Yes4all weighted vest – single 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb and blend weighted vest & ankle weight

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  • make certain this suits by means of entering your model range.
  • combo 12lb workout weighted vest & a pair of 2lb ankle weights (4lb overall): yes4all excellent workout weighted vest is specifically filled with odorless iron sand to reduce smell and provide an even weight distribution
  • breathable neoprene cloth: the weighted vest capabilities gentle smooth neoprene to prevent abrasion to your skin whilst soaking up sweat and moisture. Our exercise vest creates just the proper quantity of resistance that will help you acquire your health goal
  • adjustable buckle straps & reflective strips: the incorporated adjustable buckle strap is ideal for both ladies and men whilst the reflective strips on each aspects of the burden vest increase your protection whilst running out at night time
  • included mesh pocket: no greater missing calls or items! The workout vest comes with a mesh pocket at the lower back to present you extra space to keep you property like keys, earbuds or a cellphone to experience music for the duration of your exercising
  • well-made strengthened sewing & washable: bolstered stitching and sturdy outer trim prevent the iron sand from leaking out at the same time as enhancing the fee and sturdiness. Also, yes4all training vest is cleanable, hand washing is suggested
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no pungent river sand like others available on the market! Yes4all exercising weighted vest is packed with long lasting odorless iron sand to lessen smell & offer a fair weight distribution.

the adjustable buckle & elastic aspect straps come up with greater agility and comfort, perfectly accommodating one-of-a-kind sizes of each men and women.

the exercising vest capabilities a mesh pocket at the returned to offer more comfort and space to location a music participant, a cell cellphone, keys or earbuds.

the thick & extensive shoulders supply weight frivolously & keep away from shoulder fatigue, delighting your workout with remaining consolation. Plus, the reflective strips assist growth nighttime visibility.


the delivered weight of the exercising vest forces your muscular tissues to work more difficult during a cardio exercise, hence requiring your lungs and heart to work harder to supply the muscular tissues with oxygen blood.

the weighted vest enables growth your body’s capacity to maintain balance due to the multiplied quantity of weight in your higher body. Additionally, wearing the exercising vest works your core muscle groups in all angles. The stronger your center muscle mass are, the less difficult you hold your spine directly and live upright.

the outstanding manner to boom the weight loss consequences of any given exercising is to wear a weighted vest. The extended strain to your muscles enables you burn more calories and fats, ultimately leading to more weight reduction end result.

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A. 6 Lbs, B. 8 Lbs, C. 10 Lbs, D. 12 Lbs, E. 8lb + Ankle Weight 1lb Pair, F. 10lb + Ankle Weight 2lb Pair, G. 12lb + Ankle Weight 2lb Pair

8 reviews for Yes4all weighted vest – single 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb and blend weighted vest & ankle weight

  1. Danielle B.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. During recent times I find myself looking for more creative ways to work out at home and outdoors but have limited free weights. Since you can only find free weights for a million $$$ these days 🙄. I’ve been researching weighted vests for a while but my frame is on the smaller side 5’4 119-125 depending on the time of day and month. 😁 What I like: *reasonably priced *bonus ankle weights * vest style which makes movement a little easier than some of the more bulkier one * comes in several weights *fits both a small and larger frame and is adjustable *nice little pocket in the back to put phone, keys, card, etc. keeps things hands free *weight in vest is evenly distributed *it has bright reflectors so you can be seen at night by traffic!! *great for training teens too *little loops on strap to also hang items (key, headphones) Things to consider: Since I’m in the smaller side, the vest does shift when running so it’s a little annoying. Can cross snap the buckles in the front so it fits a little more snug but it still moves around. 💕 if you found this review useful in any way please hit the helpful button below and let Amazon customers know. Thank you 😊 Read more

  2. Rob

    I bought this for my son who’s 6’5” and needs some more explosiveness on the basketball court. I tried it on and the bottom buckle and pad is to short. I’m 6’2” 230#s (215#s is a solid fighting weight for me) but this product is not meant for a big dude or I imagine a momma with some bigger tatas. Pretty sure it would try to strangle them because the strap up top will buckle but the one below would be riding on the bottom half. Wife is in the ity bitty club so wasn’t an issue for her. Material is smooth, and it flexes like shot is in there. Not sure how durable with the thing casing but I’ll update if any issues. But it definitely is more flexible than my military plate carriers. Hope this helps and maybe the manufacturer will make the bottom straps longer and the little pad for the buckle as well. Read more

  3. Nic

    Vest is true to weight and fits well.. I got the 12lb one! I love that it came with ankle weights! It’s filled with a sand texture so that makes it nice also! Read more

  4. Zak

    Vest fits fine and I like using it to do at home work out. 3 stars because I’ve used it once and the little beads are already escaping Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Trying to stay in shape while isolating a bit for the pandemic. I’ve been wearing the vest to walk/run the hills in the local park when no one is there. Works well. My only concern is the lower strap. For me, it’s fine. For someone with a couple more inches in the chest/back, I think the lower strap would be too tight. It gives me a tiny bit of extra space but I am pretty average body-wise. Other than that, perfect. Read more

  6. Frequent Shopper

    Not great for large men. Son is 6’3” & well built but this is pretty tight getting it on the shoulders. I’m a woman & had difficulty getting it on & off. If you are a woman I think finding a different vest would be best. Ankle / wrist weights are nice & soft though. Read more

  7. LaRhonda Fontenot

    This is a must buy!! I’m a 105 pound female and it fits me!! I’m able to go run and workout with it!! My husband is around 220 pounds and he’s able to adjust it and put it on. It’s definitely helping me bulk up!! Read more

  8. K Lynn

    Comfortable! Not bulky like some vests. Easy to train in! I use for a little something added to my cardio and does the job! 12lbs doesn’t sound like a lot until you’re on the stair mill for 60 mins with it on! 100% recommend! Read more

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