York barbell rubber hex with chrome ergo manage

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  • make certain this fits by means of entering your model wide variety.
  • contoured, knurled chrome handles
  • long lasting rubber-included heads for improved protection and comfort
  • the heads are completely affixed to a thick 35 mm stable metallic shaft enhancing the electricity of the head / take care of joint

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these safe, appealing dumbbells have contoured, knurled chrome handles and durable rubber-covered heads for expanded safety and comfort. The heads are completely affixed to a thick 35 mm stable metallic shaft enhancing the electricity of the top / handle joint. The knurled chrome handles are ergonomically contoured to healthy with ease within the customers’ palm. Smaller handles graduate up from 25 mm grip to 35 mm grip for increments 20 lbs through a hundred twenty five lbs. The rubber coating will increase durability, protects floors and equipment, enhances look, diminishes noise and is easy to clean.

8 reviews for York barbell rubber hex with chrome ergo manage

  1. Iron Brothers Gym

    Look at shipping weight. The entire description describes the item in plural, and the picture shows a generic PAIR of dumbbells. I ordered the 10lb and also 12.5 and after ordering in NOVEMBER and getting them in February, they both showed up as 1 single F>>>> dumbbell. As far as the York Rubber Dumbell goes, they are good. Trying to get more of them. It is the listing that is very misleading. Read more

  2. Sassy

    The Dumbbell is Ergonomic and constructed nicely. We use it for working out. What is very Misleading is that the display shows (2), when actually we are only purchasing (1). This was also displayed by many other previous buyers. Please update and display the item accurately to avoid confusion to future buyers. Read more

  3. Terry D

    Be careful when you order this. The picture shows 2 dumbbells but you are only ordering one. Quality is good. Read more

  4. Reviewer 257

    17.5 is my perfect dumbbell weight as 20 gets heavy at times and 15 runs a little light. Found these at a good price with low (maybe no?) S&H costs (S&H tended to double price on other places I looked to order). Read more

  5. Candice E.

    Product description is false and misleading. Written as a pair of dumbbells, and only one was received! Read more

  6. Debbie M.

    Good sturdy barbell- just like in the gym Read more


    1st York purchase. These are great. Read more

  8. Luis M. Pedroza

    Good product and excellent price!!! Read more

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