Yes4all set of 6 balance pods with three new shapes – hedgehog, rocky, geometric stability pods, enhance middle power, body awareness, coordination

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  • huge advantages: enhance dynamic stability, body focus & coordination. Best to rubdown sore feet, reflexology, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, bunions & hammertoes
  • 6. 25-inch width x 3. 15-inch height: best measurement fits all feet sizes, suitable for men, girls or even youngsters to exercise on. Superb to apply with socks or with shoes on
  • dome textured surface & flat backside: pebble textured surface to massage & assist increase blood flow at the same time as clean flat backside affords stability. Hand pump included for fast inflation
  • splendid cloth: made of permitted phthalates loose percent & incorporate no heavy metallic elements to growth sturdiness & flexibility. Each balance pod holds as much as 440 lbs
  • flexible balance pods: make your special ideal presents for youngsters or balance trainees. Exquisite to develop motor skills and stability, use at rehabilitation facilities and clinics, sports groups, gyms and health studios, and yoga

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product description

geometric stability pods

new patterns assist you growth activeness and recognition extra in your balance sporting activities

geometric designs

colourful and spell binding designs lessen stress and intensity at some point of exercises

non-slippery bottom

safe to apply on any surfaces wherein you placed on

fun for balance and completely satisfied for adults & children

guys can use them on day by day preps.

women love the stability advantages.

glad for children

equipments for adults and children in numerous sports

8 reviews for Yes4all set of 6 balance pods with three new shapes – hedgehog, rocky, geometric stability pods, enhance middle power, body awareness, coordination

  1. Janet

    But I started using them as an out of shape 48 year old fat clumsy woman. Not really seeing weight loss but flab is tightening up. Plus I am getting better at balancing.Read more

  2. Primer

    Bought for kids after seeing them in use at local children’s museum. My 3 year old loves them, uses them as an “obstacle course” in his words.Item comes with an air pump which is nice, but I’m not quite sure what’s fully inflated or not? However out of the box they seem to be inflated enough to provide a lot of fun.As a bonus we never thought of, they’re great for adult work outs. My wife as used them for a week for a few short work outs and says she’s more sore than has been in awhile, which I think is a positive:)Weight limit? I’m 260 lbs (big boned as my momma says) and these hold me no problem standing on one foot while bouncing up and down, so for adult use, be 100% confident they’ll be fine for you.Read more

  3. Wendy Waters

    I’m a personal trainer who specializes in working with older adults. It is imperative that they develop a strong sense of balance, so one of the things I do is have them work with these balance pods. I use them in several different ways, beginning with just stepping on two of them while bracing themselves against the wall. They get to explore their balance and strengthen their ankles in a secure way. Everything in my gym is very colorful, so the bright colors of the balance pods works well for me. They also are very easy to re-inflate when they get too squishy. I love them!Read more

  4. Fanna Nicole Smith

    We love these so much!!! We’re using them in my childcare area, but I can also use them, and I weight about 345lbs! I have horrible knee and ankle pain and plantar fasciitis with a heel spur, so I not only can use these for exercise, I sometimes place one under my worst foot pain during seated times, like meals or homework, and it’s excellent home therapy for me. The kids use them to make and change obstacle courses and I get them to burn short bursts of energy when we’re indoors, by pretending these are rocks in water or lava, etc. Highly recommend.Read more

  5. kls

    I bought these for my son to bounce around on. They’re very sturdy and easy to pump up. I will say this, do not stand on them with bare feet unless your feet are tough – they hurt the soles of my feet, but maybe that’s because I’m an adult. My son didn’t have as much pain from it as I did, but he’s 5. However, if you want to improve your balance and core strength, stand on these babies for a little bit and practice walking from one to the other. They’re more challenging than they look.Read more

  6. AW

    I took a class led by a physical therapist using balls that cost $50. I really liked the way my feet felt after learning how to exercise my feet on the balls, but didn’t want to pay so much money. I bought these instead and they work even better! Plus they have a little air pump in case they deflate. My niece likes to massage her feet on them too, but my brother says they hurt his feet “feels like walking barefoot on pepples outside” so not for everybody. My feet are sensitve outside too but I guess everybody has a different sensitivity. I’m very excited I found them and will be sharing them with my other class members since I basically have 3 pairs. Looks like fun for games too.Read more

  7. Carolina de Banderas

    They were in good state, they don’t diflate with use and are a great resource! It serves its purpose nicely!Read more

  8. Kaysha

    I got these for my son who likes to make obstacle courses and play the floor is lava. It is nice that the two sides offer different levels of difficulty. He enjoys them a lot and wants more. They just are a little bit uncomfortable without shoes or thick slippers. We liked them enough we also got some for my nephew.Read more

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