Yes4all warfare exercising education rope with shielding cowl – metallic anchor & strap protected – 1. 5/2 inch diameter poly dacron 30, 40, 50 ft period

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  • premium high-quality creation: yes4all conflict rope is made from one hundred% poly dacron fabric with protective nylon sleeves to save you friction harm, fraying in addition to preserving it clean, making the rope extremely durable
  • anchor and strap protected: comes with an anchor and a strap to offer some other way to educate, easy and brief to put in, those may be treasured gear to assist in addition prevent harm for your rope in addition to presenting extra protection and range in your habitual
  • versatile options: this selection of yes4all struggle rope with cowl measures 2” in diameter, 50ft in period and 44lbs in weight, high-quality for more excessive training and intermediate, higher stage customers
  • 10” greater long handles: capabilities 10” extra-long handles crafted from warmness decrease fabric, imparting fantastic protection for your hands and a more cozy, company non-slip grip throughout intense exercises
  • every time, everywhere: our battle rope is short and clean to save in addition to installation in spite of the blanketed device, saving you time and power later to maximize the effectiveness of your schooling
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from the manufacturer

made from a hundred% poly dacron with shielding nylon covering, the war rope can defend itself from friction harm, fraying, and could last for a long term at the same time as keeping top overall performance

the bundle consists of an anchor and a strap to be used with our fitness rope, providing some other manner in order to exercise in addition to supporting in increasing protection and reducing damage to the rope by way of keeping it strong

function 10″ long warmth shrink handles that will help you extra with ease grip. During excessive exercise sessions, the long space to grip additionally save you easy slipping from sweats

flexible and practical

yes4all struggle rope with cowl facilitates you burn fat and build strong, lean muscle groups. The anchor strap that come with the rope help upload extra range and protection in your exercise habitual.

educate quite simply

construct a domestic fitness center anywhere with our conflict ropes! The durability and the portability help make it in order that our ropes may be the top picks for any at-home health lover.


A. 1.5in – 30ft, B. 1.5in – 40ft, C. 1.5in – 50ft, D. 2in – 30ft, E. 2in – 40ft, F. 2in – 50ft

8 reviews for Yes4all warfare exercising education rope with shielding cowl – metallic anchor & strap protected – 1. 5/2 inch diameter poly dacron 30, 40, 50 ft period

  1. Premal Dinesh Patel

    Great quality for the price so far. Used it a number of times and been happy with the materials and construction. Also left it out in some major rain storms unintentionally and it was dry the next day. I was worried it might be water logged. Don’t understand why the other ropes cost so much. Will update if it degrades but happy so far. PS: I don’t use the anchor kit. I just have it wrapped around a post.Read more

  2. T. B.

    Nothing but good things about this product. I wanted to purchase a 40 or 50 footer but am limited on indoor space so I got a 30 foot 1.5 inch rope. I train with others that are smaller than I am otherwise I would have purchased the 2 inch 30 foot rope. Packaging was good, excellent new product. I was impressed with the metal anchor hardware that shipped with the unit. Large, thick, and will last. No sharp edges for the cover to snag & wear on. I’m happy with the 30 foot rope, and do believe the 40 or 50 footer would be best for long waves. At the same time, regardless of how the rope looks when it’s in motion, if you’re going at 90-100% that’s what matters. Great HIIT workout tool!Read more

  3. Coup

    Great package. 30 foot set. Came with everything in description. Easy to set up on the wall. Rope is holding up nicely with the cover. Put mats under rope area to protect rug. Perfect size for my area.Read more

  4. BellaRN

    I love them! Perfect for me! No issues with shipping or packaging. Came as described. Heavy duty cover that is already attached looks great. I will be using them in my backyard over grass. The grip is perfect for my hands and the weight is good for me too.Read more

  5. P. C

    Great product so far. I’m 6’1 195. Went with the 2” 50ft. Glad I went with the extra length, you can always coil them up to shorten them. 2” diameter are stout and heavy. Have a feeling these will be kicking my butt for awhile. Girlfriend is having a little trouble with the weight. If your going to be sharing I think the 1.5” might be the way to go and still get a good work out for guysRead more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my dad as a Father’s Day gift and I wound up loving it for myself (he still uses it too; but I use it a lot more). It’s durable, good weight, good length, you can anchor it easily, & it coils up nicely for easy storing.Read more

  7. DM_Consumer

    I absolutely love this battle rope. This was one of the two ropes I purchased. My objective was to use the 1 1/2 inch rope for cardio and the 2-inch rope for strength training. This was a great bargain coming with all the supplies you need to anchor the rope. Two thumbs up.Read more

  8. HobWhit

    Nice!It has a covering around the rope. I think it must be water proof. I don’t feel like I have to keep it dry or out of the rain. But I made a hooking system along my patio that keeps it dry. It’s really heavy to have to wind it up and put it some where. I love the weight of it!The weight is outstanding.Read more

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