother me but it might bother other people. If your hands aren’t used to a lot of barbell work and ropes and things, lifting gloves might help. Read more

    3. Nick H.

      This is a great bag for the price. Like many others, COVID-19 has caused me to look for other ways to get a workout it, and with a torn MCL this was an option that I came across late in the game. I have been using it for about three weeks, 4 times a week for about an hour. I ordered the Large 50-125lbs option in green. The bag arrived on time, packaged well. You get the large duffel bag with straps and three large sandbags (sand not included, of course. The duffel bag (that’s what I’m going to call it for the purposes of differentiating the different pieces here) appears to be well made. The stitching is good and I haven’t seen any give in any of the stitching in the few weeks I’ve had it. There is a good amount of room in the bag and 7 handles at different places on the bag to allow for different exercises and uses. Although it’s large, I imagine trying to fill all three sandbags it comes with full of sand and stuffing all three inside may be a slight challenge, although I haven’t tried yet. The sandbags seem decent. They really are my only concern. The size offers enough for at least 50lbs of play sand (that’s what I used) possibly a touch more. They use two sets of hook and loop (Velcro) to keep the sand inside. It does a decent job, but sand will come out so be prepared and do your best to get a solid amount of surface area on the Velcro to keep in as much as possible. Overall this has worked great for me, the biggest challenge I have is finding new workouts to do as you are very limited with how much give the handles and bag have. I foresee myself getting the small option as well so I can do less adding and removing of weight in the large bag I have. Read more

    4. Wicked Fellow

      I got the 50-75lbs bag in OD green for home workouts. I didn’t have any trouble loading it with 50lbs of sand, and I think 75lbs would not be difficult as there is plenty of room in the bad and the inner two sand bags. The inner bags seem to seal perfectly. Everything is well built and sturdy, if I have a critique it’s that The handles are a bit larger/longer than they need to be. If they were sewn a bit closer to the bag it would be easier to control the bag but perhaps they won’t be as loose with the bag fully filled. One week of workouts and no problems, will update if it starts to come apart. Read more

    5. RudeDude

      This bag is made from 1000Cordura, has handles made out of seatbelts and it has heavy YKK zippers. If you don’t know what those are, then google it. in short, they’re high quality.. I’ve been dropping the people’s elbow on this bag everyday for a week and it looks brand new. Why the hell would you pay double for a competitors bag, when you can get his bad boy for half the price. Excellent quality and value!!! Read more

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