Yogitoes manduka yoga towel for mat, non-slip and brief dry for decent yoga with rubber bottom grip dots, sixty eight inch long, skinny and lightweight

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  • make certain this fits through getting into your version quantity.
  • 50% polyester
  • imported
  • anti-slip backside: patented skidless generation, which utilizes silicone nubs to grip your mat and hold you in region. Perfect for decent yoga or any awesome sweaty exercise.
  • superior satisfactory: ultra absorbent, brief drying, sweat-wicking to prevent slipping and injury for the duration of your exercise. Is available in a diffusion of lovely and particular designs.
  • more than one makes use of: the yogitoes towel is long lasting enough to take anywhere: the beach, the gymnasium, pilates, or maybe journeying. Lightweight for convenient portability.
  • green: the patented woven texture is sustainable and crafted from four+ recycled plastic water bottles. All dyes are freed from azo, lead, and heavy-metals.
  • care and renovation: system wash cold with like colors. Deeper colours may require multiple, separate washing to dispose of excess dye. Tumble dry low or hold to dry.
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yogitoes yoga mat towel, print

each yogitoes towel is crafted from no fewer than 8 discarded plastic bottles, stopping them from getting into landfills or polluting the sea. The recycled bottles are woven into 50% poly yarn that calls for 66% less strength to provide. Our wealthy, colourful hues are created free of azo, lead and heavy metal dyes to shield our people, our clients, and our environment. We use simplest fsc licensed recycled paper in our packaging. For manduka, sustainability isn’t just a phrase – it’s our notion.

vicinity your yogitoes towel on pinnacle of your yoga mat or directly on the ground, dot-side down. A few practitioners start with a dry yogitoes towel, whilst others prefer to slightly hose down the areas under the arms and toes before they begin. When you are finished, avoid rolling up damp yogitoes along with your mat.

system wash cold with like colorations. Deeper shades may additionally require multiple, separate washings to do away with excess dye. Tumble dry low or grasp to dry. Do no longer bleach. Do not use dryer sheets, material softeners or detergents with cloth softener, as they’ll make the floor of your yogitoes slick. Due to the fact a few dye loss might also continue past the initial separate washings, use caution when practicing on light coloured mats, or in mild colored clothing.

  • yogitoes yoga towels assist to save you slipping no matter how much you circulate or sweat. Yogitoes features our patented skidless technology, which utilizes silicone nubs to grip your mat and preserve you in region.
  • product description

  • maduka® continues you dry and level-headed, so flip up the warmth and get down with the yogitoes® mat towel!
  • a high-quality absorbent, hygienic layer to region on top of your yoga mat to save you any slipping or sliding.
  • features a formidable palate of coloration with metallic trim.
  • skidless® dots that grip so that you don’t slip™ patented layout allows maintain you targeted.
  • dyes are heavy metallic/azo/lead loose.
  • crafted from eight+ recycled bottles.
  • weighing in at best 1. 25 lbs makes this wonderful for journey.
  • size: 24″ x sixty eight”.
  • machine wash bloodless, tumble dry low.
  • 50% recycled polyester, 40% polyester, 10% nylon; one hundred% silicone nubs.
  • imported.
  • color_name

    Chakra Blue, Chakra Print, Grey, Groovy Playa, Indulge, Midnight, Onyx, Peacock, Turquoise

    6 reviews for Yogitoes manduka yoga towel for mat, non-slip and brief dry for decent yoga with rubber bottom grip dots, sixty eight inch long, skinny and lightweight

    1. Anon

      FIRST OF ALL, the product information as stated (July 2019) is incorrect. The dimensions are 72″ long, not 68″. This is important because the length of this Yogitoes 2.0 towel (though not all 2.0 towels) covers the Manduka Pro mat completely. Second, the top photo is incorrect and from a previous version of this towel in the color “Black”. This product color is “Onyx” and is reflected in the bottom two photos. Onyx is a darker color with a black “drishti” dot, while the earlier model is a lighter color with a gray dot. As for the product itself, I like the color (deep black) and grip of the towel when both dry and wet. It works best when wet so you may want to spray the towel at the beginning of your workout or yoga class. The disclaimer I mention in the subject is how very much the dye bleeds. This may be due to the natural, non chemical dyes used by Manduka/Yogitoes, an eco-friendly company. I find that one must wash the towel THREE times on its own before using to ensure that no dye transfers to your clothing or mat. I have a $150 Manduka Pro mat, so I really don’t want permanent stains on it. (This happened to my friend so I learned from her bad luck!) Yes, it’s annoying but afterwards you have a great towel. Also, the colors so fade over time—and somewhat quickly if you’re like me and practice hot yoga daily. There is a price to be paid, it seems, for eco-friendly products 🙁 Read more

    2. Sarah K.

      I bought the watercolor flower “Yogitoes.” (Amazon purchase at left; my Yogitoes from the Manduka website at right). The design is gorgeous, but the hemming and rubber grippers are not aqua, as displayed in the photo. They’re gold. I wouldn’t have an issue with this variation if the manufacturer actually took lengths to replicate the thickness and density of the rubber grippers like Manduka does. Compared to my four Yogitoes towels (purchased from the Manduka website), the crucial technical components of this towel fall far short. Also, the labels of authentic Yogitoes towels have details about care and recycling. This label is blank in the inside. I wish I could practice on this beautiful towel, but it’s not going to function as I need it to. Overall, I’m really disappointed and will be returning this knockoff. Read more

    3. Violet

      This is not the Manuka yoga towel from previous times. It is not as absorbent ,the non – skid aspect of it is terrible… , especially when I compare it to my older products. Slips like crazy on my mat ((genuine Manduka), and has bled through three cold water washings. Amazingly disappointed. The only reason I am not returning it is because of the bother of doing so, and I like the color. Not the quality once associated with this brand. Too bad, as I teach many classes a week, and cannot steer students towards this product anymore. Read more

    4. Holly

      I would by lying if I said I didn’t hesitate before buying this. It’s the cost of a nice yoga mat and it’s not even a mat. However, it’s a necessity in my eyes. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t slide, it won’t budge. I needed something to allow me to focus on my practice without the fear of falling and sliding. This serves its purpose well. Read more

    5. Hannah Music

      I’m not sure how relevant my review is, because I see a lot of reviews saying the towel has changed and isn’t the same product. I bought mine in 2017, so if you can confirm you’re getting the original yogitoes towel (or if you’re buying from somewhere else and you’re certain that’s what it is) then this would be for you. I’ve tried all the yoga mats claiming to be easier to grip the more you sweat. This has never been the case for me, and I’ve tried all the tricks, like sea salt on a new mat in the sun, using it for a longer period of time since apparently the more they’re used the grippier they get, but I HATE feeling like I’m going to slip from the sweat during hot yoga. So I just gave up and got this instead and wish I did sooner. I just roll it right up with my yoga mat and honestly use it more than I should probably between washes. I only have one and should probably buy some more so I can have one while another is being washed or is in the dirty laundry. Gross I realize, but I just mention it to note that it never smells bad or anything. My sweat in general doesn’t typically smell like anything, but I don’t notice any kind of musty smell. I use 10-15 times between washes. (Again, gross I know, but just being honest.) If you so hot yoga or sweat a lot and feel like it interferes with your practice, this is the perfect solution! If you don’t mind needing both the mat and the towel, just get this instead of wasting money trying multiple mats. Read more

    6. markysmoove

      The manufacturing /quality of this product over the years has gotten “cheaper in quality” But the price has also come lower and the colors are more art / fun as I’ve been a regular user of these since 2005 when it was Chakra colors with orange dot as the only choices . Considering all that, this is still substantially better quality than any of the others that are ~$20 Therefore this is still, after all these years the only brand I purchase. Pro tip Never use fabric softener unless you wanna slip on product badly when you use and it get little sweaty 😉🧘🏻‍♂️. Read more

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