Yes4all weightlifting deal with straps deadlift straps excercise straps farmers stroll straps farmer stroll handles suspension exercising strap assist as much as 400lbs – pair, black

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  • ensure this fits by using coming into your version variety.
  • hugh ability in compact length: the compact size but excessive-tech production ensures these weightlifting handles provide an optimized capacity with each handle can keep as much as 400lbs, that is eight gadgets of 50lb preferred plates
  • non-slip and ergonomic deal with: strong grips are designed to overcome regular handles’ demanding situations. It’s miles made from high excellent hard rubber that protects in opposition to slippery, however nonetheless offers consolation at the same time as exercise
  • transportable light weight product design: weighted at simply zero. 8lbs, these farmers carry handles can match without difficulty for your bag without making it any bulkier or heavier, so we can literally comply with you everywhere
  • rapid clean weight adjustment: simple use of farmers handles with only a few steps putting in makes certain you can trade weight as fast as viable facilitating a clean transition
  • appropriate for almost all weight training sporting activities: allows you to carry out various physical games along with farmer stroll, deadlift, push up (whilst combines with power cage), and may even be turned into a kettlebell
  • included additives: 2 handles with cowl bag
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what makse it special?

easy to installation and modify the duration for one-of-a-kind heights with heavy-duty carbon alloy buckles

irrespective of wherein you are you may get a complete-frame exercise with these weight-lifting handles

you can bring them anywhere and educate your muscular tissues as much as you need regardless of wherein you’re

approximately weightlifting handles!

sturdy layout complements sturdiness and ensures secure workout

secure manage comes with non-slip rubber grip provides sturdy draw close for smooth movement

these bright buckles are tougher than normal mental materials, maintaining the entirety collectively

extremely high ability assures flexibility in any quantity of weight up to 400lbs for leveling up your recreation

you can do everything with weight lifting handle straps – aid up to 400lbs

get one now and maximize the capacity of your own home fitness center!


A. Farmer Walk handles

8 reviews for Yes4all weightlifting deal with straps deadlift straps excercise straps farmers stroll straps farmer stroll handles suspension exercising strap assist as much as 400lbs – pair, black

  1. Georgia Mom

    Excellent. I started physical therapy for my shoulder and this is what I use at the doctors office. They told me to use a towel at home but that wasn’t ideal. This is exactly like what they use in the office and it was affordable. It has numerous loops so I can get a comfortable grip and stretch. The straps and stiches are strong so I always feel secure using it. This is a great product. Read more

  2. Coco B

    They do the job and allow me to hold plates for farmer carries. BUT, the way the harness is built, the handle cannot be held with your thumbs facing forward- only to the side. They are also not easy to put on, and if not done correctly, the harness doesn’t hold and the plate comes loose. Read more

  3. Phil Stracchino (Technical Thug)

    There’s lots of places selling comparable gym rings at four or five times the price, and not all of them even include the straps. None of them offer or do anything these don’t. These are solid, strong, well-made and well-finished. You are, however, pretty much left on your own for figuring out how best to ue the supplied nylon straps to hang them. Hints: The free end of the strap needs to come in through the back of the buckle, THEN go out through the spring-loaded trap. If you try to do it the other way, the straps will slip. Also, there is Velcro provided for securing excess free length of the strap, but it doesn’t really work — it’s easily dislodged and will quickly fall down. I suggest using a couple of nylon tie-wraps around the bundled free length instead. Read more

  4. Jimi

    If you think you’re strong, you need to try these. I will still continue to use weights, but working out with these rings has been a revelation. The exercises I have found for the rings seem like they build a more relevant, real-world strength. Pull ups are only the beginning. If you’ve ever seen someone pull themselves up over the edge of a building or cliff in the movies and think you could do it, try a ring muscle-up. Definitely not easy! I can do 2 now, but my target is 10. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the annoying strap adjustment. The mechanism could be better, and I will have to paint some stripes on the straps to make even adjustment faster and easier. Read more

  5. Kohai

    I bought this out of pure curiosity and ended up loving it! If you’re somebody interested in yoga or just being more flexible in general this strap is a huge help. It also came with a paper that shows some examples of exercises which was useful for me as a beginner. Read more

  6. Rob

    They are well made and sturdy. I think they will last a long time. My only issue is that the plates tens to turn while you use them. This make them a little awkward due to the plates hitting your legs. Read more

  7. M. Rush

    Ordered this to use while doing PT before knee surgery, however I will be returning it. I was looking for a strap that had some stretch to it and this does not. It is also quite uncomfortable as there are no padded reinforcements in the handles. It is a bit on the short side so anyone very much taller than me would probably have problems using it properly. Read more

  8. A Reviewer Has No Name

    It’s good to have, if you’re actually going to use it. It presents the same problem that all exercise aids do. If you’re buying this to make stretching easier, you may find yourself not using it very often. It’s still not easy. I would imagine it would be very useful to someone with limited mobility, who actually requires assistance for stretching. Read more

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