Yes4all timber slant board/calf incline board

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  • stable plywood production: made from strong plywood cloth, yes4all timber slant board is extremely durable and capable of assisting up to 450lbs of weight, ensuring balance at some stage in your workout periods
  • satisfactory floor and backside: presenting a sandpaper pinnacle and a slip-resistant eva base, our slant board guarantees protection and self assurance for the duration of your workout by means of supplying a better grip and lowering harm dangers
  • 3-angle functionality: yes4all wood slant board may be adjusted up to three unique angles 20, 30 and 35 levels to add range for your schooling and accommodate all health stages, from novices to superior customers
  • compact and foldable design: our slant board doesn’t take tons room at all and functions a foldable design for smooth storage and transportation. Transportable and lightweight, the incline board is a super fitness system to carry everywhere with you
  • top class injury prevention gadget: a beneficial stretching resource for rehabilitation training, the slant board is beneficial to the body recuperation from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf traces, and greater
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characteristic with a wide slip-resistant top and eva backside, yes4all slant board can make sure a company grip all through your exercise. You can location both of your feet at the stretch board for totally safe and powerful use.

with three angles to apply – 20, 30, and 35 degrees, yes4all slant board fits every age and fitness degrees. You may start with the bottom attitude to prevent injury after which growth the slope steadily for deeper stretches.

with the compact and foldable design, you’ll be able to fold the wood slant board down right away and placed it in any nook of your room. The wood slant board 3 angles also comes with handles for on-the-go workouts.

a simple gadget for multiple fitness benefits

yes4all slant board fits every age and health levels. It is a tremendous preference for all and sundry who wants to improve core power, stability, functionality, feel of balance, and boom extension in the decrease & top again, as well as reduce again ache.

yes4all adjustable incline board successfully releases thigh, calf, ankle, and heel lines and tensions. It is also utilized in bodily remedy to treat achilles tendon, patellar tendonitis, shin splints, and other decrease leg injuries.

the stretch board may be used as an active footrest. With a footrest you may sit down all of the manner back into the chair with out slouching & setting stress in your backbone & decrease again vicinity. This will cause multiplied consolation & productivity whilst lowering your risk of injury.

encourage your subsequent exercising via adding a slant board for your health series!

our timber slant forums come in 2 options. Discover the best board for you!

inspire your subsequent exercising by means of adding a slant board on your fitness collection!

our timber slant boards come in 2 alternatives. Find the ideal board for you!

wooden slant board 3 angles

wooden slant board four angles


A. 3 Angles, B. 4 Angles, C. Slant Board 5 Angles – Partial Coverage, D. Slant Board 5 Angles – Full Coverage, E. Slant Board 5 Angles – Extra Large, F. 4 Angles + Resistance Bands, G. Slant Board 5 Angles – Partial Coverage

8 reviews for Yes4all timber slant board/calf incline board

  1. D2

    I am always wary of buying things like this…not a ton of reviews, expensive relative to some other options, can’t really tell what you’re getting. Happy to report that I’m very impressed with this. It’s exactly what I wanted; weighs about ten lbs because it is solid steel, welded, rubber bumpers on everything, tight construction with basically zero play in the joints….it will likely last a lifetime. This is a real piece of equipment if you like to buy things one time. Definitely recommend.I bought this primarily to help my sissy squat form, which is the cornerstone of my patellar tendinitis / tracking issue I have in my knee. Having a good incline board makes all the difference.Read more

  2. Smags72

    This is very thick and sturdy, so I gave those qualities five stars.However, it is TOO thick on the bottom, so it is too tall/high off the floor to use properly. It has an extra 1-inch piece of wood in between the hinge and the floor piece, so it’s about 2″ off the ground at the edge where you place your feet. I have average-sized women’s feet, and it’s hard for me to keep my heel on the floor with the rest of my foot on the boards. Trying my entire foot on it makes me feel like I’m going to slide off, even with the anti-slide stuff on there.My PT’s office is NOT thick like this at the bottom. This extra piece is completely unnecessary – it has nothing to do with the design/engineering of it, so I don’t understand why they would put it on there. I’m going to try to remove the piece and re-attach the hinge to just the bottom piece. If it works I will update my review. See photos for what I’m talking about.Read more

  3. K_L_G

    Have used ones similar to this during many physical therapy sessions and loved the sage stretch it provided. Impressed enough to buy one for my own home gym. We use this after our weightlifting sessions, and it has helped stretch our calves without trying to use a stair tread and slip off. The construction is sturdy enough for us to use without fear of collapse. It also has a non-skid surface which adds to the safety features. We have owned this for a few months and the nonskid surface is still as it was when we unboxed it, even after continued use. I mention this aspect as other customer reviews mention this surface deteriorates after only a few uses. With two people (weighing 185-215 pounds) regularly using it, ours is perfectly intact.Read more

  4. Hugh Oatcake

    I put a magnet (black circle in 1st photo) to stop the angle arm flopping around. Also, glued some rubber (old floor mat) to the rounded bottom, as it’s hard and I kept slipping down as I was standing on it (high angle). Used gel super glue and worked fine (no problems after two months). The anti skid is fine, peeled a bit, but easy to glue back.Over all really solid. Almost bought much more expensive one, but I can’t imagine what improvements it could have on this one.Read more

  5. Ben Jonah

    This works just don’t expect anything brilliant. Unlike the wooden ones that are out there this has a bit of a bump at the bottom but it’s not large enough to really stop your shoes from sliding off of it. I think they could re-design us to have more of a 90° elbow bracket at the bottom to hold your feet because even though there is grip tape you still slide down unfortunately. I know I’m writing this review after the 30 days and it’s too late to return but I probably would not buy this again however it is very strong and likely will never break on me. So I’ll keep it but I’m not really that thrilled with itRead more

  6. Elizabeth

    For the husband, again, and his tight calves. This is very sturdy, rock solid under the weight of a 215 lb man, and stays where you put it. I know this because I walked into it in the dark of the night once – ouch. He likes it better than the plastic rocker version that he used for years.Read more

  7. Heather

    I am a physical therapist and I bought this for my husband. I didn’t think we needed the $120 power systems version I have at work. This was just for personal use and didn’t need to stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use it would receive in a PT clinic. Overall we are pretty pleased with it for the price. The non slip surface doesn’t work great but the bar along the bottom keeps you from sliding off of the plate.Read more

  8. Brian

    Great board for stretching the calves/Achilles tendon. I use it with my standing desk. Adjustable to 4 different angles. I wish it didn’t have the lip at the bottom, so I could use it for heel elevated exercises, but it does help if using this at a standing desk. Deducted a star for durability as the grip tape started peeling after just a few weeks.Read more

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